Kid builds an elaborate arcade out of cardboard boxes (32 Photos)

Imagine the good a 9 year old this inspiring can do for the world when he grows up. A college fund has been set up for Caine (here), he wants to be an engineer (he will be unstoppable).

theCHIVE will be making a donation.

Check out Caine’s Arcade facebook and website.

  • BostonRugger

    #32 Hopefully this kid follows his dream and becomes a kickass engineer

  • Bill Baker


  • Ciera

    hey chive!

    have you heard that this pinball arcade is going to GIVE the kid a pinball machine?????

    you should follow up this post with this article:

  • etcrr

    Caine, is a pretty smart kid, It's good, he will go far in life

  • Benderbish

    But then the IRS shut him down for operating without a business liscence.

  • donjuanfatchicks

    Great inspiring story, keep it up!

  • tLoko420

    Fuck you, Chive. Got me all choked up at work.

  • LilVanillaGorilla

    This is awesome, that kid is gonna be a boss.

  • TowerNGR

    Big deal…another kid making a goofy invention…i bet every person has done something similar around thay age, and he gets a little media, and turns into a genius, an inspiration, and a saint? Im sure he'll spend his "college" fund on drugs, or a low rider when he gets it

    • Spywith1eye

      Haaa its funny how this little kid is building arcades at 9 but broski you can't even spell the word "that". Hate on hater!!!

  • stickeys

    I've wasted my life

  • TowerNGR

    Big deal…another kid making a goofy invention…i bet every person has done something similar around thay age

  • Andrew

    Did it get dusty in here?

  • Matt Adams

    This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. I will stop hating LA because of this. I want to make a human now, and I hope he grows up to be this great. Kudos to his parents

  • jme

    This is not chiveworthy. Im not impressed at all. Give any 9 year old kid alot of boxxes and they will make the same mess this kid did

    • İ.N.D Sky

      Awwwww somebody missed a few hugs growin up!

  • NelPit

    Have they really raised $121K for him so far? By the time he goes to school, he will have enough for an engineering doctorate!

  • Keri Cornelison

    entrepreneur level 9000

  • Kale

    When keepin it real goes wrong: All I see is a bunch of boxes taped together! Stick to humor and t&a please Chive

  • 5150

    this is lame.

  • Grendel

    I Hope for his sake that the IRS doesn't read Chive!

  • Habsy

    Stay on your boat.

    • Habsy

      You my friend will be hunted down for thumbs down's


      ectrr created a new profile?

  • salute my shorts

    I love to see things like this. Kids today need more imagination like this little guy. I really hope he gets his professional engineering license one day.

  • Grant Capone

    and then the government garnished his wages for not having a business license

  • MattKL

    Faith in humanity restored!

  • Filippe G. Heringer

    Chive, you guys are completely awesome, bringing this stories to us, and letting us know how creativity can change a lot of things. Thanks for supporting this kid, once again you guys are awesome. From a brazilian Chiver . Keep doing the GREATEST job 🙂

  • snowflake359

    Wow. Makes me realize how uncreative I am

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