Handicap…what handicap?? (20 Photos)


  • Alexis

    Love the superman suit for #16!!!

    • Mich

      it's like Weekend at Bernie's. Just the guy is still breathing.

    • poetryNmotion21

      I'm going skydiving for the first time this summer….definitely getting my supa on!

    • fartboxer

      TRULY – FTW – boss level.

      Mr. HNIC

      GET SOME!

    • Skermitt

      This guys done more amazing shit than I have! And I can move all my limbs… more power to you my friend! KCCO

  • realzoo

    #5 Agree with the message…..props to all of them!!!

    • Break the fall

      #11 Bumper buddy 🙂

    • notveryimportant

      "One Life Live It"? doesn't he mean YOLO!!!! lol

    • faptastic

      I agree, live this life like it was your last one

      but we have shitloads of lives

      reincarnation is the only thing that makes sense

  • Bob Lee Swagger

    Damn I have both arms and legs and haven't done half the cool stuff this guy's been getting into…congrats to him, and it's time to step my game up and get out there!

    • TheAutomaticMan

      This guy has a seriously dedicated group of friends and family. Considering what has happened to him, he's a pretty lucky guy.

      • elliott

        yea unfortunately all they can do is tie him up to shit though. still cool.

    • Paul

      Thats exactly what popped into my head when i looked at this…what the hell have i been doing to enjoy life!

    • hernan

      same here, same here

  • https://www.facebook.com/phoenixpwns Glenn 'Phoenix' Yri

    These guys. Kick Ass.

    • If you said so...

      This guy*

      • https://www.facebook.com/phoenixpwns Glenn 'Phoenix' Yri

        Touche… I didn't realize it was the same dude. This guy. Kicks Ass.

    • Ned_Plimpton

      He must have a lot of $$

  • http://www.twitter.com/OzT78 OzT78

    All these guys take the term 'Keep Calm and Chive On' to the MAX!!!

    Big respect!

    • If you said so...

      This guy takes*

      • http://www.twitter.com/OzT78 OzT78

        Not just him, also the guys supporting him 🙂

  • MattKL

    Bad motherfucker.

    • josh

      Chive, he needs a bad mother fucker. Period.

  • Soviet Plague

    Kudos to this guy for not letting his disability slow him down.
    However, he must have a tonne of money (or a support group), bec. from these pictures (and only these pictures) all I see is other people hauling him around. Nothing against the guy, but I can't be the only person who thinks this, right?

    • justabill

      Nope, I was thinking the same thing. It's cool that the guy is still active and engaging in all of these things, but I think the real inspiration are his group of people helping him fulfill all these wishes. Kudos all around.

    • Travis

      I was just thinking "He's not climbing, or riding the bike… he's a passenger." Hell, I'd climb Everest if I could find some people to haul my fat ass up there.

      • Jesus

        You think he wouldn't rather do it himself? I'm sure he would, if he could. If you could find someone to haul you up Mount Everest, what would be the point? You didn't accomplish anything yourself. You didn't pit man against the worst nature has to offer and come out victorious. You got somebody else to do it for you, instead. Instead, you should be grateful you have the ability to accomplish it on your own.

        *steps down from the soapbox*

      • Jack_LeMac

        I was thinking about his weight too, but then I realized that I have no idea how someone in that situation might lose weight.

        • The_Great_Fisherman

          put down the fork

    • RetiredChief

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • http://twitter.com/MRKCCO @MRKCCO

      Id love to do all these but i cant afford too 😦 breaks my heart.. but well done too this guy for saying FY disability! :))

    • nightshift29

      thankyou for not going along with the mindless and stoopid ignorant bandwagon that is the ever so easily persuaded public. they go along with what they think they SHOULD say and try to believe it. when the obvious is right infront of them. this dude is doing everything because others are dragging his fucking ass everywhere… literally. except for the last picture where he is actually doing something on his own. good job buddy

      • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

        While it's definitely the people around him who did the "work" you have to give the guy credit for having the drive and desire to not give up on enjoying the life he was given despite the hand he was dealt. To be able to remain positive, upbeat, and still have a passion for life like that after losing the ability to really move at all is not something that people can easily do. So props to him and all the people who love him enough (or were paid enough) to help him keep that passion alive.

        • Steven B

          drive and desire to convince people to haul him up a mountain… shit this guy needs to go into sales.

        • Craigery

          I don't have to give him credit for that, either. It's easy to be positive and not give up when you have a team of people literally willing to drag you up a mountain or whatever else you want to do. Most handicapped – and able-bodied – people don't have that luxury.

          • millcity

            i'm paralyzed from the waist down and i def don't have that luxury. You need to have money to be able to do this being handicap is very expensive

    • Chantal

      I agree, most likely the settlement if his car accident. The people helping him work three times as hard

    • Vicwick

      He lost the use of his arms and his legs. I wonder if he can speak legibly? Would he be saying "NO! NOT ANOTHER MOUNTAIN! LEAVE ME ALONE GODDAMMIT!"

