Black is Beautiful (33 Photos)

  • Julie

    stay tuned for the "IDGAF THE CHIVE IS STILL RACIST FUCK MAC THE INTERN" novel from that one fucking idiot

    ….im just waiting for it.

    Also, #16 is gorgeous

    • julie

      fuck you julie fatty

      • Martin_McFly

        How come after 45 replies no one has pointed out that the above commenter is merely talking in the third person – note they also are named Julie. We REALLY should just be encouraging Julie II and her fight to loose weight.

        Don't be so hard on yourself Julie II.. you're beautiful —- on the INside!

      • Jackbenimble

        Wow Julie – did you spend the entire night commenting back and forth? Makes me question if it is actually you in your profile picture……..

        • Julie

          whats that supposed to mean?

    • black mamba

      that dude sucks, but he makes a point, i think its funny the chive did this post, they do it very sporadically and its clear they don't really want to

      • Julie

        are you guys serious? thechive makes fun of white people more than any other race.
        …russian mail order brides? 'murica? nailed it? ANY of the celebrity posts? Everyone just sees what they want to see.

        • blackmamba

          yea the chive makes fun of all people, but come on, it's true, they hardly put black people in their posts, a dude whines, then they pander with this black is beautiful. the real beauty is to watch the user comments, i bet we get some real racist shit here….

          • Julie

            maybe its because more white people submit, maybe its because they get EIGHT THOUSAND submissions a day AT LEAST and cant possibly run thru every single one on every single day?? It took me over a MONTH from the first photo i submitted to get featured on the site, simply because they cant go thru all of them on the same day you submit them. And thats a true statement about the user comments.

            • duh

              Also, US is something like 70% white and 12% black. Of course there is going to be a disproportionate amount of white girls posted.

            • #mayorjacoby

              Oh maybe more white people actually own their own computers instead of stealing them , as well as maybe more white people I ow how to read a so naturally they would this site more.
              1.) they can actually to it
              2.) they can read it
              3.) they can understand it and contribute to it.

              • Elan

                For someone who's talking about how much more awesome white people are at reading and using computers, you damn sure suck at it.

                • Martin_McFly

                  we may have had our differences further down in the thread.. But I'm going to have to agree with Elan here… you really aren't very good at using that computer..

                  • truth

                    I like when a thread is so long that someone has to qualify a statement with, "we may have our differences further down in the thread..but"

              • Julie

                this post might be a bit more effective if you knew 1. what the fuck you were talking about, and 2. how to formulate a sentence that makes sense.

              • buck

                That made me wish I could give more than one "thumbs up" per comment. Keep speaking the truth!

          • Kzo

            Maybe we can improve that in a positive way, just by saying to the Chive : "About time!!!! But thanks we love this post, more please"

            • Julie

              thats too nice and not argumentative or offensive enough though… how boring

          • Elan

            I was just about to say, these posts seem pandering more than anything else. Can we have a "Mexican bitches are awesome" post next? Why not just take all these pictures and put them among the Hump Day/Gap/FLBP/Whatever posts? Why separate them?

            • chiz niz

              Same reason we have to have black history month and it's OK. Have a white history month and it's racist!

              • Darwin

                I'm pretty sure white history is just called history. I think Louis CK says it best.

              • Elan

                That's not really my point. Let me first say, I never thought TheChive was racist. And I still don't. The issue is that someone called TheChive out for being racist, and their response was to post this gallery. It's more or less the same as admitting fault and apologizing for it.

                The more insulting part, however, is that there are at least two girls in this gallery who submitted their pictures to TheChive and instead of getting on the DAR, or Sexy Chivettes they got…Black is Beautiful. Seriously?

                And one of them was asian.

                • random fact


      • Paula_

        Yeah, blame the Chive. Or: you could submit moar relevant photos.
        The Chive only posts what is submitted, so don't shoot the messenger.

        – Fan testimonial: "does this bitch really write down comments people have said about her? LMAO. – George Costanza"

        • I love Paula

          i love you paula you are being so supportive today. good for you!

