Russian douchebags and the women who love them (33 Photos)

  • 80's Baby

    #13… kinda creepy… but really cant blame him…

    • Fercho

      it's the putin's look!!

    • Fall

      What is it about Russian women, they are so fucking cute when they are young, but they become the most hideous things when the get old.

    • who cares

      That guy must be f**kin rich as hell!

    • truth

      She definitely looks like she would kill him if she thought she could get away with it and still have his money.

    • dereklacey

      Gotta have priorities

  • MarthaJeane

    #18 Hardly needs the photoshop though it begs for it just the same
    #7 Pat?

    • Capz

      They already Photoshoped the Penis out, why you going to put it back…

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    #10 Delocated?

    • Caleb

      That's what I was thinking lol

    • piggy

      TF2 hacker

    • Los


    • isaac


    • Yo diggity

      You all need to get off of John's nuts.

  • judgemental

    what makes them douche bags? cause they look different then you guys?
    i guess we could call John a royal douche bag for wearing a shitty scarf 24-7, indoors and out. even in the summer.

    • Wesley

      that's correct. on both.

      • itiswhatitis

        Agreed, the scarf is Doucherific.

        There are a few douches in these pictures, but definitely not all of them.

        • Claire

          well #17 is a douch…. and so is #32. as for John's scarf, I love to see you ignorant boys voting up that idea as douchey.

          What you should be doing is stealing that idea… cause us girls love it. that's right, girls love scarves. John knows something you don't and it works for him. I'd let him say hello, just sayin' ๐Ÿ™‚

          • goodness

            but he's gay so it's irrelevant. scarves aren't meant to be worn in the summer. it's a douche bag / hipster look…whether chicks like it or not.

            I don't need a scarf to talk to women.

            • ajax

              * john doesn't wear the scarf in the summer. we only assume he does. he doesn't.

              • goodness

                well he wears it with a t-shirt….totally irrelevant.

                • outoftheloop

                  Who's John?

                  • Leo


              • obi-too

                season is irrelevant. He lives in Southern CA.

          • Sarmad Syed

            everybody knows bitches like bitches its not something new, just ask all those hair bands of the eighties, or that guy at my school who wears eye liner and still gets hot bitches. Bitches like bitches.

            • someguy

              nah.. bitches are like stitches, you take 'em out .. they open up

          • goatpunch

            You girls love it on JOHN because he runs this site, and he can be as douchey as he wants and no matter what he does girls are going to say its' hot because let me repeat this. HE RUNS THIS SITE. You wouldn't think it was good on a normal guy guaranteed

      • Jennifer Doors

        that scarf doesn't make john a douche any more than hugh hefner's robe makes him gay. we all recognize the scarf for better or worse right? he's accomplished his mission then. all the boys gotta do is walk into a bar wearing that and his night is increasingly more interesting than ours. well played, johnny.

        • reality check.

          and you think that has to do with the scarf and not the popularity of this website? good god. if he never wore the scarf…his night wouldn't be any less exciting.

          • Venice HIGH

            the scarf is his moniker. I see him out in Venice beach from time to time. I can't say I ever see him wearing it during the summer if I'm honest. As for the scarf, I think his night is a little more exciting b/c of it. it works for him.

            • reality check.

              scarf + t-shirt = my point.

              whether it's summer or not…

      • Suzanne

        john doesn't wear the scarf in the summer. so your statement isn't 100% accurate. and since scarves are acceptable all other seasons, i'd say the kid's doing it right. but what do i know, i'm just a girl and we like those sort of things (HINT: BOYS) ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

        • judgemental

          guarantee that scarf will be visible around his neck, in the bar with a t-shirt on this weekend when they visit IU. which makes the scarf irrelevant for it's sole use. warmth. it's not a fashion statement.

        • drea619

          only lame ass chicks like a guys in scarves, i bet you also love guys with bangs,who cry and are "considerate" and carry ur purse for you, and all those other demasculating things. shut that shit up!

          • LEG

            God forbid a guy is considerate. That really does make a guy unmasculine. I'd much rather have a guy not give a shit about anything I say..o wait no I wouldn't.

            • ARM

              Your name is LEG?

          • Chode

            Oh wow, a douchie comment in the douchebag thread! Who'd have guessed?

          • Cabbot

            Hey, are you typing this from a trailer park? Because you sound like an embarrassing relative I'm sadly related to.

            Honestly, I've never met a chick who doesn't want to be treated like a human by a guy. Usually it's the ones who can't hope for a job outside of 'welfare' and 'Dad's money'–the last one being extremely rare in society.

    • LucretiusCarus

      You're definitely right about the scarf–that thing makes no sense. Is he trying to be the fourth Dr. Who?

      But, these guys to look pretty moronic. I mean, seriously.

      • Martin_McFly

        Needs about 18 extra feet to the scarf to even stand up to Tom Baker.

        But I see what ya did there — and I approve ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • yeppers

        well they're obviously doing something right.

