The interesting truth about our dreams (13 Photos)

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  • untamedride

    #6 does someone care to explain to me how my GF remembers every last second of her dream? In detail? And feels the need to tell me about it when she wakes up? especially when it is about me doing something bad? and she looks at me like she expects me to apologize for something i only did in her dream?

  • Falthor

    #13 so true… both books I have written (well i only finished one but I have well over a hundred pages on teh second) came from dreams that moved me so much I had to try aND RECREATE THE FEELINGS.

  • Chiver2099


    So true!

  • sureman123

    #12 – I call B.S. on that one!

  • LeeleeV

    Has anyone woken up while still in #2? Its scary being paralyzed and awake o_O

    • Triggs

      I used to experience this regularly. Not only paralyzed, I couldn't breath, really scary. I realized it only occurred when sleeping flat on my back. Started sleeping on my side and it has never happened again.

  • Dude Imbibes

    "Do you have any dreams Pee Wee?"

    "Yeah there's this one where I'm in the desert and I'm rolling a doughnut and this snake wearing a vest…."

    "Nononono I don't mean those kind of dreams!"

  • Compound9

    #12. I don't entirely believe that dreaming starts at the age of 3. My two year old definitely dreams and definitely has nightmares. In fact she has the speaking ability to relay that it was about dinosaurs or strawberry shortcake in the instances we have had. I have watched her sleep and she without a doubt dreams.

  • junior

    there's no black chicks in this post…

  • lfsg

    #9 so what happened with those students anyway? Life ruined after the research

  • Ekajevans

    I remember every single one of my dreams as if they were memories from the day before. Guess I'm an odd ball

    • fibonacci5150

      i just remember my childhood nightmares, and then some derp dreams since.

      • Ekajevans

        I'd rather be like you than how I am. I dream so much that I'm tired when I wake up because I feel like I just lived another life.

  • MattKL

    #11 My folks' dogs do this all the time.

  • Big McLarge Huge

    #4 the roofies kicked in….Jackpot !

  • SadeShadz

    #2 Had a dream where I fell then woke up with a start – that doesn't feel good =/

  • DChiver

    I have been lucid dreaming for over 11 years now and I fairly remember all my dreams. Also on average a person has 4 dreams every night and a kid remembers more dreams then an adult. The reason kids remember more dreams is because its fascinating to them and they make sure to recollect and tell ppl about their dreams and since we stop doing this when we grow up, our brain decides not to transfer our dreams from short term to long term memory. Also just t get you guys to try out lucid dreaming I will say u can't just change your dream you can do any fkin thing like neo in matrix … 🙂
    Though flying is the most toughest act, I would say, coz it forces your logical brain to keep telling you thats its a dream and as soon as you listen to the logical brain you wake up.
    Also, a fair advice, if you become as prominent in lucid dreaming as I am, you will end up finding the real world boring as hell, also there are chances you might confuse lucid dreaming with astro travel, so plz read about it first and get informed about the cons of both these activities before diving right in.
    Just my 2 cents…

    • Guest

      When I was a kid I had the same dreams many times where I was the host and would put on a show. I think I watched too much TV.

  • Goat

    That wasn't a dream.

  • PvtDeth

    #2 I've dreamt of many things I've never seen in real life, and not just old things recombined in new ways. Sometimes I sketch the stuff when I wake up and it's truly bizarre.

    • PvtDeth

      #3 I meant 3, not 2

  • Sleepy - not Doc

    I fell asleep while reading this post and dreamt I was typing a comment and …. Oooo gotta go.

  • JLM

    Bob has one job and one job only. Steal content from other sites.

    Source — Makes up for nothing.

    • Fox

      It's not stealing if you cite your source. He gave credit to the correct people and did not claim it as his own.

  • etcrr

    I don't agree with any of this

  • sskn

    I like how the 4th fact says that dreams never utilize symbols they actually stand for immediately after the one saying drinking a glass of water means you will probably wake up thirsty and promptly get a glass of water

  • D Mc

    My dream is to get a DAR shirt! And my reoccurring nightmare is of Chive going offline.

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  • Anonymous

    #2 and #12 conflict with each other. I know the topics of dreams are subjective and therefore widely misunderstood, but how can you have a revelation in a dream if you only dream of things you have seen before? I agree with the forbidden part though. I am always banging chicks way out of my league.

  • Cristian Jaeger Ricalde

    my psychologist sister once told me that, on our sleep one night, we have, around 30 different dreams, but we can only remember the ones that are less harmful for our own minds..

  • me#


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