• Michael

    She turned me into a newt!!!!!!

    Well.. I got better!!

  • Rippersub

    Same theory as why helicopter blades can be made to look stationary.

  • Anonymous

    Great. Now I’ve gotta go pee.

  • fx'ed

    It is running down a very thin wire…

  • Ardis

    Fucking magnets, how do they work?

  • Spencer

    I'm gonna assume that the guy figured out how many frames per second the camera recorded at, then played a frequency though his speaker that matched that. So if he recorded at ~30fps (i think thats a normal camera, he would play a 30 cycle per second (hertz) tone, and the increase in volume (amplitude) would increase the Y direction height of the wave in the water…

    or this is bullshit camera tricks

  • Starfish

    When I turn on music, my girl gets wet. Keep playing with your beaker and your make shift plumbing.

  • FiddyKing

    The longer I stay up after taking two ambien, the more I see the water move.

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