Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • maio87

    #23 i love sara underwood

  • Jimbozo

    #14 Pete &Pete

  • James

    Why do that to your dog?

  • Richard

    #40… Can we get more of that set of pictures posted?

  • Torden

    #36 and #39 two of my favorites this week

  • Swen

    Cee Lo… is that you? #12

  • ConnerVincent

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  • Michel Payette

    #23 What I wanna: is anyone tapping that ass? If not, can I? Pretty pleasssse

  • bigD

    Yeah Sara Gene you are hot. Please show us more pictures of you in "Your House" because everyone has an awesome pad set up to casually take pictures of us in our underwear.

  • Dr. Evil

    Can we please send #24 after mayer?

  • xcusemyass

    #25 is proof that everything's funnier in lederhosen.

  • Gallus

    #25 is cute, but maybe there is an element of potential abuse here.

    I guess #31 was controversial enough on the first go around that theChive decided to play it again.

    From the looks of it, I think the young lass in #36 could teach me the meaning of the term "Get my Chive on."

  • Cheezy

    Omg #9 Marry me

  • Denzel

    be my wife #9

  • randyman

    #9 …kinda makes me wanna…
    play legend of zelda ocarina of time…

  • JHL1

    There may have been some thumbs up if you instead said, "Carpe Chocolate".
    Also if the poster wasn't you.

  • tdawe

    Breaking Bad!

  • Rick

    #1 MOAR butts from chivette on the right
    #36 MOAR tushies plz xD~

  • Nick

    Keep calm chive and advertise your way into people not going onto your site any more

  • ShieldsMilton

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  • YesssMan

    At last.. the keyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • jig

    #23 Thank God Hugh Hefner wanted his dick sucked in 2007 or we'd never have seen this whore naked!

  • Talkingbass

    #19 tough murder last year in Wisconsin

    You are all welcome.

    • Chris

      Wow. I'd sponsor her to do a Tough Mudder down in FL. Something tells me she'd kick my ass though.

  • Steve

    #20 what's with the couch?

  • Alex

    #9 nerd-gasm!!! #15 wow just lovely!!!

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