Hamster Hotel. You heard me right (20 Photos)

Now here is a video to help further illustrate the hotel’s ridiculousness. It’s in French but you get the point.

Via Amusingplanet

  • Mutt

    There are some Furries that are trying to see if they have other rooms as well.

  • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

    There's a reason it's the same as a holiday inn per night… wtf???

  • brian-a-tx

    dont get it? a hotel for Furries made weirder by the french.

  • dewarz

    And you guys make fun of 'Merica?

  • redman12

    Hey Chive,
    Take a min and help me win Luol Deng autographed shoes by voting for me. My picture has KCCO stickers on it. You can vote everyday.


  • Rich


  • Ned_Plimpton

    Do the Bloodhound Gang live here??

  • http://twitter.com/RickvdS @RickvdS

    Every day the world gets a bit crazier 😉

  • Johnny

    Entre les élections et ça, je sens que je vais demander l'asile politique à Groland.

  • T_Bag

    Chez Richard Rectum

  • piburly

    Sometimes you just gotta say "What the f*&k."

  • Swamp1983

    and we're wierd

  • menace

    #2 looks like a cow

  • Mortal

    What the…?

  • chris


  • http://www.anthony-tyler.com Anthony_Tyler

    "Hamster Hotel-?!"

    That is, without doubt, my all-time favorite Foghat album.

    …um…wait, what-?!

  • Climb

    Well thats fun. I'm always up for whimsy.

  • WTF


  • Notfunnyguy

    Live like a real hamster the brochure says… But what they don't tell you is at the end of your stay you get shoved up a person's ass

  • Master_Rahl

    #5 Kinda tempted to take a spin on the wheel, but no dorky hat

  • Gomer


  • Blue bronco

    Where in the hell is the oversized water bottle?

  • lentinant

    Is this stupid hat a indispensable condition to live there?

  • mshaw166

    Given the fact that the country is made up of a bunch of pussies, this does not suprise me

  • longshot421

    Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhh……this is just fuckin' weird. A giant bowl of W, T and F.

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