Black is Beautiful (33 Photos)

  • Sam e

    All you girls are beautiful! Made my week:)

  • Rusticles

    #21. Now that is a dime piece if I've ever seen one.

  • NiggerSmasha

    Eew disgusting negros.

  • soopadoopa

    MOAR!!!!! Sweet post, Chive! You don't have to tell me black is beautiful.

  • Yup

    Let's not make this a regular thing.

  • dippy doo

    Any of you dudes out there who say you wouldn't get busy with anyone other than a white girl is a bold face LIAR! The Sun always rises in the East, and a stiff dick has no conscience.

  • J-Sin

    #21, #30, #33…gorgeous!

  • Johnny Bravvo

    Hot Shiii Chive.

  • Big_Ray

    i sure hope this is going to be a regular posting.

  • Phil

    Who cares if the chive is racist spoken like a white man

  • Rolento

    #19 I love Cassie…

  • bzazz

    More of this please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #30 So hot!

  • Marty.McFly

    wow #30 , all i have to say i will you marry me when i get back state side lol….

  • Akzombie

    Trying not to sound racist…but alot of these girls are only half black, if that, fine as hell all the same, shit Haley berry is too from what I'm told…as Martha would say, it's a good thing. My vote #3. and #6 and #11

  • Marty.McFly

    #30 wooooow…. will you marry me when i get back state side lol ….

  • troy

    #4 is smokn hot

  • justaguy

    Chive is racist…where are all the white chicks??? LOL

  • klayman

    #13 moar moar moar

  • atb

    An overwhelming number agree. We need more of #3

  • Thomas Bailey

    Judas Priest! Did y'all ever think that "Black" might refer to hair color!? Geeze, next thing you bunch of racist mongering conspiracy theory pecker heads will want to abolish the Ginger (Redheads) posts because the blonds and brunettes might get their feelers hurt. Un-twist yer keisters a lil bit and sit back and enjoy the scenery. KCCO!

  • Dickle

    Wow! #21 is my winner. Was a hard tally..

  • Velez

    Chive… as a mixed man (puerto rican and white) i must say i love this gallery. we need more color on chive.

  • Josh


  • Bee

    Set aside race for a second, but is #4 even a human???

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