Dream bachelor pads (36 photos)

  • Petrovtch

    # 35 chive thou hast harshed my bachelor pad mellow

  • HobbesLeviathan

    I notice a distinct lack of large screen TVs in these places…how is it an ideal bachelor pad with nowhere to watch sports? (#19 excepted)

    Of course, my ideal bachelor pad would also have a firing point on the back porch for the rifle/pistol range in the back yard. Also a feature on my ideal family home, oddly enough.

  • WTF

    #31 go to bed nakad wake up with no todger that is not a comfy bed to impress the girls

    • WTF

      i might add u kud reinact the scene from water world which deems this idea super well done chive again u have made me sooo happy;)

  • DChiver

    I think I just had a nerdgasm……

  • Dave

    #35 I have those cupboards 😦

  • Alex_5280

    What the hell is sitting on the railing?

  • bmadccp1

    Rich people do some obscene things with their money…(I would too).

  • http://www.how-do-i-burn-fat-fast.com matt loves coffee

    Where is #14? Looks like the Big Island of Hawaii

  • jkmcdermott

    #3 and #16 are NYC, Baby! # 16 is indeed Frank Lloyd Wright and #11 is just plain fugly.

  • mehman

    forever alone

  • white mike

    isnt #1 the one Danny trajeo lived in in the movie “heat”?

  • Heres_Johnny30

    Where is number #16 I feel like I have seen it before. Any more pics?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1804020542 Abraham Jones


    Trolled Hard.

  • Anomanom

    #2 Clean your pool. Seriously, that's grody.

    Like #5 and #14 although I'd personally prefer darker woods.

  • etcrr

    It's all good to me

  • Brandon

    #16 is 30 minutes from my house. Its a beautiful place.

  • whosyopapi

    #31 is awesome. i want that

  • Parallendicular

    #1 That's Troy McClure's condo on The Simpsons.

  • http://www.facebook.com/griffinheath Griffin Heath

    i always thought #31 was a great idea!

  • Gallus

    Most of these homes don't seem like bachelor pads to me, especially not Falling Water. I can only imagine the household staff that would be required to keep these places clean and to maintain them. #27 comes about as close to my concept of a bachelor pad as any of them, a simple rustic cabin. That seems comfortable to me, and I want the company of women who would be attracted to that kind of place.

  • Allen

    #1 Danger Will Robinson. Dr. Smith is after you!

  • Franklin1138

    #26 looks like Ben Kenobi's little stone hut with all the creature comforts added back in.

  • Adam

    I appreciate the design of all these …..but would you ever really feel at home? It would be like sleeping in a museum for me.

  • Chachi

    #35 ahahahahah fuuuck

  • Poppajo

    Nothing screams Loser like a petty, jealous, & bitter leftist. Let me guess, women run, not walk, when they see your ass near.

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