      • thebondo

        or it could be that not as many black people send in pictures. just sayin'.

      • Falthor

        actually, as someone who contributes to a couple sites, take my word for it, women of color aren't as likely to post pictures of themselves in varying degrees of nudity. search "great boobs" or something similar on Google image search and tell me how many colored women VS White Women you see…

        That being said I love Women in all forms. these posts are definitely harder to put together but are well worth it every time.

      • goatpunch

        Idk. Maybe they just don't get enough submissions for black gals so they save up so they can do this post every now and again. Why is it clear they don't want to?

    • BadApple

      He's running a little late this afternoon, said he'd be here around 1:45

    • Julie


      • MattyDeuce

        Julie, you know how hard it is to speak logically to trolls right? They are so cute when they throw out their race card. I don't know why they all get in touch with their inner Jesse Jackson, but I am sure the Chive is not racist.

        Also, the fake Julie that called you a fatty sucks…you look beautiful in my 1" x 1" block that I can see you πŸ˜‰

        • Julie

          awh well thank you! and i know its illogical to try to reason with trolls (ive successfully trolled a few albums on this site myself) but i feel like this guy isnt just a troll.. he honestly believes that the chive is racist and will back his vendetta up no matter how many times you slap him in the face with logic… not because hes trying to be annoying, but because he honestly does believe that he's right. and thats not trolling, thats just being a fucking unintelligent illogical idiot.

          • Lev

            It's remarkable how people like that can use the internet (though perhaps with limited ability) yet are still so ignorant.

            • Julie

              the internet was CREATED for people like that… they cant have an intelligent conversation in real life on their feet, so they are given a monitor to hide behind so they can take 20 minutes to google a good response

              • Big Nipple Girl

                I want to touch your nipples.

                • Julie

                  Thanks ❀ πŸ™‚

                  • Big Nipple Girl

                    Sorry, I misspelled "lick"

                    • Julie

                      it happens

                    • thatguy

                      it happens that you let random strangers from the internet lick your nipples? we should chat, sounds like we have alot in common

                    • Martin_McFly

                      You also let others lick your nipples? gross dude… gross

                    • thatguy

                      I hope nobody else was injured in the accident that killed your sense of humor

                    • Martin_McFly

                      Nope, just your ability to sense sarcasm! πŸ˜‰

          • Martin_McFly

            Hey beautiful. Wanna go out sometime?

            • Julie

              oh but of COURSE i do!!!!! Your half ass attempt at flirting and telling me im beautiful is soooo original that i feel the need to hop straight into your bed at once!!!!! My night in shining armor ❀

              • Martin_McFly

                See what happens, boys, when you own a time machine? πŸ˜‰

                • Julie

                  my hero (:

                  See, i even gave you the backwards smiley face which insinuates that im flirting with you and find you attractive enough to take the extra time and use a different parenthesis than i normally do to create smiley faces… its a sign to you that you stand out above the rest..

                  • Martin_McFly

                    Wait!! Am I sensing sarcasm?!?!?! Do you mean to insinuate that I cannot garnish a pleasant night with a gorgeous woman simply by cyber-hitting on her via an internet thread?! What is the world coming to?!?! Why do we even have this technology if we cannot use it to get babes?!?!?!

                    • Julie

                      No sarcasm here!!!!!!!! technology was MADE for bagging and tagging!!!! what else would we ever USE the internet for??? Google?? dafuq is that shit??? ❀ ❀ my favorite site. so many genuinely nice and sincere guys on there… second of course to thechive comment boards… all the winners come here

                  • Paula_

                    Damn you're easy. Let's skip the free drink part, just swallow this Rohypnol, OK?

                    – Fan testimonial: "You provide a spark to our site. – Anonymous"

                    • Julie

                      roofies are fun!!! πŸ™‚ Ive been roofied fourteen times in one night…. man that was the craziest time of my life…. i remember it like it was yesterday

                    • Martin_McFly

                      What night did you say that was?

                      —now get into the Delorean….

              • Wellthatsucks

                Wait…that's all it takes?????

