Kirill was at the Miami Winter Music Fest (33 photos)

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    #31 very nice, I like

    • Kaiser

      he takes pictures of women at parties. what an amazing talent.

    • Fillagree

      They need to find the 2nd to the left!!

    • choveitonup

      Are the girls super hot? Yes
      Would I like to see MOAR of many? Yes
      Is the photographer a good one? Yes
      Are the majority of the partier's likely big crunchy douchebags who wouldn't perform the heimlich on me if I was choking on an all-access pass to the Playboy Mansion that I was willing to give them? Very likely.

  • echogeo

    There will be many "Must Find's" after this post. #15 #25 #27 #28 being high on that list.

    • Dude

      The chick on bottom in #15 has some nasty ass feet!!

      • Jabberwockey

        All female feet are sexy

    • Lex

      #25 is Jessica Renee from FL.. go on.. google her. And you're welcome

      • sfb101

        Yes, I am welcome… And thank you.

    • Underbaker

      Add #24 to that list, Sexy Asian girls with big bewbs are always worth finding.

  • jenner1185

    #33 some people just cant handle a good party!

    • good god

      you're hot.

      • good god is correct

        I concur.

      • amplidudes

        you're an idiot

  • driftwoodprose

    I find myself drawn to #25 … must be the

    • ???

      vein in her fore arm?

    • batermaster

      must be the way she looks like she'd blow your doors off in the sack…-

  • emini

    i too was there. swedish house mafia show and surfcomber. amazing. every yr

    • MOAR

      Cool, bro.

    • tedstevens

      I bro'd it out with the bros bro

      • jjj

        I just see this as being an epic douch bag fest. Girls are hot though.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #25 Find her!

    #10 If I had 3 wishes….

    • banana flapjacks

      wow what a talent. im pretty sure its not that hard to go to a party and take pictures of hot girls. how does this make someone famous??????????/

  • MarthaJeane

    I predict many find her posts. Especially #31

    • DubU2Death

      Especially the one 2nd to the left!!

  • Mikey

    #23 is a classic example of …. of a whore

    • Iam_Davey

      u must be the boyfriend then

    • DeDav

      And the breakfast offered today is… whore.

    • Mary

      you misspelled chivette.

    • danbob

      I hope he is out of town, and scrolling the

  • GI Joe

    #15 Keep those toes away from me…….

    • rob

      good fucking god! good eye! those are incredibly disgusting!

    • BIG PERM

      GI Joe I completely agree, those toe knuckles are F'ing SCARY!

      • asdb

        u gentlemen must be gay.
        which is o.k.

        • Josh

          Toe sucker

        • thereugo

          ^ those continual reassuring "it's okay" comments are getting old. By constantly saying that it sounds like it's not. If it was would everyone still say that?.. Sounds like it's not okay to me. I don't get it… It may be, or it may not be, but saying so doesn't make it so.

          • xxwhodatxx

            That's cause that shit is NOT ok

            • thereugo

              look at all the words I wasted trying to say the same thing… kudos dude…

          • asdb

            they are in the closet…….. it is o.k. i was just reassuring them that they dont have to deny themselves you need to take it easy

            • matt

              Fuck, they look like miniature shillelaghs. I'd make her wear socks.

    • truth


    • Cologne

      Don't matter, had sex

    • Beathos209

      That some straight hammer time feet, threw up a lil in my mouth..

  • Brian

    #31 #32

    Nice, but not Miami.

    • Alex

      I agree, I live in Miami and that is not it.

    • biggles

      Grand Cayman, most likely. Notice no hills 8)

      I just gotta now go look for the girl with the tattoos around her vagina.

  • *dash*

    #18 douche bomb

    • yikes


    • Gabe

      again at #28, too

    • Luke0027

      thinkin the same thing

  • EasternCanuck

    #13 #14 #15 I'm thinking they left out the next picture on purpose…. I wanted to see where this was going

  • Swamp1983

    Lose those stupid hats and wanna be hippie head band things

    • rob

      you could waste a lot of time telling girls about their moronic fashion trends.

      • Tomas

        I wish they'd lose those stupid over-sized sunglasses. UGH! :@

        … and their clothes… 😉

  • Harry H-d Sinner

    chive….you should do a Miami VS Canada post. Just sayin.

    • Canadian

      we win.

      • Stanley Cup

        No, no you don't.

    • Chode

      dude our beaches suck up here

    • nuccabay

      as an american its hard to admit, but if the chive is any indicator canada takes the cake….but the canucks still wont take the cup!!!

  • yep

    #23 cool…let's fuck.

    • Chode

      yep, she's a keeper

      • Gabe

        Behind the fan is a mustache.

  • Woodrowrules

    #10 #27 Absolutley Breathtaking

  • Forest

    #15 That chick's gnarly, mangled foot is obscuring what should be a phenomenal shot! Isn't this what Photoshop was invented for?

    • tony

      never even noticed the foot until you mentioned it… you've ruined the picture

  • b-ry

    i would love to frolic with #29

  • bootclap

    #15……ugliest feet ever!!! deal mofo breaker!!!!!

    • gross

      them toes need a cheeseburger

    • Mr. Donkey_Punch

      Oh! … YOu're one of those foot-fuckin fellas! Me … I don't fuck feet … I fuck pussies, asses, and mouths!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Some nice hotties, but there's a whole-lotta-douche going on there.

    • @Onoku

      Unfortunately, much of that douche probably brought said hotties home. This I will never understand.

  • therealguy

    Is it anything like Miami's Winter Music Conference aka WMC which includes the Ultra Music Festival? Eh, Chive does as it pleases.

  • spicticus

    Don't know who kirill is but I must find out how he can get so many hot girls in bikinis to pose for him.

    • Lil John

      It's Miami. This is the job fair for Sugar Daddies. Must have X credit ranking and bank balance to apply.

      • ArmsCantStretch

        1. ) Its a party in Miami. There will always be bikinis.

        B.) He has a camera. Bitches love attention.

  • Master_Rahl

    #11 #17 #26 What the… was there a requirement to be super hot to enter this party? Daaaaamn! I'd be like #33 after all the blazing heat coming from these beauties

  • Jman

    Wow!! all i see is a lot of nice body, shame about the face. Oh well, face down a_$ up always does wanders.

  • Big Perm

    LOOK #15 has Megan Fox thumbs ON HER FEET!!!!!!

    • Gross

      Didn't even notice that. Fuckin ruins it for sure

    • Notme

      How do I know that you are gay.

      • Big Perm

        Hey "Notme" when you have high standards you are aloud to be picky….

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