Don’t invest in stocks, invest in comics (11 Photos)

If you stumble across one of these in your attic, you just won the lottery.

  • Swenka

    And all my Spawn comics are worth nothing…Still have my Absolute Sandman hardcovers.

    Oh well, wouldn't sell them anyways (too amazing), but it'd be nice to know they're worth something 😛

  • thisisnotmynamw

    DC beats Marvel with just 2 characters as far as worth. Superman>Batman.

  • WTF

    typical mericans reading comics..yeah lets invest in comics… comic book gyu

    • I<3Merica

      What did comic books ever do to you?

  • mrjimmyos

    What amazes me about the early batman comics is that they're not cheesy, they're serious and dark like alot of todays comics. I'm real luck in that my local vintage store is awesome for having old comics. And there's no harm in getting the occasional comic, it's hardly gonna go down in value

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    i just want #10 just simply have!

  • @Jeffrey__Scott

    I have a number of old Adventure comics from the 60's, but none worth more than a few bucks. One I own is worth a whopping $12.00.

  • Trav1121

    I have been saying this for YEARS! I don't have any of these ones because I am not a fossil but I have some that are a pretty decent price. Fun to read AND collectable for cash? You can't lose!

  • kc1
  • The

    If only!:(

  • Master_Rahl

    #10 #11 Examples of how intellectual property, and a bit of artistic talent can really garner respect… amongst the nerd population. Crazy how much people are willing to pay for the classics. I'm gonna have to check the basement for some oldies.

  • Joe

    Do they have a price guide for comics online? (Google came up short.) I have Spawn #1 somewhere & always wondered if the value ever went up.

    • FoolOfATook

      I'm pretty sure if you went to a comic shop, you could purchase a copy for a coupla bucks.

      • Joe

        Yeah, they have those books, like becketts for baseball cards, but there has to be one online somewhere. Some kinda search engine.

  • Chris A

    This type of thinking almost killed the comic book industry in the early nineties. One major newspaper said comics were better investments than the stock market, which led to a surge in buying. After a few years, when the comics weren't appreciating, people stopped buying and many companies went under. Even Marvel almost died.

    The perceived values of these comics is based in rarity. During the world wars, a lot of parents gave away their sons' comics for paper as part of the war effort, creating a giant hole in the market.

    • Chris A

      The whole thing is actually quite fascinating and definitely worth reading up on

    • WTF


    • JimmyS

      Yes, thank you, I was going to leave a comment along these lines if no one else did. I think a good portion of us remember the 90 comic bubble. If you get into collecting comics, they need to be old, and already of some value or else you're pissing away money. Now if you like comics, then by all means buy them, if your a fan of something buy it regardless.

  • Dude Imbibes

    Just one?

  • nerdguy

    Chive needs to do some fact checking, these prices are just pulled out of someone's ass. The most expensive issue of Action Comics #1 was sold last year for 2,161,000

    • CJY

      yo wrong dude they were just saying this same stuff on the Herd with Colin Cowherd on tuesday

  • Cabana Dan

    Yes, but if you saved the $.10 in 1940, after interest, assuming an 8% annual return, with continuous compounding, you would have….a whole $27.04.

    Yet another example of bad financial planning paying off. 🙂

  • T-bird

    Looks like #6 is stepping out of a ….LOL.

  • faptastic

    #7 is being collected by the Chinese government

    #11 on the bottom left corner is the original " superman why u no throw women instead of cars"

  • Brodie Bruce

    I tried to teach you how to handle comics in the sixth grade, but, oh, no, you wanted to play little league instead

  • etcrr 128p

    I also liked sucking cocks.

  • Jacob

    Three words: No fucking shit. Could have told you all this without the dumbass Chive post.

  • blue_bronco

    Nerds with $$$$

    Good for them. I need to go find my old baseball/football cards 💡

  • Andy Valentine

    These things are only valued that high when they're mint, and keeping them that way is hard as balls.

  • Alan

    Comic books, baseball cards, movie theater posters etc etc etc are valuable today because 1) They're more fun to collect than, say, newspapers, milk bottles or school textbooks 2) Batman and Superman have more fans today than, say, The Clock, The Shadow or Dick Tracy and 3) comics were silly and childish and THROWN AWAY BY THE MILLIONS. Once people started paying money to collect such things in the 1960s, comics in the 1970s and 80s were *saved* by the millions … and so are worth almost nothing today. Damn Catch-22.

    So … what are people throwing away today that will be valuable in 30 years? Computers, cell phones, video games?

  • Dr. Evil

    I'm surprised that GWL hasn't shown up and taken #7 out of context.

  • Sam

    I don't understand the desire for collecting old comics. Big deal..they are old. Ever read the original x-men comics? Like watching a non-casablanca quality retro-film. And to pay what…$280, 000? That just sounds like a huge waste of money. You could be a hero to hundreds of people with money like that and you buy a crappy comic book? Does anybody have a good explanation cause I don't get it?

    • Jacob

      The point is to already have one or find one, not have to pay thousands to get one. Sure, there are comic auctions and stuff like that all the time where people pay shitloads of money for a really good comic, but there are also people who have stumbled upon great comics in their attic and made a fortune on them. And that's the real point, the people selling now have no need for them anymore and want the money. The people buying know that they will only go up in value so a hundred thousand now will be even more when that person is ready to sell.

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