This whole ‘living doll’ thing is getting out of hand (16 Photos)

They call themselves living dolls. Bob recently did a post on Dakota Rose here. Dakota is hailed to be the real-life Barbie. With cupid bow lips and a porcelain complexion, Dakota has become an internet sensation. I'm sure there's no pedos in that mixed bag of idiots.

But the real life doll craze is taking off, especially in Japan where the anime-obsessed culture upholds these girls as goddesses. Little is actually known about Dakota, who goes by the name Kota Koti to her fans. She's rumored to be between 16-18 years old.

  • Kenny

    #16 I love girls but let's face it, they're all crazy!

  • TerminatorMetal

    I’m actually glad there weren’t girls like this when I was 15. I would’ve been a teenage dad…

  • Mikerhinos

    #14 I like small mouths and hands because my c*ck looks a lot bigger…lulz

  • Erik Plate

    Kill it!!! Kill it with fire!!

  • Bored

    Chris Hansen will be here shortly.

  • Lou

    Dolls are available in stores, and porno shops everywhere. I thought the appeal of Chivettes is that they are real people.

  • Opossum

    Giggity giggity, alright!

  • Hoagmeister

    On many other web-sites, this post could net you jail time.

  • monoxxide

    #15 kill it with fire then run it through a wood chipper

  • waltgator


  • Don

    Freaks with HUGE inferiority complexes.

  • snowboarder


  • mshaw166

    Pedophilia running wild!!!!!

  • dawg065

    this is too creepy to comment on.

  • @Thedude_1620

    After Dakota first post I done some searching online and I think she looks a lot better out of doll make-up

  • TheCorruptor998

    i'd bone it.

  • Tatanka

    Pedophiles will love this post

  • Jeff Ingram

    I'd hit it

  • Lys

    Can we all agree her boobs are shopped in #9?

  • Macmails

    Thanks for this post. I have lost a very close and dear friend today – this web site. If I ever got caught at work with these pics on my screen, I would get fired or forever be considered as the office pedofile. Thanks for the funny pics over the years, but this has got me too creeped to to ever visit this site again. A very fond thank you to CHIVE, and a very big FUCK OFF to the guy that posted this.

  • patrondubs

    #7 does anyone else see symmetrical HERPESSSSS

  • TiaP

    These girls A) are trying too hard. B) look like they are 12.
    Do guys.. meaning MEN above the age of consent really find this attractive? Please… say no.

  • Empyrean

    Little is know about her? Are you serious? After about 5 minutes I've learned she's 16, in Japan they call her Kotakoti but her real name is Dakota Ostrenga. There's a few video's of her on youtube being a snot nosed little bitch. Stop posting this garbage. It's sick. Stop encouraging it.

  • Athena

    I'm sorry, you're wrong. The second one is Venus, Margaret is her mother! Sorry, I am a fan of both Venus and Dakota. >.<''

  • pocono jackson

    its ok ..stay away from young ones…

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