        • Colin Twigg

          They live in Russia?

    • Catalystika

      One thing that can be said for these guys… they have confidence. Not a single hover hand in the whole bunch. When they're standing next to a beautiful woman, they grab on.

      • Mr. Tea

        Yup. Although it appears they grab everywhere but the waist for the most part.

    • negative nancy

      Looks like every highschool football player ever to me.

      • HSFootball Star

        You a former grass fairy aka soccer fag?

        • negative nancy

          I like it in the butt, if that's what you're referring to.

    • a contrarian

      John's scarf doesn't make him a douche entirely. i should also point out he's one of a massive philanthropist, up to his ankles in beautiful women, started a globla phenomenon with his brother, and entertains us for free everyday. nothin' douchey about that.

      #18 are douchenozzles.

      • judgemental

        never said he wasn't popular…but that has nothing to do with his shitty scarf – which is a douche bag look to some. these guys in this post may look 'different' to everyone but that's because you don't live there….what's normal in north America isn't a worldwide standard.

        • drea619

          if you know anything about america, its that we lack world perspective for the most part.

          • Canuck

            BRA-VO – best comment I've read thus far.

      • MattyDeuce

        How tall is he that he is only up to his ankles in women??

        • justabill

          I love how, after an entire conversation regarding the douche rating of a scarf, Matty brings it all back around to the photo of a man groping a woman. Like a kid with ADHD.

          • MattyDeuce

            I was talking about John…you know, the guy who "is up to his ankles in women?" Not the pseudo-creep in another picture. Try to keep up, please.

    • Jimmy


    • Charlie

      Calling someone a douchebag is a lazy way of making fun of them, pretty much

      • judgemental

        why make fun though?

        • Charlie

          Because they're different, like you said.

          • judgemental

            different by your standards.

            • Flow

              That's one of those replies that has very little thought behind it. Obviously they're not different from their own standards and you obiously need to compare something to something else to even be able to use the word 'different'. I'm hoping you're just trolling.

    • Dibbler

      Who the fuck is John?

      • goatpunch

        started the chive with his brother

      • Macauly

        John – as In JOhn Candy. He died. Very sad.

    • fuckoffscarf

      I fucking hate that fucking scarf.

    • NERI401

      Came down here just to say the same thing! What are men in russia supposed to look/act like chive? Snobby californian turds I guess…

      The dudes in 17 do look like they could give their ego a little vacation. But who are we to judge them anyway if they are happy about who they are in the world?

    • Derp

      No need to rag on John man

    • sm0kadab0ngo

      I dont give a fuck about john or his goddamn scarf

    • Vent187

      They look like douche bags because they all look like they should be on jersey shore. But i have to say, you are quite correct on the wholes scarf thing. Guys should only wear a scarf if they live in the snow.

    • Arbitrary Name

      I couldn't agree more about the scarf. Consider this: not everyone uses a scarf in the cold. It's an accessory. While an argument can be made that some accessories, even utilitarian ones, can be douchey, there is no escaping the fact that accessories that are unnecessary (skull caps in the summer, sunglasses inside/at night, and scarves with t-shirts) = autodouche.

  • SomeBozo

    #18 photoshop opportunity if I ever seen one.

    • 2Dogs

      classy pic.

      • TheAutomaticMan

        Looks like her natural reaction to me…. i need my wife to get a pen and paper and take some notes.

        • guest

          You want your wife to go to Russia and mimic blow jobs to club dudes? I guess everyone has a niche but to each their own.

          • MylesofStyles

            Hypothetically speaking, if I wanted my wife to go to Russia and mimic blow jobs to club dudes, where would I sign up?

          • TheAutomaticMan

            Har Har Har… exactly what was implied. You guys try way too hard for funny comments man… if you want the thumb ups, just let it happen man. Be funny, not a douche. That being said, Chive On ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • guest

              Just because I have a different brand of humor than most people doesn't mean I'm trying too hard. First thing I thought of and I laughed at it and that's all that matters.

              • Nonoohno

                Drumrolllllllssss and stfu!

            • truthserum

              @TheAutomaticMan – You sound like such a douche saying "just let it happen man…." – I love how you try to offer this sage advice to someone who isn't even loser-ish to actually try to get points like YOU do – first you basically call him a douche, and then you're all "but Chive on" – you're a pathetic piece of crap AND you have UGLY eyes.

              • TheAutomaticMan

                Eye** You can only see one. But thanks truth, you're a great guy ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Tim


  • Powdahhound

    No wonder they're trying to mail themselves out of there..DB's

  • @bdaley84

    #28 she looks scheeved out. wouldn't you be, too?

    • explain.

      why…what's so DB-ish of those guys?
      #1 or #26 ….diff story

      • Jeff

        #1 looks like Brendan Frasier

    • truth

      Looks like she wants to run away.

    • @swagner2

      She is with her brothers…


    #4 #6

    More please!

