Redheads are the real-life equivalent of a bullseye in darts (39 Photos)

  • Utah

    #20. So sexy when bitches blaze.

    • GlibTongue

      Yeah. I love it when bitches are high…that makes them soooo sexy.

      People are gonna do what they're gonna do. Personally I don't care…

      but this picture kind of promotes drug use on the chive. That I take issue with.

      • Canadian

        Ur an idiot

        • Me.

          You can learn a lot from #6 my friend..

          • Backseat Chiver

            Except "Ur" is an acceptable form of you're in short digital communication. LOL, OMG, ROFLMAO.

            come on…don't lash out because all the crap you learned in DARE is false…

            • Me.

              I''m sorry, "ur" is only acceptable if you're a teenage girl or illiterate.. Lets not be lazy it's 3 extra letters and a punctuation..

      • josb

        so is it any different than the so you got wasted gallery?

        • GlibTongue

          Nope. Not at all. I ignore that gallery. I'm around people who think getting drunk is funny, every day. I don't find it funny.

          • Evan

            I don't find it funny either, I find it HILARIOUS!

      • Backseat Chiver

        you are fool. Chive promotes alcohol use…Alcohol is demonstrably more dangerous in every conceivable way than Cannabis.

        You are promoting ignorance on the chive. Please stop.

        • GlibTongue

          You are fool. Great start.

          I've seen alcohol abuse. I haven't, personally, witnessed alcohol hurting anyone.

          I've seen lots of drug abuse.I have, personally, witnessed cannabis and drugs hurt a lot of people.

          Ignorance is thinking that you know better. I don't presume to know better than anyone. I do know that it's ignorant to think that either is harmless. I don't condone either.

    • LukeTheTerrible

      I just wonder if she really wanted her apple-bong-hit put out there to follow her around for the rest of her life. I'm doubting it. Of course the world would be much better off if everyone traded their bottle for a bong, but the reality is that this kind of photo could ruin a career. Chive is like the Honey Badger – it don't give a shit.

      • Backseat Chiver

        The fact that someone smoked pot in their past does not prevent them from becoming President. See the last 3.

        I think you are behind the times here…

        • Colorado

          Any real company googles anyone applying for a job before hiring them, you may never know it but any HR person worth a damn wouldn't even consider someone stupid enough to put a pic like that on the web regardless of how they feel about it personally.

          • Rockiesfan

            By the way I don't give a shit if people get high or not, it's against the law in most states (not mine) and its like getting a neck tattoo, looks cool now but serving fries the rest of your life is not worth it.

        • LukeTheTerrible

          If the times have changed so much that this is okay, then why are so many employers still drug testing, and others trying to access employees' social media sites to monitor their private lives? Is it now legal to use marijuana? It is one thing to admit you tried it, but it is another to have a photo – and I don't think references to politicians and what they get away with is at all realistic to most people who have to fill out an application and answer a questionnaire.

          I think you are naively minimizing the implications of this.

    • jeff

      Is 1 and 20 the same girl? Stunning and after my own heart if it is

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #4 #11 #23 #30 mmmmmmmmmmm

    • eric cartman

      #12 #25

      Burn the rest with Fire… They are vile and disgusting…They have no souls… they will come and take you in the night… and throw you in a pit of lava… WATCH OUT

    • mike

      just putting it up top for people…found #39 she's asian and hot..

      • mike

        page 28

      • Guest

        Spank you very much, sir.

  • Matt

    Love it! I thought the apple and straw combo was for smoking haha

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #19 and #35 as well,ooooh my goooood. MOAR

    • Sid

      My thoughts exactly, and maybe some info on #19

      • Sid

        err #18

    • Darwin

      #35 is Alex Sim-Wise. Just google her when you are not at work.

      • negative nancy

        Looks a bit like a chunk here.

  • @Manningn

    Yes for #3! Please find more of her Chive!

    • Happy Canuk

      She's awesome, MOAR plz, who is she?

      • syvius

        Morgan Smith Goodwin is actually a blonde.

        • john v.

          wow. nice work, detective. she was/is kinda of a strawberry blond though.

        • Thror

          Good find. While natural redheads are awesome(r), if the guys limited this gallery to just them , there would only be about 4 posts a week. 😛

    • mhuard5

      The second I saw this commercial I knew she should be in this gallery. Thank you for coming through as usual

    • AmBush_Steve

      Thank you, I was thinking of doing this as well. Saved me from having to do it.

