Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (36 Photos)

Asa Hope’s Twitter Page. I believe she’s currently in a flame war with Ohio State.

  • JLee

    #6 For some reason I don't feel as bad looking at high school girls when they're on the Chive

    • Dan

      Don't you mean college girls?

      • GrayDog

        No, he was right the first time. On July 11, 2011,rapzeh pointed out that the back of the jersey reads “Lady Popes." This is a high school volleyball team in Milwaukee, WI. http://www.piusxi.org/athletics/AthleticNews.aspx. You pedobears behave yourselves.

    • chairman

      I would seriously contemplate jail time for her

    • Leddy420

      Shopped, the original is better…much tighter

    • Biggus Diccus

      Why are you assuming it's a HS girl? Wishful thinking of a perv I guess.

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Meh. What she lacks up front she's got too much on the back!

      – does this count as first?

    • I Love Rooster

      Am I the only one who finds the girl ass picking photos kind of gross and not sexy?

      • edslerson

        when thats the ass in question than yes you are

      • its_forge

        Well since a number of us would most gladly put our tongue just about anywhere that young lady's fingers are going I'd say probably yes.

    • Arf

      How would you like to be the guy who gets to spank that one.

      • JHL1

        He already spanked it… oh you mean her ass, nevermind…

    • electric boogalo

      Please don't shop! The original will do quite nicely. Hackshop ruins it.

      • its_forge

        This. That ass was absolutely perfect and didn't need lame artificial inflation.

    • Dave

      Your honor, it was absolutely worth it.

    • northerner

      Love it when a pretty girl picks scratches her bum…

    • Legend23

      doesn't bother me that she is diggin in her crack….

  • http://twitter.com/bdaley84 @bdaley84

    Happy Friday, Chivers!

    • Chiver

      #9 our tax dollars hard at work. sigh

  • haha


    • Jballs

      I will find that ass and lock it down!

      Good lord!!

  • doo doo caca


    • CynicalPete


    • CynicalPete

      You can have it. Probably one of the WORST DARs I have seen in a while. Poor effort. Poor showing.

    • d1sturbed91

      My soul dies a little every time I see "First" in the comments section

    • yeah

      Amazing…I never knew one person could suck so much ass.

  • Wet_tosti

    #10 And i call this awesome!

    • John

      I call it my happy place.

    • JHL1

      Nice car, if you know what I mean 😉 😉

    • Dale

      Sweet mother of jesus! i just soiled my shorts

    • Mac

      She is damn sexy!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jbvancamp Jb Van Camp

      seriously have scrolled back to this one 20 times. Awesome!

    • Everclear

      FIND. For the sweet, sweet mother of God that is all holy and pure, FIND.

  • DBar


    • Holmespump

      Congrats Dbag.

    • yeah

      I stand corrected…even more ass was sucked here. (see doo doo caca's post above)

  • nojoke420

    #10 Whatever you call it, it works for me

    • Vic

      I like those visuals..

  • JLee

    #9 Badass pic but how much did that cost us?

    • Woop

      Let you know when i get my tax return.

    • Bhodi

      Don't care, worth it.

    • aaaa

      Yeah, this picture makes it even harder for me to mail my taxes in on Tuesday.

      • Sapper

        Being in the Army, I'd just like to say that how and when you use explosives is VERY STRICTLY CONTROLLED. The shrapnel in the air makes it look like they were destroying something. I double this is in theater because of the pose, but I'd bet a lot of money that this explosion was going to happen anyway and the posed to make it into a sweet picture. Yes it costs a lot (a LOT) but it's not like they were wasting money to get a good picture.

    • JohnQ.Taxpayer

      EXACTLY my thoughts. At first, "Hey that's a neat pic". Then, "Wait a minute, I bet Lockheed Martin charged $20,000 for those explosives and Halliburton charged $50,000 to clean it up." I want to support the badasses that risk their lives, but this also makes me very, very angry as I write my check to the IRS today for $12,128.

