I miss college…. (45 Photos)

  • Devin

    no one noticed #27 hover hands? He must not chive that much.

  • rynaldo

    man, im getting old……….

  • beta

    #29 fiji house at ou. hahahaha I bet they roofied him. fiji is notorious for slipping roofies in girls drinks.

    • sooner

      and betas are known for trying to take girls into their creepy basement haha get a life

  • DChristine

    too much a&m.

  • collin


  • Blame_anxiety

    #38 is that Vanilla Ice at IHOP?

  • Ass Grease

    #9 Is that jizz?

    • Always Last

      It's my best shot yet…dotting the "i" was the hardest.

  • Kenny

    #30 Nothing like a rave!!!

  • April C.

    #38 Looks like the Nacogdoches IHOP!


    OU sucks. Even there submissions hahaha wow you're not balancing a bottle on your head! What a rebel!! Thats soo crazy!! You OU fraternity peeps is crazy!!!! Not…..

    • JRUSS

      I meant you're balancing. Fuck auto correct

  • Greg

    #13 come with knee pads? perfect.

  • RockyRider87

    Only in CO…

  • wnychiver

    Didnt realize there are other chivers at university at buffalo!

  • Rob

    Chive.. ready to put in a transfer to UMBC

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1740391871 Trevor Rader

    Yo Chive, #27 the kid made a knock off Chive shirt. Let's get some big boy size shirts for the chive.

  • Michael

    #33 Is that Philly D's house?

  • GigEmAgs

    #23 #42 Congrats on your rings, guys! Whoop!

  • GigEmAgs

    ^ #22

  • gunsinger

    i know the dude in 27! crazy.

  • jayjay

    #38 why did this make it? nothing special about it or any hot girls… smh

  • clay

    #42 & #22 Thanks and Gig 'Em.

  • Morgan

    proof aggies drink more and faster WHOOOP '12

  • cga

    MOAR of #37 maybe?!??

  • Hannah

    Further proof that being a slacker is rewarding. Thank you, Chive. KCCO!

    -#37 🙂

  • Irish2Ice

    #28 I call Bull Shit. The HOSE in the second picture was "kind of" of giveaway!

    The 2 gallons of water after 3 hours was kind of lame too.

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