    • dave


  • Martin_McFly

    #4 She's pretty..

    • total derp

      she's pretty (GAG) (seriously, don't use that word unless u never want to get laid again)


      • truth

        aptly named.

  • EasternCanuck

    #27 she is very hot… is it possible that we could have moar?

    • Phillip

      I second that! I dont like this douche but I totally understand why he's got her locked between his arms… Someone please tell me if you gotta know russian to hit on these girls?

  • Steven B

    boy..most of them are one pale creature

    • negative nancy


  • BigPup

    #21 in soviet Russia…….. actually I got nothing. Can't make fun of that at all.

    • MarthaJeane

      Gorgeous girl and I love her dress (is that okay to say off the berry?)

      • BigPup

        Absolutely! A womans opinion is always welcome… now make me a sammich ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • MarthaJeane

          White, Wheat, or Rye?

          • banananah


          • BigPup

            Actually, something on grilled sourdough maybe with a sharp cheddar and a cold beer… and while you're at it please have my babies.

            • MarthaJeane

              Allow me to bake up some cupcakes for dessert as well.

              • BigPup

                Well if you insist.

    • annonymous

      In soviet Russia girls hit on yooou

  • IFeelLikeMoshing

    well hello there #4

  • Bud

    Russia: Giving hope to douchebags everywhere

  • heresincethestart

    i wanna be a douchbag in Russia

    • Pandapants

      I lol'd

  • electric boogalo

    These guys have a looooong way to go to reach New Jersey level of douche.

    • The Truth

      I resent that actually being from New Jersey. But can't fault you since those scumbags made us look so bad on that show.

    • yoo

      Your right, very far from the Jersey douche.

  • Shane Newman

    #1 Brendan Fraser got a new haircut!

    • Ray

      That's what i was thinking.

    • JT Mo-nay


    • jared

      Looks like Quasimodo…but props on the Brendan Fraser plug.

    • O.C.

      Or Brendan Fraser banged a Cocker Spaniel in Russia and this happened

    • Dickie Roberts


    • lkjg;egjr;qe

      Looks like a retarded version of Brendan Fraser

    • Blake Ware

      he has to be rich…only way…

  • LoyalLAChiver

    #15 How could anyone that wears a stewey shirt be a D-bag… oh wait.

    • Ian

      It's an Asian Justin Long.

    • Chode

      This dude seems pretty normal to me, actually.

      • truth

        Of all the girls, she seems to actually be enjoying his company.

    • Jim

      I don't know, they both seem to be a little geeky, and I think they're actually quite cute together. Not douchey at all…

  • Mark


    Training routine, day 1: bicep curls, day 2: bicep curls, day 3: bicep curls, …

    Seriously people!

    • i think so


      • i thought so


        • i think so

          nothing wrong with working out.

          • Jesus

            No, there isn't. I'd be a damn hypocrite if I said otherwise, though. A lot of guys tend to ignore their lower body, though, which is actually very important. This guy evokes images of Jersey Shore douchebags, though. There's nothing more annoying then guidos in the gym. They excessively work their biceps and abs (and sometimes bench) and spend twice as much time posturing in front of the mirror like they're the most badass shit in the western hemisphere. There is also something VERY, VERY, VERY FUCKING WRONG about a guy who wears a v-neck. Women can protest and say it's hot on muscular guys all they like, but myself, and any bro who wishes to stay on good terms with me, shall never, ever wear a v-neck. If, in some horrible dystopian future there's nothing but v-necks, I will go shirtless.

            • Joseph

              I agree – nothing wrong whatsoever with working out – but in the above pic these 2 guys are very clearly the kind who stand in front of mirrors and purse their lips. You commenters who are all like "jealous?" are quite obviously fat tubs of lard who want to feel big.

    • negative nancy

      mark no muscles is upset by the muscles.

    • Ruben

      Day 7: Bicep curl ALL the ladies!

  • yuuup86

    Much like the crazy to hot ratio, there is a hot women to douchebag ratio. Wasn't sure if it was worth the move… Until I saw #31. Bags are packed.

    • Amazazing!

      #31 may be the finest girl ive seen on this site..

    • Gallus

      Guys, she's Russian. Are you sure you want to risk it?!

  • Blake

    #20 Can I place a mail order on this one?

  • echogeo

    Both guys.

    • JJJ

      is the one on the right a guy?

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    #15 Nicole Richie with a Trump combover

  • Joe


    The douche is strong with this one.

    • Dave

      what a needy fucker he looks

    • negative nancy

      I get it… it's like a star wars joke.

      you're so damn clever.

  • whosyopapi

    These guys look like young kids

    • Cabbot

      I think it's a European thing–as an army brat, I've noticed whenever I move to english and spanish high schools most of the 'teenagers' look a lot younger than most american kids I've seen. I mean, like in grade 11, the american kids would be tall and look 16 while the 'locals' would look like they're 12. Most of the guys I've seen take a while in catching up.

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