      • GusRbles

        Service members pay taxes too dick wad. 12,128 for your freedom and safety and the fact that you won't ever have to go through what we do for that freedom i think you are still coming out on top.

        • dan

          lol, waging perpetual war keeps us "free" and "safe"? Keep buying into the lie….

          • Samuel

            Dan apparently supports the lack of education for, and public stoning of Afghani women. You sound like a real swell guy Dan, maybe you should kill yourself

            • dan

              There are many terrible atrocities occurring every day all over the world. Do you think the United States should invade every one of these countries, stay there for 10 years, spend a trillion dollars and lose thousands of lives, in order to stop these atrocities?

              • Samhedi

                How about that, no reply from Sam. I'd call that checkmate Dan.

                • Matt

                  So you would rather let them keep going, grow bigger by forcing support for wrong doing? that only makes it harder for those of us that volunteer so you dont have to. Like it was said earlier, they made the best of an opportunity that was going to happen anyway. either way it was going to cost everyone, except now a few Marines will have something positive to look back on from their deployment.

                  • Jesus

                    Since when is it the government's responsibility to "help" these people all over the world? Especially when you have your own citizens that are suffering and an economy that is crashing. Once you've taken care of your own needs, by all means give aid to the rest of the world, but what makes the American citizens living in poverty and oppression less valuable than foreigners? That's exactly what the government is saying by turning its back on them while sticking their noses in everybody else's business. Some wars are unavoidable. Iraq wasn't one of them. Servicemen, you have noble intentions, but ultimately, you're just indoctrinated into fighting someone else's war.

      • its_forge

        At least you weren't letting the government hold all that money all year for you interest-free.

    • stupid

      and you wonder why your economy is in the shitter.



        • REL

          Are you serious?

        • stupid

          good god you're dumb

          • HEY OVER THEY'RE


        • J.Stew

          This troll needs to be fed.. nom nom nom..

    • Kyle429

      Why do all you ungrateful, selfish, stingy bastards only care about how much this picture cost the government? How about you put your own needs aside for one moment in time, and thank these brave men and women for what they do every day for us over there. Caring about the economy is all good and well, but things would be a lot worse without the men and women of the military serving to protect our lives and rights.

      KCCO, and Semper Fi.

      • Patches

        Serving to protect our lives and rights is one thing, wasting thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to get a photograph on some website is something else entirely.

        • Bhodi

          Thousands of dollars for those soldiers is nothing and in my opinion, worth it. You got a beef to pick, start with the politicians who waste not thousands, but billions of dollars for far more frivolous things.

          Thanks guys, KCCO

          • econ

            Make that not billions, but trillions of dollars wasted…

        • alohafriday

          But your reading, commenting and enjoying right???? Then SHUT UP!

          • Chefboyardee

            how is him commenting and reading relevant to the conversation? Being in the military is just like any other job, it has its risks and it has its rewards. you dont go defending window washers who do their job in the rain and calling them heros do you? do you?? no, idiot. if being in the military fills someones life with joy and passion, then more power to them. I'm a chef, I make people wonderful meals, I serve my community, I get burnt.. often, and I've sliced myself more times than I'd like to admit to, I deal with clients' bullshit. But at the end of the day I do it because its what i love to do and the same goes for people in the military. Nobody forced them to join, there is a surplus of military personnel in the US. with that said go fire off some explosives you crazy dirtbags

            • Warmonger09

              Omg, are you ok? Did your finger heal?did you get burnt making one of those erupting volcanoes? You are a hero in my book! My book of losers…..Aren't we glad this kind of people don't ever make it to battle…. Army cav…nice picture soldiers!

