Kid builds an elaborate arcade out of cardboard boxes (32 Photos)

Imagine the good a 9 year old this inspiring can do for the world when he grows up. A college fund has been set up for Caine (here), he wants to be an engineer (he will be unstoppable).

theCHIVE will be making a donation.

Check out Caine’s Arcade facebook and website.


    #32 Good for him. Proof that there is hope for our youth and they all aren't just sitting in front of a TV all day!

    • Mello

      Very nice comment there man. Faith in humanity has been restored!

      sorry if bad English .. not my first language!

    • Dan

      But how long until the government shuts him down for not having a permit, destroying his first experience with capitalism.

      • KyleGamgee

        You mean 'giving him an accurate experience.'

        • The_Dood

          That actually happened to me, sort of. I used to buy candy and snacks from the cafeteria at lunch time when I was about 10 for $.50. Then at the after school program I would sell them for $1.00. After a few weeks parents started calling and complaining that their kids were coming home with less money than they should have, and that was my fault? And thus ended my first business venture. <sarcasm> It's not the parents' fault that their kids are spending more money than they're supposed to… No, those children don't need to know anything about spending their money responsibly. And obviously it's irresponsible for a parent discipline their child for something like that or teach them anything about the value of money. No, it's the core American values of spending money that we don't have! I was just trying to prepare the kids for a job with the government! </sarcasm> 15 years later that still gets me, I can't believe that I was disciplined for other kids' lack of discipline. I guess even then you could see where this country was headed…

          • its_forge

            It's the responsibility of government to notice when stupid people are being taken advantage of them and encourage them to not be stupid. After that, caveat fucking emptor.

    • hhaaaaaaaa

      Good for Chive. Proof that they just take stuff from reddit and make it look like they discovered it

      • MICHAEL

        Does it even matter? Get your head out of your ass

        • guest

          On this type of thing no it doesn't matter. Now I'm just venting. But it's rampant across the internet right now of people taking credit of other's people creativity. Just like with people's tumblr/blogs people posting other people art or creations and claiming it's their own.
          For example I caught my friend lying about a picture they took when I saw it earlier on Reddit. I called them out on it, and it was a good laugh on my end.

          • reddit sux

            why the hell go to reddit when the chive has everything i need

      • its_forge

        I fucking hate Reddit and I never, ever go there, the place sucks like this great big sucking thing. So if TheCHIVE doesn't echo something from Reddit and it isn't also shown on Facebook someplace, I'll never see it. So huzzahs to TheCHIVE.

  • mattythegooch

    Beats the shit out of the Chuck E. Cheese near me…….and less pink eye!!

    • one


    • Chris Chimento


  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #25 With this kids drive and the 120k the fund has raised already he will do well in life. Good work kid

    • Hunter X

      Nah. He'll get his first computer, discover The Chive, and all future productivity will be lost forever…..

      • its_forge

        Uh-uh. The amount of money he'll get for the patent on his very first widget will put him in so much cash he'll have to hire somebody to taser all the chicks off of him.

  • dane ish

    Things like this help restore my faith in humanity…and man is this little guy gunna be loaded some day.

    • Vintage Wookie

      Ideas like this AND he wants to be an engineer?? Kid's gonna be like Tony Stark some day!! Good lad!

  • MarthaJeane

    Got a little teary watching this video this morning.

    That kid is going to be an amazing engineer some day. Truly awesome!


      This video is incredible. I also I got a little teary eyed. This one kind move will impact this child's life.

    • VedHead77

      Me too. The "best day of my life" comment is what did it. I only hope I get to hear that someday.

    • Musabi

      I had to stop the tears from running down my face because of the damn onions all around my desk at work too.

  • winfields

    #18 the Pimp Hand is strong with this one.

    • Mike Herechuk

      Hahah yes! Pimp hand indeed!

  • Angelika Schäfer

    #32 he needs to keep that smile

  • SomeDudeHere

    Its good to see that all kids aren't mindless fat tubs of goo glued in front of TV's and computers

  • Miguel Roman Durazo

    the video made me cry when i saw it, its such a great boy i hope he grows up to be a fine man

  • DTcrew4

    Damn. Sure beats my generic lemonade stand I made when I was a kid.

