If you live here I think you’re required to hate your life (15 Photos)

  • ACEY1987

    So the inside has shitty people in it and trash, but it looks fine from the outside… Is this the new landfill? seems like a start.

  • Andrew

    Terrible architecture and deserves its fate in my view, demolish please! Oh and maybe send the guys to do the Rotunda in Birmingham UK too!

  • greg

    Toledo, Ohio is worse… Seriously

  • Andy Valentine

    I smell an amazing paintball arena

  • MattKL

    Christ, it looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic or cyberpunk movie.

  • Jerome

    Apartheid left the uncivilised elements in charge, not prejudice, just evidenced.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1334291656 Adam Puente

    Nothing gas and a match can't cure. Why try and rebuild it when the same thing is going to happen?

  • John

    Sad – the Story of Africa..

  • haha

    Still not as bad as Detroit

  • b money

    Shoot a porno ther

  • ubdilly

    Welcome to Africa, the drain on the world. Things never thrive and will never ever thrive. Should go back to apartheid. Should just bomb the place. No one wants to buy in hillbrow unless ur a crack addict on a binge.

    • http://iamawesome.com/ NeelsvanPK

      I agree. In Apartheid nothing was as fucked as it is now.

      • http://www.facebook.com/lukhanyos Lukhanyo Sopotela


        • Vanrensburg01

          Ooooh talk about racism… If you can't deal with it you should just leave. You won't be missed.

  • Miagi-son

    Johannesburg is a craphole. Cape Town for the WINNNNN!

  • stanjkof

    I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit !

  • r d

    What the hell, Chive?
    Now all of the already ignorant Americans will think SA is a shit hole.
    Thanks for the false advertising, clowns

  • Michael

    I live in South Africa and im sorry to say, but, all our city centre's look like that. Most people here stay out of the city centre's. all the new shopping centre's are built on the outskirts of town. the "good" area's move every 20 years cause everything you build will always get destroyed by crime. so we build, they take over and we move to another place and the cycle starts again.

  • Kmiller

    I'm a South African and i know its hard on the eyes when you get close to it, but at night far away it is awesome. They really screwed up Hillbrow, what a shame it was beautiful once.

  • Sad Chivette

    Instead of posting how bad some of our cities look like here in South Africa, maybe post about something way more important like rhino poaching.

  • Pa-Rty

    great to see so many Sout African Chivers out there. one day we should meet up!!!. any hoo joburg central is ok in some parts, its a pity that we have a city that we cannot go Jol in, in the night, like New York and shit. We have to stay outa the city at night, but who cares we go party every where else and even braai in the rain!!! KCCO South Africa

  • Grant

    I saw a sign outside Ponte few weeks ago, they are charging R2000 rent a month which is roughly $250. it is very sad to see people living is such disgusting places and being forced to pay so much for it as well.

  • Larry

    So uh… Tenpenny Tower anyone?

  • Blake

    Glad I was born in America. Could of been born there.

  • Brianna

    You made me laugh my ass off….

  • sidekick

    This is one area… I don’t see any posts about South Africa s great areas and we have incredible areas all over the country and South Africa is nothing like the rest of africa its an amazing place so FUCK you american cunts there is places like this all over America look at all your cities. People that post this and read this have never even been here

    • Natz

      Funny thing bro.. Our own SA boys are the ones making the more ignorant comments.. We can forgive ppl who dnt kno any better bt our own okes talking smack here!! It's a shame

  • sidekick

    O and by the way it was nigerians that did this to hillbrow not South Africans

  • SAChiver

    We were invited by an estate agent to view the top floor apartments which were for sale. The building has biometric security and all the bell and whistles you can image, but you have to go through this mess to get to your apartment.
    The units are huge and even have sauna's in some of them, but from what i recall they were going for close to $120'000.00 at the time.

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