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  • A.E.

    tht was amazing

  • Anon


    • @FredHilbert

  • dfs

    Is music also included in the drama?

  • Ben

    Proud to be Belgian!

  • Doug

    Epic !

  • pozsy

    is it a history eraser button?

  • Dan

    That ould be the best thing ever if it weren't for the Fucking Corona commercial!! God DAMN that thing!!

  • guy

    Now that's fucking awesome

  • Renochiver

    A crummy commercial?!? Sonuvabitch!

  • KO8E24


  • paperdollcollage

    bahaha! that was a good laugh, i didn't think the biker was part of it till he started going ninja on the paramitic lol

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  • Mike

    the first guy aint "mike" from oc choppers ?

  • ZenTechnocrat

    OMG…that is too funny!!!

  • Jacki

    I honestly just died!!! That was hysterical!!!!!!!!! I watched it at least 20 times lmfao. Good job chive<3

  • cory

    and another commercial from the Chive "cleverly" disguised as a funny clip

  • Ryan

    Part 2 didn't have as much budget..

  • Scott McCabe

    Awesomeness. Has everything you could want in a like 3a min video.

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