The saddest sports fans the world ever did see (36 Photos)

  • JohnD

    #6 Please FIND!

  • flatlander

    "Don't worry son, as cowboys fans, you get used to the pain"

  • Jeremy-RTR

    Cheer up ugly frat douche, you will be national champions in a month and a half

  • Meow

    Oh no, my team lost! My life is over:( ………. Wait………. I'm going to be fine? I'm just an idiot? ……… Yay!

  • cheezman333

    Did anyone notice there were a lot of Jayhawk fans in that mix? It proves they are just sad, sad people… Go Tigers!

  • Smuggler

    I remember seeing #31. I also remember laughing my ass off. Fuck Ohio State.

  • Mac In Houston

    Sadly, we've had a lot of those moments…

  • MJL

    #7 and #8 ALWAYS disappointed

    so painful seeing my school on this list…. go owls

  • ReynoldsEdgar

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  • Tim

    #6 can cry on my shoulder

  • Duh

    Packer's fans don't cry

  • STL World Champs

    What? No Texas Rangers fans? And I know for a fact there was a really hot sad chick when we beat the Brewers.

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  • taylor

    why would anyone cry over sports get a life they will all be back nextyear every crap team your crying over

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