                Dammit, all this time I've spent planning creative dates, witty remarks and practicing my winning smile and Hey Beautiful gets the juices flowing so to speak…. FML

                • Julie

                  Maybe if you put a backwards smiley face after "hey beautiful" I would notice that you took the extra time to use different punctuation than normal and start to realize that YOU are, in fact, the one for me ❀

                  • Wellthatsucks

                    Sweet…… I shall now take the interwebs by storm, proclaiming myself king of the backwards smiley face, winner of hearts and woo-er of all women regardless of race….though I am partial to black-xican-ite.

                    • Julie

                      I'm too romanian 😦 </3

                    • Wellthatsucks

                      Ahh, but do you have the accent? Accents can make up for many, many flaws, such as not being whi-xican-ack-ian.

                    • Julie

                      i can have any accent you would like me to

                    • Wellthatsucks

                      Hmm, Russian nanny upbringing from East End with an Oxford education followed by years living in Brazil….ready….GO….

                    • Julie

                      obviously i cant do it over the internet

                    • Wellthatsucks

                      No worries, I read it in the accent, you are very, very talented (; and a little dirty, not sure what the last part was but damn, that was hot….OOOOooooo wait, that was my internal addition, nm…

                    • Martin_McFly


                    • Martin_McFly

                      Talkin smack don't count Julies…

                  • you must be bored

                    Not sure whats worse, me reading all these comments or you wasting your time to reply each time

                    • Martin_McFly

                      You reading the comments — its pathetic.

                    • Julie

                      Too bad this site doesnt cater specifically to those of us who are bored at work….. sometimes i wish it did. WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH OUR LIVES?

                    • Martin_McFly

                      You and I? Having two conversations at once…

                    • Julie

                      more like ten, NOT including the one on facebook chat

                    • Underbaker

                      So if backward smiles turn you on, how about upside down ones?
                      <img src="; width="200">

                    • Martin_McFly

                      oohh! That did it for ME!

                    • Underbaker

                      I was kind of going more for Julie, but hey I wouldn't mind a ride in the Delorean at 88mph.

                    • I love paula

                      you haven't seen the chat sites for subtitled anime go-ers that is literaly AIM with about over 9000 people going at once this stuff is childs play. Just wanted to say i am bored at work as well… i still love paula

                • Martin_McFly

                  "Maybe you guys aren't ready for that… but your kids are gonna love it"

              • Don113

                Can't you see, Julie? It's code! He's trying to warn you about the Libyans!

              • Matt

                you misspelled there, but what the hell

    • Woodrowrules

      Waiting for stuf to begin his bullshit

    • @BuckeyeEmpire

      This is a "dammed in you do, damned if you don't moment," I say fuck the haters, if you don't like theCHIVE get the fuck off the site. Its just that easy… Fucking trolls

      • Julie


        • John

          not necessarily. it might evolve into a flirtfest and just get raunchy.

          • Julie

            its already halfway there above these comments

        • @BuckeyeEmpire

          haha oh I know, itd just be full of people trying to be funny, which Im as guilty as anyone on that, sometimes "intense debate" should be called "senseless debate"… btw I think you have set some sort of "replies" record

      • Chive

        You're so cool.

    • MylesofStyles

      Half of these girls aren't even black. Before you ask me what my point is, I'm going to tell you straight up that I have no idea.

      • Julie

        at least youre honest

      • Martin_McFly

        I hear the GOP race is still open. Wanna throw your hat in? Your platform is already solid!

    • Elan

      Y'know, most communities have learned not to feed the trolls. You've just rolled out a red carpet for them. Hope your second week on the internet goes better.

      • Martin_McFly

        Stop trollin on our fun, you turnip!

        • Elan

          The internet has enough stupid people. We don't need you, too.

          • Martin_McFly


      • Julie

        what trolls?

        • Martin_McFly

          How exactly can you troll a thread you started? Explain that?

          • Elan

            You should go back to school. It's not my job to explain simple concepts that anyone with a 9th grade education could grasp.