            • B-Grafix

              "Being in the military is just like any other job, it has its risks and it has its rewards"…. you have not a single idea of wtf you are talking about do you……It is just like any other job… if you sign-up knowing that it's highly likely that you will end up in a place, with a gun and lots of people who want you dead…. reward? yeah I get a pay check and I have GOV health care, and I have a lot of pride doing what I can to support my country.. but I'm not sure what you mean by reward? maybe the discount I can get at some places…? I really hope you are kidding with this comment… how the hell can you compare being a chef to being in the military… lmao I worked at a restaurant before as a chef…. there is no way to compare the two.. how many other images have you commented on? get of the band wagon and understand what the hell your talking about before you hit that next key. One of two things happened in this picture, ether they wasted some explosives or they needed to destroy some left over outdated / enemy ordinance. One of which would mean some people are going to be kicked out and locked up or two- happen to be at the right place at the right time and got a kick ass photo. Ever take a picture during the forth of July, just when you are celebrating our independence and freedom? you know, having a good time while thousands of dollars (of SOME of OUR tax money) was used to buy those "OOoohh and AAAhhh" fireworks? What would it take to get the point across? Let it build up and happen on our shores? Then you can grab a gun and your family and defend yourself, hoping you wake up in the morning. I under stand we have issues here but get yourself involved and know the facts!

        • goatpunch

          guarantee this was a controlled detonation that had to happen anyway. No way they just wasted a round in order to get a pic. I served in Iraq, and a person can get in big trouble for that sort of thing. Either the explosion had to happen, or else the weapons needed to be used up by a certain time or they would be decommissioned anyway

        • its_forge

          Don't whine about this; whine about the Air Force dumping *all* their A-10 Warthogs and replacing them with that overpriced piece of shit F35 that cost a billion dollars for three of them, can't even function below the speed of sound and have problems when you fucking get them wet. How the fuck exactly do you plan on taking out any tanks with those, Air Force?

          • doesn't matter

            congress makes the decisions around here… not the air force – they just do what they can with the money and the equipment handed to them…

            you guys all need to kcco.

            • its_forge

              That's not actually true, in this case the Air Force itself were the ones who said "bah, we don't need these badass tank killers with a proven record of effectiveness, give us a whole shitload of those $300 million each fighter jets that are ludicrously late and insanely over budget and might not even be as good as an F-15."

      • aaaa

        It's America, we can thank our soldiers and also chastise them for wasting our tax dollars. They're not over there for free. We pay them to do their job and no one forced them with the career path they chose.

        • Bhodi

          It's because they chose to serve that we are not forced to go over there.

          • Kris

            Yeah, because they're all heroes. Absolutely none of them are wife beaters, gang members, or otherwise gigantic losers who joined the military because they had no other way of making money. Yeah, they're all good and honorable people. You just keep fellating the military without thinking about whose cum you're sucking down.

            • goatpunch

              While you are correct, and the military has plenty of douchebags just like the rest of society, the fact remains that it is only because these people CHOSE to serve that whiners like you don't have to

        • sam

          You're just an idiot. Ignorant moron.

      • Femper Si

        Sounds like you are being needy saying that they should put their needs aside. "Caring about the economy is all good and well, but things would be a lot worse without the men and women of the military serving to protect our lives and rights." Fighting never promotes peace. How could you possibly know that things would be worse?

      • esgjoe

        Agreed!! Bad asses all of them and I could care less that they blew something up! If people want to bitch lets bitch about the assholes in office that aren't doing their jobs and getting paid for it and sending these guys where ever the hell they want!

    • Biggus Diccus

      THey are probably destroying a bunch of enemy guns. They don't do cool shit like this for fun.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      Doesn't matter had explosions!

    • matt

      heres to being canadian!

      • Dick Salad

        Heh I got to sap with some Canadians and trust me, they love doing the same shit we like doing retard.

      • yeah

        Oh yeah…Canada. How are you? You're kind of like that strange uncle everyone has. We always forget about him because in the grand scheme of things, he contributes nothing. Every once in a while he says something and we remember he's there.

        • its_forge

          Canada contributes nothing except y'know, about sixty percent of the oil we use in the US.

        • CanadianSoldier

          oh yeah? tell that to the dozens of American lives I saved while I was in Afghanistan. They're in the 101st and the 502nd. Ask one of them about Bellanday in 2010. Maybe they'll change your mind about Canadians.

