This whole ‘living doll’ thing is getting out of hand (16 Photos)

They call themselves living dolls. Bob recently did a post on Dakota Rose here. Dakota is hailed to be the real-life Barbie. With cupid bow lips and a porcelain complexion, Dakota has become an internet sensation. I'm sure there's no pedos in that mixed bag of idiots.

But the real life doll craze is taking off, especially in Japan where the anime-obsessed culture upholds these girls as goddesses. Little is actually known about Dakota, who goes by the name Kota Koti to her fans. She's rumored to be between 16-18 years old.

  • Klutch

    She's a doll and gorgeous but obviosly perfection can even have herpes. (pic #7, bottom lip) Yuuuuck!

  • Grant Cowling


  • Doctor_Krieger

    Are you sure ? …. Dude I am telling you, shes 18

  • Girl

    They told me I could become anything…… So I became a girls play toy….

  • mcnutty

    Why are you posting children?! "Why don't you have a seat over there…"

  • luvTnA

    I'd poke her & see if she's real

  • JimmyS

    Is it me or the way she shops her eyes make her look derp?

  • stanjkof

    that's really creepy, dude…

  • Matt

    Chive, would you kindly NOT post this shit? I know it's only to demonstrate how sick some people are, but we're not those people.

  • dragon30

    scares the shit out of me

  • Oregon_country

    I don't want to live on this planet any more.

  • Donnie


  • RusticlesR

    This is a fucking joke.

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  • Over9000

    I am sure that I would do the first one, but hate myself afterwards. The second one looks like a monster from under the bed.

  • Kurowatever

    yeah its an obsession for them,but thats their life.Shouldnt worry bout it.Plus we all have obsessions that some people somewhere in the world will think is my obsession with eating tomatoes…mabye

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    […] Source: the CHIVE – This whole‘living doll’thing is getting out of hand […]

  • 世界のリアル・バービー | Qrious Lab.

    […] Source: the CHIVE – This whole‘living doll’thing is getting out of hand […]

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