Your Chivette of the Week: Janna VanHeertum (43 Photos)

On Monday, a GIF (below) of Janna VanHeertum appeared in our famous 'Find Her' gallery. The GIF was from the emasculating viral sensation, The Flip Side.

Janna's been a Chivette since the early days in '08, back when we had no clue what we were doing (we still don't). She always manages to send us a Chive On from somewhere resembling paradise. Janna's a successful actress, her new film She Wants Me, Starring Hilary Duff, Kristen Ruhlin, and Charlie Sheen, premiered last night. Aside from having an amazing smile and being unbelievably nice, Janna's friends are all really, really hot. I'll let Janna take it from here:

Hi Chivers! I grew up in Cobleskill, the smallest town in upstate New York. After school I was tired of the NY theater scene (although NY will always have my heart) so I moved to LA. I'm out here loving life and enjoying time with my friends, who happen to be smoking hot.

Even though I may appear to be a girly girl (as I am with some things), I'm not your typical 'LA' girl... at all (that's now how Chivettes roll in general I noticed). I'd much rather grab a beer at a dive bar than go to some trendy wine bar or club.

I'm lucky to be doing what I love for a living and I spend more time on theCHIVE than I should, my friends are all hooked too. Most importantly, I love that the Chive has a heart. I always read the comments and I can't believe how nice all the Chivers are considering the internet can be a cynical place sometimes. Keep doing what your doing. I'm honored to be a part of it all. KCCO

Say hello to Janna on her Facebook Page. Janna's Twitter.

More Janna on her Facebook Page.

Janna’s Twitter.

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  • DirtyHarry

    You can keep her, I like her f-friend more…

  • flip money

    Not bad, but not my cup o tea. Her friends are hot.

  • tora

    #27 She is awesome, watch her in Casual the series, you can find it online, great short story

  • Meeeeeee

    Pretty sure this girl got high on cocaine in my dorm room one night.. she has come a long way

  • Michael

    CHIVE you always do right by us.

  • Royce

    She's actually kind of ugly. Nice body but her face is just mediocre/borderline unpleasant.

  • Ignacio Manuel Juarez

    Nope, the week before's is insuperable.

  • LiseyRae

    Dissapointed Chive! There are definitely some much much more gorgeous Chivettes out there. Her bodies rockin but her face… meh

  • 556shooter

    #4 That is so freaking hot!!

  • billyjack13

    butter face…

  • CameronLey

    Whats up guys, check out my new site about getting drunk and having sex…HILARIOUS!

  • @mayerjacoby


  • @mayerjacoby

    give me a dark african!

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