    • US Ranger

      Had boots on the ground over there. If blowing shit up and making the DAR can ease a little stress for these men by all means go for it. Say thank you, show them a little respect and KCCO!

      Chive On gentlemen. Get home safe

    • Greg

      Cool guys don't look at explosions.

      • Bob

        Yeah, I'm mad that this stunt could perhaps have cost a few thousand dollars. Now my taxes will be raised .00000001%. Doesn't matter if you support a war or not; You have to support those who are fighting. Thank you, every one of you.

    • Samuel

      Probably cost nothing. More than likely cost enemy combatants a lot of money to replace the ordnance these guys are destroying. Do you think we just blow stuff up arbitrarily? Do you have any idea how much money the marine corps does NOT have? Its ok though, we'll just keep fighting and dying so that you, and people around the world just like you, can have and voice your stupid, uninformed opinions.

      • US Ranger

        Hey Samuel. They dont get it and never will. Not worth wasting your time. With out our service they dont realize the chive probably wouldnt even exist. KCCO brother! God speed!

      • thedude325

        Well said. From my knowledge, I'd guess the c.o. would have shit fit if thier platoon detonated thier own explosives like this. But it's pretty common to detonate confiscated enemy stockpiles, which is 90% most likely the case. I don't think people realize that, outside of our country, some pretty nasty shit goes on. People don't seem to understand that a certain population of Earth lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes to see the death of every American citizen. Thanks for your service.

      • Dick Salad

        Just what I was thinking, as an assaultman (who luckily got to go to sapper school) we'd demo tons of enemy ordinance. We also have tons of our own in store that gets demolished every year once it becomes useless. This probably cost tax payers (which a few have already pointed out, soldiers, Marines, sailors, and our sister fly boys pay taxes too) absolutely nothing extra…

      • Cantaloupe

        Yea, I hear Switzerland has to invade a country every other week to stay free…

        • goatpunch

          if you look up switzerland, it is nearly impossible to invade that country. If they want to hide in the mountains, they can do so pretty much forever. The way the mountains are, even nukes won't work on it. Hitler's generals understood this.

      • its_forge

        Lemme clear something up for anybody having issues with this. Of those of us who think with the brain God gave us:

        People who volunteer and serve in the military: Big Damn Heroes

        Politicians who wage wars to make fat profits for their asshole friends: Goddamn Hellspawn

        Any other fucking questions?

    • Ryan

      First off, Air Force chiver here, you have no idea how much it cost to shoot this pic. For all you know they used some UXO's (unexploded ordinance) and got an Explosive Ordinance Disposal team to kill two birds with one stone. maybe the explosives were confiscated from the Taliban, we have no idea. Second, I love how civilians like to talk about the cost of war and the waste of taxpayer dollars, while the GSA throws hundreds of thousands of dollars away on a conference in Vegas, and we bail out banks and automakers. While I'm no hawk per se, I can guarantee that this picture cost a mere fraction of the bill for the GSA convention. Pick your battles, don't blame these troops for having a bit of morale. Some of them might not even make it home to file their next tax return.

      • hudrock

        Well said

      • Usoagain

        Respect right here man. People that assume this was wasted money are uninformed idiots. I may not know first hand what these men and women go through, but I know enough from stories and small talk that, for one, this almost guaranteed cost you next to nothing as a taxpayer, and two, they deserve to have a little fun. Take your problems up with the government, not the brave soldiers.

        • Ryan

          totally agree. Protest the government if you must, but always support the troops.

          • Cantaloupe

            I do wonder if the troops are NAZIs, are we still supposed to support them? Just doing a job, right?

            • goatpunch

              That's what the geneva convention was for. Nowadays when someone gets ordered to do something "nazi like," That order is illegal and is not to be obeyed. Yes, you can bitch about soldiers who follow illegal orders. Heard of Abu Ghraib? Those folks got in big trouble.

