• uh oh

    ……………fuck ads

  • sanderson32

    I'm starting to avoid videos on here and catch them elsewhere without ads…..the SAME 30 sec ad???

    • Colin

      Use Firefox and get the add-on Adblock Plus. You'll never see adds again!

    • Catatafish

      or chrome adblock

  • umich

    hail to the victors

    • SpacemanSpiff

      bu….but my name isn't Victor!

  • Tui

    you know you're starting to get old when you're friends have kids on purpose

  • Humantyphoon713

    at least change the adds up :

  • mark

    guy looks like James Duncan "Jim" Halpert"


    BOYCOTTING the vids with these 30 second ads!!! 15 maybe, 10 seconds is fine, but 30 seconds!?!?! Come on…

  • Jack o' lantern

    a white 24 year old is a rapper you can finally identify with? Jesus, you guys really ARE racist.

    • Dust

      Read the title, it's about relating to the song, not the artist..and everyone who is around this age in life can relate, finishing college, getting a job, all that..who cares if he is white

  • KWeaZY

    Ahh you young wipper-snapers. I used to have to wait until Saturday until there was anything good to watch and that was 40% commercials. 30 seconds how can you stand it?

  • Blow me

    get ADblock plus fuck tards.

  • Ty4

    Man you guys will bitch about anything. 30 second ads? Suck it up princess, Chive has to make money too. KC&CO. Live it, love it, or shut the hell up and go elsewhere.

  • akalaska

    yeah you guys wanna check out another cool rapper whos just starting out is ELI FIELDS. look him up on youtube and help him get more support. kcco from Alaska

  • ratface

    24 looks more like 34

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