The saddest sports fans the world ever did see (36 Photos)

  • Hamsamich

    #5 #6 must find now

  • sercanakkerman

    i was upset at the end of scrolling … 😦

  • TFred

    Can we just show the state of Oklahoma after the Iowa State game? GO CYCLONES!

  • Lisa

    #25 HAHAHAHAHA F*uck the Pats!! YES!

  • ryan

    No Canucks fans…. You could have a whole post for them!

  • broxstar

    these dummies do know they"re not actually on the team right?

  • Cassidy

    Ya'll can put South Carolina, but not Clemson – who are BIGGER cry babies!? I call bullshit.

  • jode72

    #26 U mad, Vols? Haha – Roll fucking Tide.

  • Jeff

    You forgot raiders fans… They are by far the sorriest saddest bunch of fucks ever to have cheered a team

  • SadeShadz

    #20 ahahaha xD

  • mgetzin

    #22 I love seeing UK fans cry…

    • mgetzin


  • nannulars

    "I don't understand, what is overtime?"

  • barney

    #20 Derp derp derp derp derp

  • Fish Stick

    Is the chick on the rite in 29 just hangin out in her bra???

  • BigRedMach

    Cubs motto – "Wait til next century!"

  • Angela Nelson

    #1 isn't sad his team lost, he's sad because he's forced to go out in public with a mullet

  • Kenny

    #17 – the U been down long time…

  • mike

    #36…..hahaha yes fuck the ravens

  • Red

    #25 F the PATS!!!

  • moe

    #24 looks like a big dick in the ear might cheer you up .

  • Brown Girl

    #26 Beeker?! Where's Bunson?


    #13 A true A's Fan! Let's go Oak-Land!!

  • LukeTheTerrible

    Ha ha! Sports fans. Pinning your happiness on someone else's performance. Waaaa.

  • oldmanbingle

    This post just makes me want college football season even more…

  • trxdout grand v

    #28 Eyebrows

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