Amazing BMX footage shot from RC helicopter (HQ Video)

Aerial cinematographer Jamie Johnson rigged a Canon 550D to a remote control helicopter and produced footage that would give National Geographic a boner.

Check out his youtube channel here.

UPDATE: Many of you are saying this is not BMX. I grew up in the late 80’s early 90’s. If you’re doing tricks on a bike, it’s BMX. IDGAF.

  • Mikkel Nyman Larsen

    Is that a BMX?.. looks more like a MTB?.. But cool stuff anyway!!

    • soapridesabiketoo

      Yep MTB. 26" wheels are the give away.

      • Tommy

        29" wheels these days… Awesome video.

    • camkos

      Its classified as a Dirt Jumping bike having strong 26" wheels, a high abuse front suspension, and uses an adapted bmx frame. Fun bikes for what their made to to

      • Avenger

        You got voted down for being exactly right… So I voted u back up 🙂

  • etcrr

    Very cool movie taking and love the music

    • Fuck Stan

      wow, you really just made the internet smarter……

    • Not a fan

      is this a spam bot?

    • stan's PSA


  • jesse

    there mountain bikes, dirt jumpers to be exact…

  • Bob Lee Swagger

    Meh…if I had a remote controlled camera mounted helicopter, I'd rather spy on my hot neighbor with the great ass, perky boobs, and habit for topless sunbathing in her backyard

    • Mrader88

      Pics or it didnt happen

      • Keith

        That's why he needs the helicopter.

    • Onizel

      Post a vid or pics homie.

  • Aske M

    Chive, how about posting a video of someone doing an ordinary thing and have accomplished nothing more than the average chiver. You know, try to level with your audience. Just so I dont feel so sad about my self scrolling the site in my underpants 🙂

    • pete

      put some trousers on and go outside!

    • Josh

      Well said.

  • Tim Posta

    A dirt jumper isn't a bmx or a moutain bike. It's a dirt jumper. I ride one myself

  • Mr Schneebly

    this video has no cats.. next

    • mooseknuckle907

      Your mom is next

  • MrX

    That's not bmx you cat fawker Mac.

  • Rahm Emanuel

    That is one hell of a CP…

  • Androaz

    Like everyone else has said, not a BMX. They're much smaller and don't have springs (I ride one myself. Though I can hardly stay upright with it, nevermind jumping or doing tricks). Still, that's some pretty sick filth. I wonder how can he ride a bike with balls of that size.

    • Josh

      Sick filth? What?

  • matt

    its a 26" jump bike. so its a hard tail but it has front suspension. pretty much a bmx bike for older guys doing bigger stuff. all these guys started on the standard bmx bike

  • N8orius

    onto what the rest of us were thinking. I WANT AN R/C HELICOPTER WITH A PANNING CAMERA NOW! I'll figure out what to make videos of later.

    • s510


  • Andy Valentine

    And not a single BMX was seen that day.

    That aside, the most impressive thing about this is (I expect) that the videographer wouldn't have had a live feed of what he was taking, so would have to hope that it was pointing in the right direction. Unless Canon's Live View IR wireless range has massively increased as of late.
    Also, that must be a hefty R/C helicopter to lug a 530g camera around.

    • James

      There are HDMI wireless transmitters available.

  • Moe

    Very VERY cool. It's amazing what people are able to dream up given the tools we have at our disposal today. I don't know how much this footage cost to shoot but I bet it's a whole lot less than it would have cost just a few years ago. Not that long ago this kind of footage would have only been possible with a fancy track or possibly a real helicopter.

  • mooseknuckle907

    full of win

  • Buford

    Like the posters said, mr Cive, I can't believe you would think that was a bmx bike and then state as such in the post title! It's clearly a 'jump bike'. I type of hybrid between a bmx and mountain bike (whatever the fuck that is). For such an offense you should probably be taken outside and shot repeatedly in the balls with a paintball gun.

  • Andrew

    Not Bmx… Not ever close. I don't like having a soft front end. Ita harder to perform!

    As a professional Bmx rider, I say mountain bikers are gay.

    • Travis

      And everyone is wondering why you are still riding a 12 year olds bike?

      • @Onoku

        lol I always think that when I see grown as men riding around on BMX. It looks ridiculous.

    • youndblood

      I bet you suck at bmx riding

  • Parallendicular

    That was actually a Quad-rotor. RC helicopter wouldn't have been nearly as steady, and you can see two of the rotors in the upper corners of the frame as they spun down

  • nerfherder

    Who cares what kind of bike it was. The vid was cool and the property was sha-weeet. I wish my backyard was like that!

  • Errol

    Not a BMX but cool anyways!

  • ManP

    Whats the model # for the rc heli?

  • Panigale

    I doubt anyone got wood from this video.

  • Scuba

    Damn people…get of the effin' fact it may not be a "bmx" and simply enjoy the fact that the guy did a good job of putting it all together. F*ck…you all get caught up in the most simplistic things.

  • tinyonwirk

    BMXing with a mountain bike is not manly, lol.

  • Ian Adair


    • Onizel

      Thats sick!

    • BMX_Enthusiast

      Do you have a seperate link? YouTube link perhaps?

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