They shouldn’t have told her she could become anything (14 Photos)

  • T-bird

    All are pretty good except 11 & 12. nobody can duplicate Scarlett and Megan.

  • Brian Johnson

    Never wanted to give it to Drake till now

  • Dan

    Chivers!! I know this girl – Yes! A girl.. She's from UK and is somewhat very popular in the youtube world as well. I think she's originally from Nepal

  • ben parker

    She is a sorceress!!

  • whozapimp


  • megan fox

    #14 is megan fox

  • nuccabay

    no ariel???

  • Joel

    #14: She looks like Whitney Cumming's.

  • Scott

    #11 Someone put this psycho out of her misery!

  • Paul Chuchmuch

    #11 K guys leave her alone, she was born this way

  • dan

    they said i could become anything, so i became anything other than myself

  • gingergreek

    Gotta be a dude

    • Herbir

      If you're going to stereotype, then gingers have no souls. 🙂 and she's a hell of a lot better looking than your monkey ass.

      • gingergreek

        Woah where the hell did this come from? I'm just saying that The Chive is known to pull pranks like that. I never commented on their looks.

        Man some people are so god dam sensitive on this website. Like they hold some sort of moral high ground whilst at the same time leering at all the lady posts like some sex crazed maniac.

        Have a nice day

    • rawrmels

      sorry, i couldn't help keep myself from laughing.

      i heart gingers!

  • Kyle


  • LaurenGoMeow

    She has some great make up skills.

  • Chuck

    Congrats…there hasn't been a really stupid, useless post in a few days. You're back on track.

  • that guy


  • samykilpatrick

    This actually is a woman, her name is Promise Phan (Sister of Michelle Phan) and she does make-up tutorials on Youtube

  • Anonymous

    Become my wife

  • JDB85

    Wizardry… I wonder if it's really a girl. Eh, I would.

  • Sean

    I wish my wife had these skills. I could have a different woman every night of the week. Skipping on the Drake look, of course. But not the Avatar one. C'mon, admit it, we'd ALL like to give that a whack.

  • MattKL

    #8 If she was in fact a she, she already was. If a guy, damn good makeup work sir.

  • SadeShadz

    #6 #12 Hire her Disney!

  • Bob

    #6 #7 same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • darlag


  • Kem

    Doesn't pull off bell megan fox or kate middleton

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