      • uhh

        I hope you know that you can't "speak legibly." Relates only to writing.

    • LucretiusCarus

      I was definitely thinking the same. His entourage there is pretty bad ass to be helping him out doing all this stuff. Good work to all of them. I would buy them all many beers.

    • Starlifter

      I agree. His team should get most of the credit for taking him

    • Eli

      I think everyone agrees just wont say it. Anyone can get dragged up a mountain or brought back up while scuba diving, Atleast he weightless but good for him regardless I certainly haven't done any of the thing in these pictures.

      • Tom

        I wasn't thinking that "Eli" – I was actually thinking about what I am going to have for dinner tonight.

    • thom

      Me too. Great job to him for trying to stay active and pushing himself. But his friends are absolute heros! Not only are they doing these things, but they are also helping a 200+ pound guy do them.

      Great friends are great.

    • Member

      I agree. Not to be a prick but it's easy once everyone is doing it for you to say "yea. Let's do that."

    • Purks

      Awesome bank account or awesome freinds, or a little of both. Its a different way to tackle all the extremes, with a group of freinds that are willing to literally show you the world. Kudos to this man, and an even bigger KUDOS to his support group!!!

    • Hugh McKenna

      I am one of Bazza's team and I can assure you, we all do it from the heart! We all pay our own way and so does Bazza!
      He has shown 'US' what real team spirit is all about! A coming together of total strangers with one common, selfless goal……to use our 'ONE LIFE' and LIVE IT!!! 😉

      • Unfkngblvbl

        Good for you Hugh, you are truly one of the heroes in this story. You're a bigger man than a lot of us around here…myself included.

    • NwF

      Yeah. It's kind of funny lol.

    • http://twitter.com/jaczor @jaczor

      I was thinking the same thing when I first saw this, but then I realized that while he really doesn't do any "real work" to achieve those things, you have to admire his determination to keep doing what he wants and living his life, most people in his situation (myself included) would probably just sit around the house, feeling sorry for themselves and basically waiting to die.

      However, I also think that the group of people that help him deserve just as much praise, if they are friends and family (not paid) then I also have to think that this guy must have an amazing personality in order to have so many people looking after him and willing to do so much for him.

  • LaurenGoMeow


  • Mad_Hittman

    It is nice to see that he has helpful and understanding people around him to help fulfill his dreams

  • Max_Power

    What great will power and awesome friends #12 Fair play

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      I give a tip of the hat to his friends.. dedicated to him for sure

  • 2Dogs

    Chive should set up a travel fund for this guy so we can send him to challenges around the world and watch him do them!

    • diesel

      You mean his friends drag him around?

    • Craigery

      Uh, it looks like he's already got enough money/support to do that stuff. He's got a team of human pack mules dragging him up mountains. Doesn't look like he needs any more help.

  • Charles12

    well… I know my comment will be voted down… I dont care… but I have to give props to the people surrounding him. I believe they are the actual heroes in this story. Of course the guy have a great attitude towards life, but without his friends, it will be really difficult (emotionally and physically) for him to do all of this things (im saying difficult, not impossible). you can see it on picture 12. I would actually root for all of them instead of just saying this guy is amazing.

    • MickLAD

      Couldnt agree more!!

    • Deuce9er

      Damn man I voted you down by accident lol I meant to vote you up! I fat fingered it, my bad!

    • Logicyup

      If you or anyone else happens to be interested, there are lots of programs (especially in bigger cities) that need volunteers for these type of activities. Like I posted earlier, I volunteered in a group that dealt with water activities for disabled people, so there are all sorts of choices. Can usually find information on groups in your city/county at local civic centers or city hall. Also most cities have websites that may have a section for volunteering of info. Smiles and friendship is some of the best charity you can give to those in need.

    • bomber

      I spent several years caring for my late wife who was quadriplegic. After some initial despair, she regained her amazing lover of life and drive to do everything she could. She accomplished a lot in spite of her disability and truly live life to the fullest. She could never have done it without the amazing friends and workers who helped her do what she wanted to do. I'm glad that you and some others that have posted on here recognize the dedication and drive it takes of those around this guy too. He's clearly got an amazing attitude and that's fabulous, I'm impressed. Those around him are equally impressive.

    • Jeff


    • f3n1x187

      Indeed, major props to the team too!!

    • Johnny K.

      Very well put, Charles… I couldn't agree more…

      It is incredibly commendable to have a positive attitude in the face of such adversity. If it were me, I'm sure i would end up with a nasty drug and alcohol problem. I don't think I have the strength of character to cope with a disability like that and I am truly inspired by Barry's outlook on life. Good on you, brother! Keep living the life you love!!!

      That being said, I am more than confident that money makes it much easier to be that positive and productive. Not to diminish Barry's achievements in any way (which are truly amazing), the real unsung heroes are the people who have a similar disability, same great attitude and positive outlook on life but did not get a huge insurance payout from a tragic accident. The people who live day to day on a bullshit disability pension that barely covers necessities of life, never mind a pack mule to haul them up Kilimanjaro.