              Even still, there was a lot of bravery from perfectly honorable Nazi troops in the front lines in world war II, who had no idea of the atrocities that were being committed closer to their home by their counterparts. That issue is also more complicated than "all Nazis were evil and we must hate them all."

              • its_forge

                Well, a few scapegoats got in big trouble anyway.

            • Ballerado

              you're a faggot

              • Ballerado

                cantaloupe i mean..

    • some bloke

      Its probably a big pile of burning Afghan civilians. And their families will be billed for the cremation.

      • goatpunch

        I hope u r just a trolling numb nuts, because that might be the dumbest comment anyone has made ever.

    • Roger this, a-hole!

      Im just gonna end the hate here. I was in Afghanistan for July 4th last year. Our EOD team was given a whole bunch of old Pyro and bad DODIC's. We can't use it for safety reasons and the fact it had been in theater for a really long time, hence, it would all be duds and probably inert. If you've served and dealt with pop-ups, you know what I mean. So we took it to the desert, filled some trash bags with JP-8 (cheap gas/diesel mix), put them with the bad ordinance, and had EOD blow it. We ATTEMPTED this photo, but the JP-8 just shot up like a geyser. It was an epic fail. By the way, you can put a cigarette out in JP-8. It sucks that hard.

      • Roger this, a-hole!

        Forgot to mention, our attempt at badassery maybe cost $500. I pay that in taxes in 6 months.

    • JLee

      Fuckin libs! You don't know what it's like!

      Dumbass rednecks! Stop wastin our loot!

      Reminds me of Louis C.K. when he talks about the most dangerous people in the world: a bunch of guys who just walked out of the bar together and none of them are getting laid. Filled with anger and hate, cum falling out of their eyes. Ready to fight anybody in sight.

    • Guest

      dump 20 gallons of fuel in a ditch, light it, take picture…..really no more complicated than that…..but really cool picture, right?

      • The DM

        Woa woa woa… I think we can all agree, Soldiers = awesome. Politicians sending them to die guarding oil fields = not awesome.

        Take it up with your member of congress/senate. No no, don't give me none of that Bush/Obama bullshit. SEE YOUR LEGISLATOR.

    • Steve07r6

      Ok, Let me clear this whole thing up for all of you that have no idea what you are talking about. That explosion cost the amount of 2 gallons of Jp8 and 20 ft of det cord. I did the same picture in Iraq last year. i'm submitting the picture to the chive now

    • its_forge

      Who cares, it's awesome

  • BaseballRube

    Very nice #10 and well played #26.

    • k8alpha


    • Mr. Magoo

      Who is #26???????????

  • Darrell



    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      And that's why I miss high school! We don't sports at community college 😦

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=654840083 Mike

        so go to a real college? where you can watch girls like her play college sports?

        • Duh

          Some of us can't afford it numb nuts…

          • matt

            You should get a degree…then you could get a good paying job and afford to go to….oh, wait…

          • Ronnydump

            that makes no sense, get a loan, any bank will give you one

            • The DM

              "Real college." LOL Pub degree just as good, more hire-able, about 10% of the cost. That's why Harvard, Yale, and Cornell crash the economy.

      • its_forge

        Not all community colleges but some. We had tennis and some of our women players, hooyah, the thighs, my God.

  • Dan

    DAR's early!!!

    • BaseballRube

      SC's late.

      • Trav1121

        If at all. 😦 They have been known to skip it. Other than FLBP and Hump day, SC is my favorite.

        • Dan

          chivettes bored at work is climbing its way to the number 1 spot for me

  • bob_the_cook

    #28 God speed little one. Get well soon.
    #33, Thank you
    #36 Make it two, please!

    • truth

      #28 I wish we could do something to help you. As a fellow Chiver/parent, I would sacrifice so much for my little boy.

      • bob_the_cook

        Absolute fact.

        This child is just a wee bit younger than my own son. I don't know what limits there are to what I would do to help him through something like this.

