• krypto092108

    :You mean she did this once before?

    • Simon Bolivar

      Not her, but this guy started doing this 5 years ago. You will not regret your wasted time.

      • Nishtai

        Actually, she already did this… In a Laundr-O-Mat. (is that how it is suppossed to be written?)

  • Carlos Roberto Aguirre Jr.

    yeah she did…laundromat

  • antitango

    I believe this is our gal. Angela Trimbur.

    Step 1: Make Angela Trimbur a Chivette.
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: PROFIT!

    • Bluntaholic

      step 2 seems to force all your members to watch a 30 second ad.

      • Bluntaholic


      • Javier

        shut the fuck up. They don't make their money on T-shirts alone

    • Yessirr

      You sir, are a gentleman AND a scholar.

    • anonymous coward

      Nice Tuvalu Reference.

    • chong

      she was the one who danced in that laundry mat

    • Mike Debitetto

      definite chivette, so sexy

    • Anon
    • Nonoohno

      Into her movie credits: Mariachi El Bronx, Death by Fungus, Reno 911! (Stripper). If we dig deep enough I bet there is a home made adult video somewhere to be found.

  • Daniel Mullins

    I would totally marry this chick! That's awesome! Just DANCE!

  • driftwoodprose

    Doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose of the cliche if you film it and put it on the Internet? It's really dancing with the intention of other people watching. I mean, kudos for being fairly attractive and willing to look a fool in public, but I think we're missing the point of the saying here.

    • Hsbfjnf

      It's dance 'like' nobody's watching, not dance 'without' anybody watching

    • Mr. Nuff

      Hey drift … Shut up.

      • driftwoodprose

        Sorry to be that guy, everybody, I just couldn't ignore the irony. The point is to not care what others think, by filming it and putting it on the web, it's no longer just because you want to dance.

        • Blake

          Yea, but she can dance like nobody's watching

        • Mickael Duncan

          Actually, the point of the saying is to not be afraid to do in public that which gives you pleasure when you're alone. (Within legal limits, I guess) And while I'm sorry to be THAT guy, it may not be ironic to share with the interwebs the kind of exuberance with which you live your life in private, it is ironic to try to point out someone else's ignorance of a subject, while not knowing what the hell you're talking about, yourself.

          • driftwoodprose

            If you like to believe that some random, attractive girl who loves to dance, goes to the mall with a camera to inspire the masses on the Internet, congratulations, I envy your childlike naïveté. Where you see that, however, I see an aspiring actress/dancer getting her face and moves out there. On the YouTube page for this, immediately in the description is her name and a link to her imdb. This is a head shot, and a pretty good one at that, but it's still just a head shot.

            • Johnnytruant

              I hereby declare that "drift wood" will from this day forward be known as a synonym for a thought/idea/joke going right over someones head. We do this to honour the great driftwoodprose, who was able to look past the destruction of his intelligence just to say something irrelevant.

        • Greg

          You're an idiot.

    • MysteryZ

      BOO this man!

    • ATHOMP

      Dont be so analytical. Its for fun… and its the internet. lighten up

    • Rens

      Your reaction to this video probably says more about you, than about this girl.

  • @hudreck

    someone didn't get the memo about the flash mob…

    • Katie

      forever alone

      • PK NoHope

        Until after this video gets posted. Then… Forever chased by tons of guys that admire a crazy woman. Followed by her chasing them after they realize just how crazy she is. After that, jail. Then, forever alone. It's really a good love story. Has a little of everything. Romance, tragedy, action, suspense, and probably murder.

  • Se7enplagues

    Not sure if she's quirky and cool or just a weirdo. Either way she's got excellent taste in music. That was was Chromeo- Fancy Footwork. You should definitely check them out!

    • Andrew

      Chromeo is my jam, must see 'em next time they hit ATL. The video doesn't hit the keyboard solo..aka the best part

  • TheJoeGreene

    Another fucking moronic piece of shit post from The Chive. What the fuck happened to you guys?

    • Rachael

      No need to get so worked up there, guy…. It's just a video. You're allowed to keep scrolling :]

    • cartman

      why cause shes not stripping?? i think what your looking for is on another site.

      • Gogo

        no, that happens on here all the time. perhaps you've never seen one of them chivette posts.

    • Mowwy

      What's it supposed to be, nipples 24/7? God… Expand your social repertoire.

    • Will

      i will only say this…. KCCO!

    • jamus

      buddy i guess you need to find another site i thought it was really good made my morning kcco

    • jkmcdermott

      Joe, I think you're missing the point of this whole Chive thing. Perhaps you should go suck a bag of dicks.

      • hecor85

        How would someone look carrying a bag of dicks around to suck on? a clear plastic bag or like a paper bag so nobody can see that you are carrying dicks to suck… in a bag.

    • about

      Somebody needs a hug.

    • sleepy_one

      Joe, you are not keeping calm and chiving properly….whats wrong??


      It's okay Joe. Not everyone has it in them to be a Chiver/Chivette but I think the website you would like even better is theBERRY

    • Dana

      I second that bag of dicks comment, fosho. This girl is entertaining as hell Mr Greene!

    • guest

      Lighten up, Francis.

    • Thomas Bailey

      Hey Joe, guess you could always put back on your favorites list:)
      KCCO Bro!

    • Andrew

      somebody give Joe some high fives and good vibes, woosah man

  • Gregory Allan Gray

    I would join in kcco

  • Ender84

    Coolest chick ever! Wanna game plan a duo?

  • Michael Harker

    think Joe Green could remember. If you having got anything nice to say then shut the fuck up

  • Logicyup

    No pole?

    • Das Mott

      She kinda used the tree there for a bit…

  • Bluntaholic

    title seems legit , no one paid her any attn despite the dancing.

    I'm waiting for the video where somebody walks by like "oh look a free camera" mid routine & we get to watch the chase.

  • @charlesjhey

    To make people smile!

  • Ettienne

    Dis POES snaaks!!!!

  • Lupus

    it takes cojones to pull that off, but hopefully she doesn't have real cojones that'd be a major turn off.

  • ICUP

    Its all about having fun. She clearly has channeled her inner child which makes me envious of her. Back to work I go.

  • needitwantit

    I wonder how she keeps the apple earbuds from falling out dancing like that… 😀

  • Ander

    You know, I've never wanted a Corona LESS than the last few weeks when I've had to watch that ad before every single freaking video. I would actually choose any other beer based on how annoying it is to see the same ad over and over again.

    • The_Dood

      WTF are you talking about?! I haven't seen an ad on this site since Dead Space 2 probably a year ago. Maybe you should stop using IE…

      • Ander

        You don't see a 30 second Corona ad before all the videos? They're before all the videos every time I've looked at a video for weeks

        • The_Dood

          Nope. Like I said, the last one I had to watch was for Dead Space 2… I've also noticed that Firefox doesn't play commercials on, where Chrome (with no plug-ins) and IE do.

    • who cares

      ads??? hm… it's difficult to remember what those look like…

  • Zen

    This chick is HHHOOTTT!

  • Pop Up

    Uh….. were are the Mall cops?

    • Ekajevans

      I don't think they would tell someone to stop dancing unless the person was annoying the mall shoppers.

  • Christian Cockburn

    She is awesome, enough said!

  • Anonymous

    “And Kids… THAT’S how i met your mother…” ❤


    Still in love with this wonderful girl with the nicest smile I have ever seen.

  • @linken

    "And kids… THAT's how I met your mother" ❤

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