Amazing BMX footage shot from RC helicopter (HQ Video)

Aerial cinematographer Jamie Johnson rigged a Canon 550D to a remote control helicopter and produced footage that would give National Geographic a boner.

Check out his youtube channel here.

UPDATE: Many of you are saying this is not BMX. I grew up in the late 80’s early 90’s. If you’re doing tricks on a bike, it’s BMX. IDGAF.

  • iShep

    What song is this?

    • NIck

      Music: Yes Yes Yall
      By: Tab and Anitek
      Album: The Freakout Tent

  • thatguy

    Did you know that this vid was NOT a bmx? It's true… you can tell by the DOZENS of people who point it out over and over even after the fact has clearly been established. If your post contains the phrase "like everyone else already said…" perhaps you should maintain your isolation and keep quiet.

  • fatgirlsgivegoodhead

    I can do all those tricks and way more…:)

    • Nemanja

      Samuel Edwards / I have ordered 7 ptrnis from these guys and can’t get hold of them, have tried for two weeks on 0508 number and emailed them millions of times, do you have any ideas how to get hold of them???

  • BMX

    I ride BMx and BMx is more about tech mostly, like tailwhips and barspins

  • Nathan

    That's an awesome video.

  • Joe


  • Horn

    Not Bad, has some work to do but not bad

  • Tonja

    #2 Fucking awesome.#9 My inner child just got a rock hard boner Ewwwww, gross.#20 I feel weird now.#22 I’d go to a meusum tosee that actually, I wouldn’t. But it’s still cool.

  • Darrel Staines

    Holy! He must be an amazing rider. I remember one of my friends that used to do all the crazy stunts like these. He was a daredevil, i tell you.

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