      • Black6dog

        Not a lot of things make me sad enough to cry, but seeing such a cute kid in pain makes me wish I could take a hundred surgeries for the little guy

      • GlibTongue

        Agreed. This hits close to home as my babies are almost a year old.

        Something should be done for this chiver.

        • thom

          Double agree. Some may think these pics are downers, but they put all the rest of the pics in perspective.
          Fight on!

      • smallchinaman

        I can't think of anything worse than a child being hurt, whether it be by illness or other means. Be strong little man, you have the Chive community behind you.

    • meh

      Asa Hope is played out….she clearly just hangs off these guys.
      time to move on.


      • bob_the_cook

        Doesn't mean I don't want her serving me a beer or two.

    • MattKL

      #36 Even better, she's pouring a pint of Anchor Steam, one of the best beers out there. Hot + great taste in beers = win.

    • http://www.facebook.com/melikahiwa Melikahiwa Paulson

      Thanks. Ask the Chive to send him a little shirt! Lol.
      He's doing fairly well. Little Bumpy, but hasn't killed us yet.
      Hope to send Chive a TY from Bean soon….

  • Kosco

    #33 Gorgeous

    • The Truth

      EPIC!! More please

    • Mick

      /Cheers to this and all Chivettes putting themselves out here for us 😀

    • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

      Perfectly heart shaped ass with matching heart panties. Outstanding

      • djp

        The frontage is quite choice as well. Location, location, location.

    • VdW

      Am I the only one who thinks' she's too skinny?

      • its_forge

        Gabrielle Anwar is too skinny, this woman's quite nice.

  • Dan

    #35 Awesome picture!

    • tLoko420

      Until the walkers find them.

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches


  • http://twitter.com/obrien05 @obrien05

    #14 #15 #16 Proud a fellow Hawkeye got the job I should have applied for.

    • Jay

      I think you need to party it up in Iowa City next!!

    • it's true

      Asa's played out…time to move on.

    • mitter78
      • orro9

        #13 is a bar right in the middle of that state. Royal Mile in Des Moines.

      • Counterpoint

        You seemed to have forgotten about Texas. And New Jersey.

    • Steelman81

      Iowa City would be way better than IU. Major party city. Love the Hawks. I didnt know I could ike Asa any more, now I KNOW I love her.

    • Edge

      Heels – good
      legs – good
      shorts – good
      smile – good
      'come at me bro' look while walking away – great.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=769235386 Colin J. Schrader

      Go Hawks

      • johnny

        blackcocks are gay as hell

    • nuccabay

      deserves what he gets for wearing a hawks jersey…

    • quichurbichin

      Go clones! Cyhawk trophy in possession, FTW!

    • radiodial

      Well that pegs the bitch-o-meter. Not funny at all….

    • Karac

      Come on man! Bring a little "Dan Gable" next time she punks you.(hell she might dig it) If he can't hack it, let me know, be on there first thing smokn' to the chive offices! My military commitment is over. lol.

    • beautyintherough

      What a dumb b1tch, not funny.

  • MEN




    • Bubba121

      We all we TheChive would do this. Unfortunately, TheChive is just awesome and not totally awesome. It sucks. We know Chivettes would be willing to send naked pictures of their FLBP. Damn you Chive!

      • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

        #10 You're welcome there Bubba…CHIVE ON

    • HatBomb

      U desperate bro?

    • Mr. Tea

      I don't know about your place, but IT watches like a hawk here. They do that and it's no more Chive. 😦

    • MathNerd

      Stop asking, they wont for good reasons.

      reddit.com: /r/gonewild & /r/RealGirls/

      • try this one


    • Oltimey

      IF YOU WANT IT GOOGLE IT…Don't temp the IT gods and get this site blocked for dangerous content.

    • Really?

      There is no other place to find porn on the internet is there?

    • Biggus Diccus

      gotta keep it pure, if you need to see tits there are about a billion or so pics out there for you

    • hoovus

      This is a photo entertainment site, not a porn site. There's more than enough of those to go around, take your pick.

