They shouldn’t have told her she could become anything (14 Photos)

  • IllinoisChiver

    #1 Asian.

  • dragon30

    sweet love it

  • LordR3DBeard

    She must be Zartan…now i'm confused

  • Blah.

    It's hilarious how some people are commenting saying that this girl needs to rethink her goals in life, or has way too much time on her hands. She's a makeup artist and has an instructional channel on Youtube where she shows how to achieve all these looks and more. If she has talent and skills which she chooses to pass on to others, who are you to say she has way too much time on her hands? Just saying.

  • so316

    please no more trannys ever, i feel like i have to check if someone is a tranny every time i see a girl on the chive now

  • Josephus

    Moar #9

  • Mean Joe

    Imagine the roll playing capabilities…I'd have a wild time with her.

  • Makesmewonder

    Her make up tutorials are on youtube for these

  • mels

    It's Promise Phan. She's a Popular Youtube guru.

  • Dotson

    Wow, a girl that can play dress up…not impressed. Thanks for a day of nothing, chive.

  • @Thedude_1620

    #6 #7 are hands down the best

  • Ryath

    Wow there are some fantastic ones in there! I am very impressed.

  • Jennifer

    She looked good before any of that, even though I have to admit some of those look alikes suited her too. Especially Pochahantus, Mulan, and Jasmine.

  • Philip Alvarez

    most of them are pretty spot on except for kim kardashian & megan Fox

  • lame

    no you fail. be yourself or is that too fucking troublesome.

  • Parallendicular

    #9I'll probably get thumbed down for it, but that is a Na'vi character called Neytiri.

  • Briel

    her YouTube page is dope2111 shes a damn makeup genius

  • The_Tagg

    uh, worst fucking megan fox look-a-like on the planet. holy shit that looks NOTHING like her at all. epic fail


    He, she, we, it, Id hit it! 😉

  • Akzombie

    All good cept #5 and #14 world doesn't need another Megan fox refer to the Barney Stinson hotness to crazy line graph

  • Ana


  • efrafas

    Great job!! Much time

  • Honey Booboo

    They told her she could become anything, and she became somebody who tries to make themselves up to look like celebrities, but doesn't look a thing like any of them.

    The Avatar one looks pretty hot though.

  • SquashAss

    It'd be great to make her dress up as #5 and hate fuck her for Drake thinking he's a musician.

  • Trey_Shacksit

    Some of these are a little "well, kinda" but overall impressive, esp. the ScarJo one…amazing what carefully applied makeup can do!

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