Stars and their wax counterparts (38 Photos)

  • Stephan Welch

    #13 see Michael Jackson isn't dead. They just told him he'd get free surgery if he would just model for them at their museum.

  • Anonymous

    #9 #12 #19 and #31
    I would still randomly punch them in the throat!

  • TheCoach

    I don't know what it is but she is hot!

  • Kenny

    #29 My fave!!!
    But where's the Miley Cyrus one, and is going commando?

  • ken

    fake bieber looks manlier

  • José Campa

    #9 Looking at this creeps me out- Oh wait… #38

  • Torden

    #1 "It's not gay, it's masturbation!" haha

  • David Gorski

    they're not very selective as to who they wax are they?

  • scott

    #19 was just a picture of two llamas….wtf?

  • Evan852

    did she shrink since they made her wax dummy?

  • mshaw166

    #9 Bieber's statue probably has the same amount of pubes as the real thing

  • King

    I'd do both…

  • Nelli Adams

    The fake ones are hotter than the real ones.

  • HBMichael

    who is #4 ?

    • noah

      Alicia Keys

  • HBMichael

    Also Selena Gomez is thus far a one hit wonder right? Where are the statues to Right Said Fred and Rick Astley?

  • @unkindagiza

    This post has fucked my mind.

  • ZDawg

    There is obviously a much lower bar for the level of celebrity status required to have a wax replica than I assumed. What a sad and forgotten place the warehouse will be in 2015 that houses most of this crap along with replicas of similar celebrities like Tonya Harding, the whole Wayans family, Chuck Wolerey, Tila Tequila, and the host of that 90's reality show Studs.

  • Russell

    I have to say the waxworks of Meryl Streep in No.10 & Heidi Klum's #15 really suck. But with #29 it's virtually impossible to tell which Selena Gomez is the real McCoy. CHIVE really should put the names beneath the pix, like I couldn't figure out who #30 is supposed to be. Lady Gaga would cry foul at her lousy lookalike as would Kim Kardashian in #16. Not even close.

  • Rey

    So uhhh….where are the wax dolls?

  • Cjab

    #16 which one is the fake one? ….trick question they both are.

  • Charles in charge

    #36 threesum

  • Tuco

    #12 on the left,the wax one and on the rigth the wood one

  • Steve


  • Steve

    Holy moly!!!

  • noegod

    I can't tell the difference between the two in any of these! and that's not a compliment.

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