If you like tattoos, get in here (36 Photos)

  • http://Alloyash.com Alloy Ash

    #10 Alloy Ash
    thanks for all the positive comments, someone notified me of being on this site today, I'm glad to see everyone enjoying a simple candid! plenty of pictures of me on alloyash.com. maybe have the chive do an interview? Hrmmm? 🙂

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  • MonkeyMadness

    #33 Holy canole! It's women like this that make me want to bge a tattoo artist!

  • Beeneverywhere

    Wow … HMFG … an exceedingly rare winner! #36 wins with a DOUBLE best pudendum!!!

  • scott

    All the hotties and their tatts look awesome

  • jeremy

    #13, For the love of god find the rest of 13

  • jeremy

    #13 I would kiss that ass

  • SamsungKid

    #21 love the ink. Love the pic! Would like to see more of you

  • devin skolaski

    i lovem all__

  • kourisa

    w#32!!! here do i get a dress like that?????

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  • ChocolateBear

    #1 is epic, although I don't like strictly black work. #35 and #33 is Arabella Drummond and I want to have her chilluns

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