Ancient abandoned floating Chinese restaurant huh? (24 Photos)

  • james

    Reminds me of the Chinese boat in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

  • plumber hugh

    i'm pretty sure the name of that place was Jumbo's. i ate there back in spring of 92'. so it's not that old, if i'm right.

  • Dave

    i ate there when i lived in Hong Kong. Food was bad, but they put on a god show!

  • Jamesbo

    I think I ate here when it was located in Hong Kong around 1992-93.

  • Grey

    Hmmmm, maybe jackie chan had a fight there and that was the aftermath.

  • Jonesing

    Love the A.D. Reference. Thanks, chive.

  • Yourmom

    Hey Bitches, Japanese people don't have an L sound, Mandarin speakers have both L and R sounds, so get your shit right if you are going to mock someone.

    By the way, it is old as fuck already. If you see Asian posts and the best you can come up with is engrish or flied lice, then STFU.

  • Anaheim

    hey, i know that restaurant! i used to live near there, saw it everytime!

  • Matt

    I ate at that restaurant when it was open

  • PalpGutz

    LOL, ancient? Now what we have here is a prime example of ancient artifacts, still in amazing condition. As you can see ancient Chinese people used to have a drink known as "coca cola" which was said to have restorative properties and caused increased virility. Unfortunately the recipe has been lost to the centuries.

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