The interesting truth about our dreams (13 Photos)

Source — Oddee

  • Mark

    Babys actually do dream before the age of 3. Night terrors are unfortunatley very common from 3 mos. of age til 3. My 2 yr old had a nightmare last night and was truley scared. Crazy how the mind works. kCCO!

  • salute my shorts

    #4 Much like after a night of binge drinking.

  • Mya

    My dreams tend to be a very strange mishmash of what happened that day. I almost always remember them.

  • Highwater Henry

    #10 why wouldn't they? They have bad eyesight. They're not brain dead. #13 Keith Richards wrote (Can't Get No) Satisfaction in his sleep. But he was hardly ever fully conscious back then.

  • Devilcat

    I guess I'm normal dreaming in colour. But whats not so normal is I can smell, touch and taste….

  • Dennis Pace

    Socrates said 'know thyself. Fair enough, but Freud discovered that we should never know whom we really are. That's why our dreams are all symbolic. It's a defensive mechanism; knowing what we really are will drive us mad…

  • Dennis Pace

    I posted my comments earlier and shared them with Facebook…

  • cool

    #10 ohhhh……thats crazy

  • Eder St Cool

    #6 is getting a BJ from granny. On another note. Have a pen and paper ready. If you dream something, write it down. Even if its groggy and sloppy, then in the afternoon, read it. You'll remember your dream. I remember my dreams from YEARS ago because of this!!

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