    • Nickincollege

      I don't think you understand what the Chive is about…

    • Trav1121

      Such an awful idea. We would have very few to no Chivette submissions. The few that did wouldn't show their faces. It would become just another porn site. I prefer the REAL, scantily clad Chivettes over faceless full-on T & A. Sexy > Nudity.

      • kw1q51lv3r

        I've actually been hoping that theChive gets even less NSFW than it is now, because I'm pretty scared of being labeled as a immoral fiend if I scroll the DAR in public.

        The Singaporean public can be pretty judgemental folk.

    • GrayDog

      Here are some mostly tumblr sites that might help you get your fix [NSFW}: http://slimandbusty.tumblr.com/ and http://bigboobworld.tumblr.com/ and http://seemyboobs.tumblr.com/ and because she seems to be popular right now, check out Luis's 32J wife at http://imagearn.com/gallery.php?id=153755. Knock yourself out.

    • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

      Yeah, nudes would = no more submissions from me

      • Dr. Evil

        Because sometimes leaving something to the imagination is sexier.

    • Secret leaker

      Pssstt… hey dude … come here …. listen …. there's this place …. *look side to side* … it's called the internet …. and … just don't let anyone know…. there's like … this ….. place … to ….. um …. go to…ummm … check it out …. KCCO

  • http://www.thechive.com GreyGhost9

    #10 i call that a place i would like to be for a little while

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Yeah, that's awesome lettering on her window

  • JMick

    #6 is a definite find her… please.. or "it"..

  • Jason

    #25 where is this?

    • DB Conor

      Yo momma's house.

      Yeah, I did.

    • jred


    • kyle

      i dont know y but i want to say christchurch new zealand…

      • hark1985

        Guatemala city

    • Cletus

      Where I fell down when I had a boner.

    • Ratales

      Guatemala City in 2010

      • Smitty

        What is inside the hole? Did it grow? How'd they fill it?

    • Biggus Diccus


    • Unfkngblvbl

      God got himself a new drill…he's just trying it out.

    • Chris

      some one dropped their Nokia…..

      • quichurbichin

        I feel like more people should see this hilarious post (above)

    • HatBomb

      Chuck Norris had to shit.

    • thom

      Safe bet is that it is Detroit. Suck it Detroit!

    • JHL1

      South Africa, they needed a bigger place to dump their trash. The 580 ft tall building wasn't big enough.

    • colmk

      Silent Hill

  • DUber

    Kilroys is going to be a fucking madhouse. No way I am going anywhere near that place this weekend.

  • http://www.thechive.com GreyGhost9

    #15 #16 atleast he is a 'Hawks Fan

    • Chiefhenry27

      This is uncanny. We share the same name and alma mater. I will live vicariously through him!

    • Phoenix JJ


  • LucretiusCarus

    #5 Where's your stupid sweater, John?

    #26 And just where are you? Don't worry, I won't stalk you or anything… I just want to talk about the Weird Science style panties. Yeah, that's the ticket.

    • HatBomb

      I think you spelled scarf wrong.

      • LucretiusCarus

        You are totally correct. But I can't fix it now because you've replied to it. Sneaky you.

    • Trav1121

      Think that is Bob, not John, I think. Could be wrong tho. Bob is a scrub, not a hipster. He is dressed appropriately. 🙂 Scrubs 4 Life!

      • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

        That's totally John….

        • Trav1121

          Yeah, it is. Can tell by the ears. My bad. I admit incorrectness. Bob is still a scrub tho. Haha

          • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

            and the cowlick. It's an endearing characteristic.

  • chairman

    #6 #26 DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! Moar!!!!!!

  • aaaa

    #4 How about we go from said bar to said bedroom

    • mickey

      she should stay there…whatever ugly rash she has is probably contagious…

  • DB Conor

    Chive, please combine photos #2 and #3 without the use of photoshop. Syrhump Day DAR.

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