Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Trav1121

    #16 is just a great picture. He seems to be so confident. I would follow that dog willingly into battle and know we would win.

  • Dean Pelton


    • tapsnapornap

      Fuck you, cake!

  • Trav1121

    #23 She is everywhere and should have become boring by now but she just keeps getting better.

  • Soviet Plague

    Is anyone else getting an annoying popup (always at the bottom of the screen) while on their iTouch/iPhone at I can't even click-it to close.

    • Chicago Sean

      Yeah. It's a blue bar that goes to some lucky bullshit site where they require a phone # so you ould win some iPad. It started earlier today and has FUCKED this site up on my phone. All the postings from today except this one have only a portion of the comments. It will read for instance that there are 120 comments for DAR but once I click on it and it fully loads, the number goes down to 45 (the equivalent of one page not multiple). Also, if I touch to read replies, etc it scrolls ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE TOP so I have to scroll ALL THE WAY BACK DOWN just to read them. I hate to bitch and use CAPS but it ticked me off today. Oh look, the blue bar is still there w/o a close option! Shitfuck.

    • Chicago Sean

      Oh yeah. It won't let me comment using the mobile site. I'm now on the full site. But, I have a Droid phone through Sprint and I'm getting them. It's some Bullshit ipad contest requesting a phone #. It's really messed up the mobile version. The scrolling feature is jacked up and only a portion of all comments and replies can be read. In some cases- the cool kid from East LA who built an arcade in his dad's shop and today's DAR- some of the pictures overtake the comment section. The mobile site was completely fine until this pop up shit started.

    • Dash Riprock

      I noticed it yesterday too- wants me to upgrade my battery – POS ad! Wrecks the mobile site!

  • Munyshot

    Hey Chive this spin banner is the most annoying thing you've ever added.

  • A.E.

    #31 im drinking for u this weekend so maybe all the girls will look like u by the end of the night

    • dan

      You want your women to look like men

      • loser

        you mean your men to look like women

    • Deep South

      Yeah, keep drinkin' and ya'll wake up with his dick in your trap you sinner!!

  • voltviking

    #9 #49 WOW

  • Baxpin

    #50 Dog, I tell ya, this neighborhood is going to shit

  • Doug


    Oh ya Guelph!

    • Posie

      Go Gryphons!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Laurier

        Go Laurier Golden Hawks!!!!!

    • Deep South

      What the fuck are ya'll talkin' 'bout?? What's that strange language?

  • Darkaspain

    #31 I dont recall chicks like that at my apartment complex on the weekends.

    • Casey

      Good grief man, read the comments. "She" is a "he."

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Heh, you have just found out you're gay. How does that feel?

    • JHL1

      Would you like the number for a good plastic-surgeon so the guys at your apartment complex can get boobs like him?

    • Deep South

      That's cause ya'll ne'r looked under your uncle daddy's underoos dumbass.

  • chicago

    #25 laughed for hours and hours. truly thank you chive. i needed the laugh. chicago.

    • Deep South

      Exactly how many hours did y'all laguh at that cruelty? Ama call PETA on you' ass.

      • Deep South

        **LAUGH and you'sa crazy like a hairless hare.

  • Donald Trump

    Someone please provide a name for the owner of #9 and a name for #15 pleasseeeee

    • Yesh

      Come on chivers! No names yet?

  • @eliminat0r85



  • Scott

    #19 Tough Mudder!! Fuck yeah!

  • killintime


  • Fred Flintstone

    #9 SRSLY
    #1 Find PLZ all 3

  • lylsmorr

    #1 #40 Oh my…

  • project_2501

    V for Vendetta and Watchmen to name a few. Genius.

    • Drtyore

      Don't forget "The Killing Joke" which was basically the inspiration for "The Dark Knight".

  • Dibdy

    #19 I don't know what she's doing, but I want in!!!

    • Deep South

      Looks like she done found out she got her period ya'll

  • Bored

    #44 moar

  • RichG.inIN

    Take this offensive ad and shove it sideways so far up where the sun does not shine to where a surgeon won't be able to extract it.

  • bodykarmabella

    #10 and #12 hahaha so adorable.

    • JHL1

      #10 Looks like Liam Neeson

  • rey

    #31 more!! Chive I bet you can't find her!! Also marry me!!!

    • Mucker

      You can only marry "her" in a few states.

      • yup

        she is a trannie

    • getouttahere

      She's a shemale… Sarina vaientina google it.

    • Teach Love

      do you spit or swallow? i think (s)he would want to know….

  • Mikehoncho

    #19 where will u be when your period hits

  • MattyCfromNE

    #21 is that at a Riverdogs game?

    • rjcip22

      sure is..

      • MattyCfromNE

        I had season tickets when i lived in Chucktown… never saw BFM at a game but i did see him 3-4 times at the airport.

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