Don’t invest in stocks, invest in comics (11 Photos)

If you stumble across one of these in your attic, you just won the lottery.

  • Tx12

    Being a virgin DOES pay off!

  • Huzzah

    #9 Know someone that has one. I've been able to see some truly historic books.

  • Matt

    #2 – I have one! In F/FV graded condition!

  • dave

    These are the only few that are worth anything, most ocmics are worthless. I have tried selling my collection but cannot get any shop to buy them. I tried to give them away to childrens hospitals and librarys but no one wants them. So I sold some on ebay and made about 40pence each. Comics are almost worthless

  • Christopher M. Bland

    This is exactly why I'm saving all those old Maxim mags…

  • moogle

    I doubt this…. only because I've seen 5 minutes of Comic Book Men >.>

  • Pyro

    Holy rusted metal Batman!

  • Holden

    Modern day comic books depreciate in value as soon as you take it off the shelf.

  • 6t76t7yt7u7u7y


  • Jenna 'Aidan' Boswell

    Geek chic is really moving up these days. I just wanted to say from a girl who reads and enjoys comics to the egotistical meatheads with the comments like comics= pussy repellant, maybe it's time to grow up or at least stop being angry because the nerd you picked on is now your boss and take their lead and get into comics. Unless that is too complicated and you are unable to rub together enough braincells to do more than just look at the pretty pictures, the words aren't even that advanced. The art work alone should excite even the simplest minds

  • klue26

    Some lady walked into my store selling comics for five bucks,can't belive it now but she has the Spiderman amazing fantasy for sale and I passed on it,I guess I should have known more about comics,good thing she is a regular,hope she comes in tomorrow.

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