    • Jim

      Probably have everyone the shots!


    W.T.F. worst post ever. all kids make crazy and imaginary shit when we were young, and if you didnt i feel sorry for you

    • OBIE WAN

      ok i watched the video and i enjoyed it. but the pictures suck,

    • gromtown

      we've got a dick in the house everybody. a big ole dick.

    • jkmcdermott

      You don't deserve the name, you hopeless D-bag. go back to jerking off and let the rest of us enjoy a moment of humanity.

    • jay

      You spelled jealous wrong.. asshole

    • Danno Maurer
    • David

      yeah everybody did but not like this. your a douche

    • Austin

      Your a fucking jack ass dude I'd like to see pictures of the shitty ass fort you made as a kid that feel apart if you leaned against the blanket wrong… Then we can compare it to this kids fucking sweet as arcade and then you could really look like a dumb ass! Fuck you dude get a life and stop hatin on kids with dreams in life just because you were a lazy little fuck who probably hasn't done anything with your life! This kid is awesome git r' done little man!

    • OzZy

      And that's why no one agrees with your post, douche!

    • GuyontheCouch


  • AshCash

    I love posts like these! Makes me so happy.

    • Habsy

      At least he didn't end up like the giraffe. I've gotten scared of reading these just in case the outcome sucks.

  • BabyFart Magizax

    This kid is my hero, him and Bill F**king Murray

    • negative nancy

      If you mention Bill Fucking Murray in every comment are your more likely to get thumbed up?

      • b-ry

        sad but true.

      • negative nancy

        *the butt.

  • BigPup

    Little bad asses like this will rule the world someday!

  • Master_Rahl

    #33 AWESOME! Way to go Caine!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Very cool, but there's quite a bit of white people there for East L.A.

  • Woodrowrules

    Smart kid, good for you and all the best

  • Cole Harland

    That is awesome.

  • Jon

    #26 sign above door reads "chemicals in this area are known to cause cancer" =FAIL

    • Danno Maurer
    • The_Dood

      It's California, everything is known to cause cancer in California.

      • its_forge

        ^^^ That. I just got a new TV and it had a piece of paper in the box that said "If you bought this in California, please read the hazardous chemicals warning also enclosed in this box. If you are not in California disregard this notice." Because everywhere else but California it's not even a thing at all.

  • negative nancy

    Tried to donate to his college fund.

    link doesn't work.

    oh well, saved 10 bucks.

    • negative nancy

      oh yeah now the link works, and I look like a jack ass..

      Bill fucking murray.

  • @bdaley84

    Man, the only thing I was building at his age were forts. Nice job, kid!

  • Jay

    Read in the news this morning someone bought him 4k worth of pinball machines…

    • mid13

      dude, that's so sweet. he'll be set for college, if he even needs to go.

  • echogeo

    Here's to you, Caine. Let's hope some numbskull doesn't start asking about city zoning.

  • WTF

    Slow times in the filmmaking business or what? There's millions of kids out there making goofy shit every day.

    • FTW

      Then go make a film about 'em and help 'em the fuck out. The more kids that are able to take care of themselves today, the fewer assholes we'll have on the government teet tomorrow. (Which will hopefully lead to a smaller government and less taxes…shit, one can dream).

      • FWT

        "Take care of themselves today"? By that, I assume you mean enjoying all the free shit he's been given. This kid's future is not set in stone just because someone put him on the internet.

        • its_forge

          So fucking what if people want to give somebody stuff. What the fuck's it to you anyway, loser?

    • figurefour

      Sure, kids to this kind of stuff all the time. But how many actually build something of this scale (with a miniature economy) in the "dicey side of east LA" before they hit double digits?

      At least the filmmaker picked something with substance.

  • Ray

    Good for him. Way to put your young mind to work on something besides a video game. My hats off to him.

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    #32 good to see a inspirational kid, i grew up in that neighborhood and most kids aren't as lucky to grow up with such innocence 🙂 This makes me feel good! ❤

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