  • etcrr

    #9 #37 Are winners to me

    • Chris W

      I'm pretty certain #9 is Iga Wrywal

      • echogeo

        Yeah, looks like a pron star to me.

        • aaron

          Eva Longoria if you ask me…or something like that.

    • slmlemn

      #9 looks like she will put something on you.

    • Invisibleone

      #9 google Iga Wrywal. U will like what u find!

  • BabyFart Magizax

    Annnnd #36, very good looking

  • TylerG_76

    #21 I voted. 🙂 Congratulations on making it! All the best, Patti!
    Chive on!

  • Vic

    #33 is my winner!

    • Vic

      Definitely want to see more of you…

  • John Kenny

    DAMN #14 is amazing. WANT MOAR PLEASE! Or she could just write me…always an option. 😉

  • TylerG_76

    #2 Never knew purple and red went together so fine! 🙂 Thank you, and Chive on!
    #14 Took my breath away.

  • @jahrodnz

    #23 Much better, much appreciated

    • Unpetitesalut

      i can never appreciate underdeveloped boobs

      • its_forge

        Sucks to be you then.

  • realzoo

    #1 #9 #15 #36 (want to see more of her) I have a new appreciation for Redheads

    • Leadbelly

      I can taste sick in my mouth

  • who

    #5 mouth watering hottness.

    • Eric

      Agreed!!!!!! Marry me? NOW!!!!!

    • Am I That Bad

      Those eyes!

    • Bobby

      simply gorgeous

    • Dirty_Dingus

      Very hot…but why am I afraid she's going to eat my soul?

    • sak


    • BOOM!

      Damn those lips…

    • ChronicUser

      mmmmm, opiates

    • English Jim

      You're welcome , i sent that one in !!! My favorite pic ever !!!

      • baconbandit

        You sir, should be showered with rainbows and unicorns for your generosity. She is amazingly beautiful. Who is she?

    • KyleGamgee

      She looks like a snake

      with nice boobies!

    • Jjo

      I NEED MOAR (and some of dat ass)

  • Capz

    Triple 20 is better than a bullseye… Just saying.

    • bob

      Well, lets be honest, there are better things than redheads….like brunettes and blondes, for example.

  • Oregon_country

    #12 I feel her staring into my soul.

    • otto

      looks like a weird tyra banks

    • hellafun

      tyra banks (dude version)

      • Helladumb

        Lol u must be a chick hellafun! Cause your hella dumb she's hot and she's on every week

  • noegod

    HOLY REDHEADED GODS!!! #9 I'll even excuse her for wearing those dumb trendy frames that every other person has to wear!

    • leggan

      Iga Wyrwał(?)

    • bverb

      Christie??? Is that You??

  • aaron

    #19 is hot, hot, hot and #38 always produces the goods!

    • DerJöe

      who is #38 ?

      • jaypee

        Kemper Suicide

  • MattKL

    #3 Looks pretty fine to me.

    • DaddyD

      I'd like a double please. NO … better make it a triple.

  • Zach

    I always find it hard to go to bed after getting my weekly dose of redhead.

    • Chicago Sean

      I see what you did there.

  • Havaard

    #31 looks like she's 10… Wtf?

    • pedo bear

      your point?

    • bisonbade

      she has been pedobear apporved

    • justaguy

      she looks just perfect to me

  • Chicago Sean

    #14 So beautiful
    #39 Love the rear view. How about a front view?

    • Jason Litch

      #39 – NEED A FRONT VIEW!

  • ICUP

    #22. Ohh Ms. Hattie Watson. You are something special.

    • McLovin

      thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!!, now i have a name for my obsession!


      no redhead thread should be without Ms. Hattie.

    • flight_crash

      THANKS!!! Was driving me nuts. Knew the face didn't know the name!!!

  • USSS Chiver

    #33 #25 are beautiful
    #39 absolutely need front view

    • Notme

      #39 is my winner, even with just the back view.

    • Dennis

      I'm going to make a conscious effort to avoid every friggin product advertised on the irritating floating ads displayed on this site.

    • Guest255

      #25 is my dream girl!

  • Trav1121

    #13 Forever my favorite red head! Beautiful and friggin' hilarious, as well.

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