            • Martin_McFly

              Stop being an ass and lets shake hands. You're a witty son of a bitch, and have some good ideas too. "Mexican Bitches are Awesome" = classic.

              Let's join forces and you're good ideas and my banter will make a good team.

              Julie can come too but only if she promises no more round house kicking when she drinks..

              • Julie

                shit happens, what can i say.

                • Martin_McFly

                  yes but It's embarrassing Julie. Really. Embarrassing.

              • Elan

                Not really looking to make friends, but in the interest of being decent, here's some shit you'll hate yourself for watching:

                <iframe width="560" height="315" src="; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

                • Elan

                  Or that. >_<

    • hump

      HOLD THE F ON: can we please talk about what is going on with the knee on #12 ?

      • bump

        I know…it's black…ewwww.

      • MattKL

        She turned it?

    • SolidusSnake420

      Wow that thread blew up haha I agree fuck that asshole and the many other trolled that got on this haha

      • enovygod

        Ha ha… wait. Where did all the comments from "stuf" go? Did I miss it? Damn! Guys? Guys? Anyone left in this thread? Um… well, this is awkward.

    • Thomas G.

      This is just a post emphasizing the beauty of colored people.
      Just like some posts are ONLY about girls with big boobs, or ONLY butts.
      Is that discrimination too? huh? Chive doesn't like girls with tiny boobs?
      What? chive doesn't like nice legs? Haven't seen any nice leg posts!
      ^sarcasm btw.

      people are ridiculous. "chive is racist! no posts about black girls!"
      and when the chive finally uploads one, "chive is racist! only uploading a post about black girls to make it seem like they aren't!"

      Seriously? Is there no pleasing you people????

    • IceColdBuddha

      To quote Peter Griffin …. "that's the smartest thing I've ever heard anyone say about anything"

      You rule Julie!!!

  • bearjew

    Must have moar

    • SGT_Fati


      • Obamas White Half

        Notice the better looking girls on this post have Caucasian features. Just tanned white girls with more oily hair.

  • True Story

    TheChive is racist against MIDGET!! and MAC the Intern is a MIDGET PUNTING FUCK HEAD.. that is pry next from that bag a douche guy.

    • Bob

      I agree. Also have not seen a German only posting! Come on Chive!!

      • Julie


    • thatguy

      Where are the albino posts? The Chive is racist against albinos!

      • thatguy

        Really, REALLY white is beautiful!

      • Julie

        they did an albino animal post!!

    • I LuvBridgetteMidget

      I agree, they could call the post "Great things in small packages."

    • Always Last

      Why won't they do a Jewish FLBP, BYB, Gap???? Racist mothers!!!!

  • Anon

    Ummm…. #14

    • Chicago Sean

      Yeah, wait a minute…

      • Jaives

        So, I guess Asian is the new black?

        • boll

          i guess ugly is the new beautiful?

    • Jbro

      Inside joke. Actor/comedian/rapper Donald Glover (childish gambino) calls Filipino women the black women of to Asian world.

      • Randall

        Psh, everybody knows that Filipinos are the Asian Mexicans.

        • Gabe

          Shut the fuck up, hillbilly.

        • Lev

          No, Thailand is the Mexico of Asia.

    • Martin

      Racist Chive is racist.

      • Amy

        lol πŸ˜€ Brilliant

  • B!!!

    Apparently The hipster look does not discriminate by race

    • Vent187

      Haha, I was thinking the same thing through that whole post. #30 is hot as hell though.

  • UtahChiver

    Please post more! Never can get enough sexy black chivettes! Especially in Utah!

    • negative nancy

      I thought Mormons only married white women in multitude.

      • GomerPyle

        Yeah, 122 years ago. Glad you're up on your history.

    • ChelseaRules

      Go Utah!

    • Shawn N

      Utah baby!!! Thought I was the only chiver here!!

  • Lumaland

    #21 and #33 Are beautiful ladies indeed.

    • garbanzo

      21 is not black…

    • Mullex

      I agree, fantastic women right there.

