This whole ‘living doll’ thing is getting out of hand (16 Photos)

They call themselves living dolls. Bob recently did a post on Dakota Rose here. Dakota is hailed to be the real-life Barbie. With cupid bow lips and a porcelain complexion, Dakota has become an internet sensation. I'm sure there's no pedos in that mixed bag of idiots.

But the real life doll craze is taking off, especially in Japan where the anime-obsessed culture upholds these girls as goddesses. Little is actually known about Dakota, who goes by the name Kota Koti to her fans. She's rumored to be between 16-18 years old.

  • Snowlocke


    • KeepCalm617

      Today's Chive post has been sponsored in part by Pedobear, Inc…

    • Super Yuk


    • Logicyup

      This is going to turn into some very disturbing porn fetish I'm sure.

    • johnny


    • Emzilla

      I did, too. Lifeless friggen eyes, man.

  • ATouchofInsanity

    Okay…Dakota Rose is a lot better looking than Margaret. At least Dakota looks like she could actually exist in real life…

    • mike~

      Does saying that with such conviction make me think you're a pedo? Yup.

    • Am I That Bad

      It's obvious John gets off of these girls. I mean why post them up on theChive!

  • Gross


    • Leadbelly

      Still would though.

  • blako

    Ugh I'm not gonna be able to sleep

  • Trav1121

    Holy Jeebus! Why do you keep posting these? My nightmares from the other one just stopped. 😦

  • ashley

    It's better than those crazy biches who pump their faces and bodies full of collegian. They are just teenage girls looking for attention. They are just playing dress up and they are both actually very pretty when they don't look like plastc dolls. Who cares if they are having fun?

    • Ashley

      Collagen (sorry for the typo!)

      • MC Hammer

        I was actually going to applaud the crazy bitches who pump their faces and bodies full of collegians. 😉

        • dirtysteve99

          One way to get a n education.

        • Ashley

          Lol! My phone screen is cracked (thanks apple!) so I missed that autocorrect-typo, but we should applaud the "collegian" stuffing and not the collagen stuffing lol!

          • Jawbone

            This site thrives on collagen and saline implants, sweetheart.

  • Fantastic Dan

    "I would be more worried if she came home drunk pregnant."
    Give her time… It'll happen.

    • Meh

      Drunk pregnant is the worst!

    • Dirty_Dingus

      Yup, start the countdown…
      The minute these girls become legal, some sleazeball porn company will offering them all the Hello Kitty merch they want.
      Do you love me now Daddy?

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #16 Why?!?

    She also succeeded into turning Asian.

    • negative nancy

      She is asian retard.

      • SOB

        "Venus recently appeared on a local UK talk to show with her mom…" this leads me to believe she is from the UK.

        • Sam

          Asians live in the UK too…

          • Country Fan

            no she's white…

  • lith

    That is quite creepy!

  • whyme1973

    I feel dirty, now. No matter her age, how could you not feel like a pedo with her dolled up like that?

    • Adam

      Because she still looks like she has gone through puberty. Pedophilia is an attraction to prepubescent girls.

    • Alpja


  • no brainer

    Dakota is 20yrs old but she does look like she's 12 with all her makeup on

    • Irishstephen

      She looks UNDEAD with her makeup on!!! Yeesh…

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #2 Looks fine to me.

    • Brian

      That's the before pic.

      • Ned_Plimpton

        #9 Looks fine here too

    • Shak

      Looks like Lana del Rey…scary as f#$k!

  • *dash*

    I think I just died a little inside

  • BigPup

    #9 doll or not she's kinda hot… still creepy in most of those pics though.

    • Ryan

      shes 16….

      • CALI-DUDE

        Google Dakota Rose and Model Mayhem, she is 23.

    • Sebastian

      16 is legal if you can lure her into Canada.

  • Irishstephen

    She was kind of hot to begin with – but the end result is horrific… No thank you.

  • LucretiusCarus

    There aren't words to describe how wrong this all is. And you guys are no better for posting it.

    I guess that makes me no better for looking. Damn you, logic.

    • ThatGuy

      What exactly is the problem?

      Yeah its weird and kinda creepy but its not exactl a moral outrage.

      • socalmarti

        No, but you're on the top of the slippery slope.

    • negative nancy

      It's a website based on posting shocking and entertaining blogs..

      what do you expect.

  • gagagafaga

    When she isnt all made up id do #9 for sure

  • KeepCalm617

    #8 is on the fast track to odd Japanese softcore porn shoots with dudes dressed up like Naruto. #15 is on the fast track to loads of bad plastic surgery to maintain her "identity" once her inevitable case of oldface fully sets in. You have been warned

  • SomeBozo

    #15 just gives me the creeps.
    Definitely needs more photoshop

    • Country Fan

      u want creepy? check out her videos… *shudders* i don't think i will ever get that out of my head

  • flip money

    Nothing but skin and Bones. Can You say ani-rexi. Ugly!!!!!!

  • Woodrowrules

    I don't think one of these girls are over 18.Gonna have to pass on these

  • Vicwick

    They probably have about the same capacity for thought as a doll.

  • Pediophobia


    You are giving me pediophobia!!!!


  • etcrrsucksdick

    shut up you idiot!!

  • dkassa

    Id still bang!

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