      Thank you Chive for this post. It clearly has sparked much needed awareness about life with disabilities and truly shows what kind of awesome community you have created.

      Keep Calm, Chive On and Fuck Disabilities!!!

    • Mike

      They all look pretty damn tired in pic12. This supporting cast deserves some credit. Or trophies. Or beers. Or beer trophies.

  • Jack

    Gotta appreciate the will and drive to do all these, and the absurd skill and patience to paint #20. This guy is the definition of Chiving On.

    • Robospanker

      You are a complete fucking tool if you think he painted that.

      • Mrs_Conejo

        a few strokes a day can get you far

      • Steven B

        lol my same thought. I'll put a paint brush in my mouth, take a pic next to the mona lisa… internet sensation overnight.

  • Elliott

    AAwesome attitude and incredible friends.

  • Logicyup

    I used to volunteer for a home health service, mainly quad/paraplegics , getting them into the water to exercise and take some stress off their bodies from sitting around all day. So I'm all for people over coming their disabilities and find ways to enjoy life. But that mountain climbing thing, seems like a bad idea to me. Maybe a lesser peak or something. It's hard enough with a fully functional body and experience. Carrying someone up Kilimanjaro sounds dangerous for all involved. Unless there is some easy climb up the other side or something, I hope he considers everyones safety and calls that one off.

    • StarznSkullz

      Thank you!!! That's what I thought!! Like really? Climbing mountains let alone Kilimanjaro is a complete and total risk of the safety & health of everyone involved. I do not see how that is safe carrying a hefty man by hand up a friggen mountain trail!!! Seems a little more than self-motivating, & more like selfish at that point.

      • Steven

        Kilimanjaro isn't some monster mountain. It's a walk in the park for anyone who climbs mountains.

    • guy

      You can actually walk up Mt. Kilimanjaro. No technical skill required. It is the highest peak in the world that can be "walked" up. So, if his buddies are going to carry him up a mountain Kilimanjaro would be a good choice. Also, I agree his buddies are awesome.

      • F u

        Agreed. Easy climb.

      • Jewels

        Of all the peaks to chose…. Kilimanjaro is the way to go!!

  • Chicago Sean

    Barry is an inspiration. I hope to accomplish half of what he has already. The folks around him should be commended too. It takes a lot of patience doing what they do. Hopefully nobody else was injured in the accident and it wasn't caused by a drunk driver who just walked away. KCCO Barry!

  • flaccida$$hole

    I think another moral to this would be; "god bless having great friends and family."
    Yeah, his story is a great one. But, I think without his support system he might not have come out of the accident so up-beat. He certainly wouldn't be doing all those fun activities.

  • JOHN

    Baller. Though credit should also be given to friends and family.

  • nightshift29

    you shouldnt be an instructio of anything unless you can actually help the people your teaching. in which case he could not

    • nightshift29

      im drunk. leave me be. my spelling sucks

    • Craigery

      If the way he teaches SCUBA diving is anything like the way he climbs mountains, I assume his instruction involves him floating on a raft while a bunch of other people do the actual instruction. And then everyone applauds him for his bravery.

  • nivek2798

    That is awesome but I think it's more of having the best friend in the world too…

  • http://www.facebook.com/the1j.reed Jonny Reed

    Thats what I call Keeping Calm!!

  • spicticus

    I love seeing people enjoying their lives, regardless of what others think is a "handicap". He should try water skiing in San Antonio at Sea World, they hold it every year.

  • Buck

    I have never commented on the Chive, but this one I couldn't pass. Big props! The Chive got it right. And way to go Barry! Do what you do!

  • Trelos

    And I can't get my ass up in the morning and go to the gym why ????

  • RICO

    I'm a Paraplygic and I met Barry whilst at Stoke Mandeville Spinal Injury's unit (which for you Americans is the best hospital in England for spinal  injuries). He is an amazing guy and has been chosen here in the UK to participate in the Olympic torch procession. He is full of life and very enthusiastic. I do agree with a previous post however, he has an amazing team behind him, the Back Up Trust (www.backuptrust.org.uk) being a major part of it and as you can see from the pictures he is more a passenger than a participant. Don't get me wrong, it still takes a lot of energy to get up every morning and a lot of balls to try these things. He is a good ambassador for spinal injuries, for Back Up and a frequent motivational speaker to the newly injured at Stoke. If you get a chance to me him, ask to see his cock (it's a tattoo!)

    • The_Dood

      While I believe what you said, if this was a troll comment, it would be the most legendary troll I've ever seen. That big believable story, just to get random people to go up to this guy and ask to see his cock…

      • Johnny K.

        I literally laughed out loud when I read that…

    • Passive_Aggressive

      Ya, he used to live around the corner from me. So… I'm important.

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