Friday Dopamine Dump (45 photos)

  • Geo

    GET rid of the ad , please

  • NortonTed

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  • zach

    I'm not sure what one is better #31 or #16…

  • Fat Bastard

    #36 more sexy food porn please!

  • Anonymous

    The Number of Reddit Reposts is Too Damn High!

  • j3boz

    #26 is gorgeous

  • JohnD

    #16 OMG MOAR! Please FIND! #17 #45

  • Cristian Jaeger Ricalde

    #2 Every fuckin' time

  • Madman

    Banner ads is ruining this. I may stop visiting chive because of it

  • brianis420

    #16 Find her!!!

  • Fing

    #5 No me gusta?

  • josh

    #27 I love that the Chive keeps posting this. Coolest spot I went to in Europe. Alp Haus is so legit with some tasty food as well. And the view, well you are gonna have to go see for yourself!!

    • josh

      #23 I meant.

  • Scott


  • Jezza67

    Not sure if you guys read all these comments, but if you do, thank you. I really needed some beauty in my life today. Also, love to all the Chivettes, they are what Joyce had in mind when he said " beauty is a combination of Wholeness, Harmony and Radiance." I'm not sure it was Joyce, but that's got me laid so many times I'm not arguing the toss. Thanks Chive.

  • Countryboy4022

    16 and 16 MOAR. Please. Simply lovely 🙂

  • Brian Johnson

    #5 and #10 Fo hand I'm hand

  • Anonymous

    The moving pop up ad is the most annoying photo bomb ever created. It’s annoying enough to almost make not view some albums. Please remove it.

  • Matt Smith

    #16 Please don't be a man!

  • jayjay

    #17 Ohhh… There he is!!!

  • Erin

    The ad thing at the bottom on the iPhone is fucking annoying! Get rid of it clowns!!!!!!

  • Charlie

    Lose the Jesus crap or I'm gone!

    • Mike

      No one will miss you.

  • guest

    #37: what breed is that thing?

  • T raw

    #16 daaaamn girl…… Whats up let's see the back side

  • Trent

    This site is cancer… Outski.

  • ConnerVincent

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