Black is Beautiful (33 Photos)

  • mel

    #4, #21 & #30

  • Simpsons

    "Code Black?!?!? Oh no …. black is the worst color"

  • @MugsyTheGr8

    Fkn love it. More please.

  • Bubs

    #21, #30 and #33 all need to be introduced to my mother.

  • Bob

    Oh, dear lord, so many to drool over. I think I have chosen #25 as the winner here, so see to it that she is given the customary gold and flowers. thank you.

  • SquirePete

    #4, #5, #21, #28 My my my you are some gorgeous ladies.
    #30…baby, I'm needin some moar. please.

  • Stan

    Black people stink

  • @93Vector

    Woah, no need to be angry, Uncle Leo. Now you're just being difficult.

  • Marklar

    All your white girls are at


  • Kevin

    SOOO Many gorgeous women right there! But I'm in love with #23 #24 #28 #33

  • Anonymous

    This is horrible, don’t ever do this again!

  • amplexus

    #3 #21 #25 MOAR


    What the fuck? Why can't people just accept one another? The Chive is usually the place I come to relax and know that a bunch of a racist bigoted ignorant fucks aren't hanging out at.

    • Mullex

      amen. This should be the place where we just kick back and enjoy life.

    • SquirePete

      Agree 100%. Isnt that the whole point to KCCO??? Fuck these haters and the stupid ass mayorwhatsiznuts and KCCO

  • tom

    "black is beautiful" evidently unless it's too black.

  • Woop

    douchebag, come back when you grow some pubes you ignorant arsehole

  • ste

    I love black is beautiful days, KCCO from ireland

  • Trevor

    Moar of every single one of these and them some!

  • hkill

    Black is beautiful … as long as they have typically white features! Huzzah! Step forward, Chive.

  • dolliebaby

    That hater is probably gonna come up with something else to hate about. Keep hating & we will CONTINUE TO STAY CALM AND CHIVE ON.

  • Douglas Wise Rogers

    We need this to be a weekly post. Thank you.

    • i<3racistMAC


  • dawg065

    #4,#11 .moaaaar.please!!

  • John

    Thank you Chive. Keep the threads of other girls coming!

  • Someguy

    Can we just add this to hump day? No matter the color or creed sexy is sexy. mmm

  • Yotapdat

    #3 MOAR

  • negativenanncy

    ahhh.. the slew of loving chivers. Makes the world go round.

    we all have a negative nancy somewhere inside.

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