Handicap…what handicap?? (20 Photos)


  • jason

    Yeah, I'm going to have the worst rating on here, but it looks like he has people doing everything. I understand he is a quadrapalegic but he's more of a burden now than ever. "hey can you pedal my 200lb ass up this hill? I need you to lift me up this entire mountain." If anything the people carrying his dead weight (no pun intended) on these adventures deserve a fucking medal for doing this crazy shit for two people at the same time.

  • NewYears Evil

    Hipsters take note. THIS is a man. And this man is a champion.

  • Hobo Kombat

    I'm sure the guy's a great person, and not to take anything away from the joy he receives from these activities, but… it's not really fair to say he's "doing" any of these things. I mean, he's essentially just being strapped into various devices and hoisted around for photo ops. The people around him are doing 100% of the work. It's kind of like watching Weekend at Bernie's and saying "Wow, look at how good of a dancer Bernie is."

  • PubicJones


  • chivette


  • NortonTed

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  • Passive_Aggressive

    You'd think with all the working out he wouldn't be so fat.

    • don

      How rude….You try and keep the weight off if you couldn't move at all….your comments on this site just show what an ignorant and shallow person you are…just hope it never happens to you…maybe it should then you'd realise not to judge a book by its cover

      • Passive_Agressive

        Troll mission accomplished.
        Nice… (over)… use… of… ellipse…
        Grammar fail.

  • dude

    This is like weekend at bernies on crack. Somebody wheel this burden into a burning building.

    • gee

      Whats that comment meant to mean??

  • Hoagmeister

    Barry's friends are the lever, but his courage is the fulcrum of a fantastic life!! Barry and his friends are the ideal Chivers!! KCCO!!

  • The Mad Zak

    Who wants to bet that Barry does not have a wife that nags him to the point that he wishes for death?

  • jim

    Man, that dude is one swingin' dick, no shit,

  • Aejaz

    Keep going tough guy…………you are lucky to have all you friends around you.

  • CorwinNorway

    Seriously awesome and inspiring! Thanks for not giving up on life!

  • garbo

    holy shit that painting is sweet

  • Jason

    I agree with charles, this guy isn't doing shit other than sitting there being pulled lifted and paddled, yes he is disabled but I could do the same shit he is doing if I were just to sit there and let others do the work. Bash me if you want but its just another crippled looking for attention

  • AzLiving

    #20…dude got skills

  • jay

    this dude kicks major ass.. very inspiring

  • Mark


  • ReynoldsEdgar

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  • Dr. Evil

    You sir are an inspiration!

  • JOEL


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