Russian douchebags and the women who love them (33 Photos)

  • AZLiving

    Are you sure thier Russians….they look white..

  • trxdout grand v

    #6 & #27 thats all

  • Wooo

    Next stop for me, RUSSIA.!

  • flaccida$$hole

    Gotta' give them some credit… I didn't see a single hover hand.

  • Shdjdd

    Like half the guys look like douches. Half r just ppl

  • Greg

    It's always douchebags! Why douchebags? Because they are with beautiful women? Think of a new insult, I know it's hard but do try.

  • therealguy

    they can keep 'em. the girl are meh

  • sleepy_one

    I have yet to find an unattractive Russian woman. They are all beautiful! The guys must be hilarious though…with amazing personalities. 😀

  • Ben

    the fuck did I just scroll through?

  • Jay

    Guy in the middle of #19 ….Barry Fucking Manilow???

  • Jesus


    Dear Blade,

    You were in Russia. Why the fuck did you miss shoving a stake into this wimp's heart? I volunteer to take care of his woman after he gets ashed.

  • pat

    Look at the chest on that girl.

  • Vent187

    #1 you might be the most perfect looking girl ever.

  • lylsmorr

    Good Lord, I am glad I am not surrounded by these kinds of people

  • LXIX0269

    that' #1 reason why there are so many russian mail order brides – say moose and squirrel

  • ConnerVincent

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  • Insnsprtn

    #9 This is definitely the LEAST scariest thing I have ever seen. I had a good laugh at least.

  • Nightflyaz

    Was it verified that the one on the right in #3 was actually a man?

  • jhf60

    #1,#4,#6 — I find myself extremely attracted to these fine ladies.

  • Cabbot

    I'm not even sure if I'm convinced. Some of these guys look like they ARE trying to emulate Jersey Shore–just without much spray-tan and lip gloss.
    But the others look weirdly ordinary and homely–which floors me because I've met a lot of women who struggle to find someone much higher in looks than theirs (yes, even we guys are guilty of it though)–but seeing really attractive women still smiling along guys who are pretty ordinary isn't bad…it's actually kinda poignant. What makes them d-bags again? Do they throw sexist jokes at their girlfriends? Do they ignore them and sometimes suddenly disappear for a few minutes without telling their GFs when they go out? Cause in most of those pictures, I'm not seeing anything.

  • Dating a Russian

    There are douchebags in every country. Just because they look goofy doesn't mean that Russians don't come from an awesome culture and don't have great personalities. Let me tell you, they definitely know how to work hard, make money, and party all night!

  • Mr. Tibbs

    #15 Looks like an asian Justin Long. Just when I thought Justin Long couldn't get any worse.

  • Mr. Tibbs


    The only way this guy can get off is by holding hands and maintaining eye contact with his "heterosexual friend". Its cool bro, i don't judge.

  • Mr. Tibbs


    Should not have even made the list. I'd probably choose the guy over the girl, he doesn't look like an aging leatherfish.

  • Nate Bogner

    Lenin is rolling over in his glass casket.

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