      • j2theR

        it doesn't matter what they are #21 and #33 Ashley tie for the win

    • thadudewhochives

      agreed MOAR

    • she's a witch!

      not huge on the pencil thin eyebrows

  • Paula_

    <3<3<3, but this gallery needs a redhead.

    – Fan testimonial: "Sweet, that is my comment… I made it to the fan testimonial… yahtzee!! – etcrrisapedophile"

    • Rampager2020

      wait what is that possable?

      • Julie

        duh, rihanna

        • Romanian Hookah

          Suck on my hose you arrogant twat.

          • Julie

            wow, youre original… you looked at my intensedebate profile and thats all you could come up with?

            • Romanian Hookah

              No, I also gathered that you're a money grubbing whore.

              • Julie

                has it ever occured to you that i make my OWN money ? but of course not, women are leeches who only find men to leech off of until the money supply is drained… no prenups allowed.

                you are such a fucking idiot haha

                • Romanian Hookah

                  It never occured to me to consider it. People obsessed with making money are money grubbing whores. Regardless of gender…or the amount of money they make.

                  You are such a fucking whore haha

                  • The Huge Annoyance

                    you're such a fuckin eejit, ha ha

                  • Julie

                    and youre a pathetic excuse for life, hiding behind a computer monitor.

                    • JHL1

                      You're really giving the trolls seven course meals today….

                • I love Paula

                  i leech off my wife… but i would rather be leeching off paula or hell i would work harder at my job so paula could leech off me

    • negative nancy

      Paula why don't you submit your big black ass for once?

      • Julie

        i dont think the chivers could handle it

        • negative nancy

          quit being a do-gooder Julie.

          • Julie

            whats a do-gooder?

          • Positive Pete

            shit like this that makes me hate the chive..

            why the fuck do you have to say shit like that.

            fuck off. get a life. post your own fucking clever comments.

      • Paula_

        I will if you can find a wide enough wide-angle lens…

        – Fan testimonial: "You provide a spark to our site. – Anonymous"

        • Martin_McFly


      • truth

        Come on, Paula is probably Asian. Looks like a woman but is really just a dude.

    • Mr. Tea

      Maybe you can be the red-headed step-child, Paula?

    • Bullet knuts

      Paula needs her own post!!! πŸ˜€

      • Julie

        ASSS KISSERRR you just dont want paula to troll on you hahaha… shes pretty scary!!!

        • Martin_McFly

          Oh hey! We meet again (;

          • Julie

            ❀ youre not stalkerish at all… i feel like someone in this world wants me and loves me

            • Martin_McFly

              wait wait! One step at a time!

              • idiot

                why don't you 2 test out that Chive dating site…

                • Julie

                  we found eachother on ❀ its a more wholesome site than the chive dating site… better success rate i heard

                  • Martin_McFly

                    and by success she means she "got lucky"

    • Underbaker
      • Paula_


        Her hair looks nice! It being red 'n all…

        – Fan testimonial: "Paula, I'm going to vote you down on this one, because I know that's what you're after. As long as we have an understanding that I think this is completely hilarious."

  • Yes Please

    Where are you @mayorjacoby!


    • Pooper

      Prob just wacking away to this post. thinking of lil boys

  • JLee

    #30 Bout time…

    • total derp

      think those are real? If they are…Jesus…

      • JLee

        I could care less. Really wouldn't mind some advice from black females on how a white guy can impress…

        • mod

          Swedish Penis Pump

    • Mike

      She's absolutely smokin

    • Skermitt

      I thought this lady was the sexiest of all the pictures here, I want MOAR! And… where's that hand goin…?

    • Stymie

      Oh God yeah….. she looks like a teacher that would bend me over her knee while she's wearing a skirt and spank me all the while telling me i"It's for your own good".

  • blackiswhack

    any darker ladies, i mean these are all white washed photo shopped

    • Woodrowrules

      I take it you didn't see #25

    • the_real_Mike

      Always gotta someone to complain no matter what….

    • cindy b

      i agree. i thought the same thing. all of them look whitish or have whitish features. can i get some strong-feature black women here?

      • Annamass

        You mean fat and angry?

