Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Alton

    #19 Doing a Tough Mudder in 16 days, looks like I found a new motivation. P.S. FIND HER,

  • TheBatman

    #41 If you own that many polo shirts the roof is too good a place for you… try the backyard.

    Also…. BOOOO Griffins! Go Excalibur, STAB STAB STAB!!

  • David Butler

    #31and #49 the best

    • yup

      #31 is a trannie man. Sarina Valentina

  • Dirty Frank

    What the fuck Chive!? Why is this stupid "you have a new message" ad at the bottom of your mobile site now!?!?!?! Pretty sure its not my phone since its not on other sites, just yours! Make it go away please!

    • Chicago Sean

      Have you experienced any scrolling problems or inability to read all comments like I have today? Oh yeah, that pop up (which my Droid phone usually warns me about) is now the thorn in my side.

    • Chicago Sean

      I'm now looking at the full site from my phone (defeats the fucking purpose) and that pop up is not there. I think it's a network thing. Mine comes up from Sprint and they want my phone # for a chance to win some iPad. Also, my comments aren't showing up as posted anymore using the mobile site. Let's see if this works…

    • Dash Riprock

      I have the battery alert / upgrade scrollind ad bar shing up on my phone and only on The Chive's site – Ultra annoying piece of shit ad – get rid of it!!!!

    • Deep South

      Have you experinced any constipation or loss of sight from the left eye, accompanied by frecuent urination between 3 and 5 in the afternoon?

  • gramsey77

    Please Find #19 and MOAR # 36!

  • just sayin

    #44 I'm not trying to be mean at all, but I'm just wondering if anyone else thought the angle of this photo kinda made her look like a little person? The proportions threw me off, had to take a second glance.

  • Insnsprtn

    #1 CHIVE, Find This Party!

  • Mojofotoman

    #4, #9, and #19 are totally agreed upon, but where did #44 come from? O_o

  • Casey

    #47 Milf alert

  • mrbrixon

    #15 yes.

  • matt

    #17… I know that kids dad…no really


    #15 is perfect in all physical ways….. so beautiful

  • yup

    *31 is a transexual. Has a penis.

  • ray

    i have picture of #19 from the tough mudder, but i don't know how to upload it here.

  • yup

    #31 is a trannie FYI, def has a penis.

  • yup
  • LaurenGoMeow

    #21 find him!!! Need moar pics, he's a cutie

    • nepster

      He's in Ghostbusters, Rushmore, Lost in Translation, Groundhog Day. His name is Bill Murray.

  • guest

    15 pretty girl that tattoos have made ugly

  • Mike

    The owner of #25 needs to be drug out into the street and shot.

  • USSS Chiver

    #19 definately still takes it in my opinion. Not that #23 leaves one disappointed.


    #9 DO WANT

  • jason

    If Sara Jean said to jump, I would ask how high. My wife already has this policy with me so I'm not really selling out.

  • gmcan

    That ad banner following me is infuriated.

  • JaL

    What's with the annoying ad bar on mobile site. Good bye theChive!

    • CJoy

      One does not simply say "Good bye" to theChive.

      You'll be back.

  • Big Green Weenie

    #15 MOAR

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