      • Birch

        Read national geographic

    • ChelseaRules

      What about #7? She's frickin' gorgeous. Look at those lips!

      • Qwe

        Fat Fat Lips,

      • MattKL

        Agreed, she's a stunner.

  • Rochesterchiver

    I would be willing to make any of these women a half white child

    • joe

      I'm fairly certain every one of these girls is already at LEAST a half-white child herself.

      • Tony

        Yes they are there were a few all black but there's a reason you didn't notice them ; )

    • Mike

      except #4

  • namestim

    Maybe this will shut that one dumb-ass up…

    Anyway, #11 and #30…Damn.

    • HatBomb

      I doubt it.

    • Bob

      Nope, he probably taking the day off.

    • Nate Bogner

      My 2 fav in the gallery.

  • tony

    Is just waiting for the big rascist argument to begin

    • Dick Salad

      The penis doesn't discriminate, only impregnates. I see some women in this post who should be havin mah baby, baby…

    • Buckly

      I think you missed it by an hour.

  • echogeo

    I bet she stops traffic!

    • Capz

      I'd hit that…With a car…

      • ChronicUser

        My grandpa would say that's an extra 10 points, but he was racist.

    • JOHN

      I think that's Rev Run's daughter.

      • Chike Pemberton

        it is …….Angela

    • Steve

      this is right in front of my building…wish I saw her! I as a matter of fact I did see rev runs son outside my building so it could be..

    • eggnog

    • RivaMonsta

      It's sooooooo tiiigghhhtttt!

  • lackofabetter

    #33 is fucking gorgeous

    • Kowabunga

      very hot

      • manda

        Ashley King from Bad Girls Club… unfortunately I ❀ that show.

    • waltgator

      hell yeah! fappin!

    • MikeBedlam

      Sexiest black Audi I've seen in a while.

      Oh, and all the girls are hot, too.

  • nigel

    great post.

  • Iron140.6

    who is #3?????



    • Anthony Johnson

      I went to high school with that girl!

      • gregorije1

        find out if she is a chivette :), if not introduce her to chive

    • White Chocolate

      A half white chick

      • Maynard B.

        A gorgeous half white chick.

    • Mullex

      an angel

    • Luvmesumblk

      I love her hair. Kinky curly….fap fap…

    • Dees

      jhene aiko! beautiful voice as well.

  • jizzy

    #30 MOAR please!

    • chaosd

      I'll second that

      • thadudewhochives

        I'll second his second! MOAR

        • Guest

          Im pretty sure that is Meagan Good. Yes, the girl from "Cousin Skeeter"

          • fds

            no it's not, at all

  • is awesome

    hello #27 chive i salute you awesome post as always

    • Mullex

      now there's a hump for a Wednesday.

    • kramerftw

      There are few things better than a black hump!

    • Miss Ma'am

      That's Damaris Lewis, she was in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue!

  • @Rene818

    Me Gusta!

  • Jbob


    • Harry H-d Sinner

      Not sure if troll

      or just likes penis

      • Findangle

        Pretty sure Jbob is one cock in the mouth shy of two cocks in the mouth!!!

    • Mullex

      your a prick

      • AdamBaldick


        • Stains


      • xbod


    • kantrell

      poor guy.. u must have a small penis

    • ChiCity

      If this is Gross, you either love cocks or love cocks. They have posts for you here…the one with Hot Guys.

    • theNOOGE

      I agree

  • The Dude

    #30 wins! Chick is hot!

    Also, what Julie said ^ just waiting for that effing clown to say something haha

    • TheAutomaticMan

      I was thoroughly impressed with #4 until I saw the tattoo….. i mean… come on, really?

      • Elan

        You were impressed by the tranny eyebrows, the duckface and the fake eyelashes?

        Whatever floats your boat, dude.

  • WTF

    #22 am i right in saying a black girl has grey bum fluff? urban myth? to find out?:D

    • EADdotcom

      WTF does that even mean?

      • WTFever

        It means he's a perpetual virgin

  • Ben Keller

    Amazing post! Thanks chive!

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