Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

Let’s get our cats together and see what happens, follow Mac on twitter here.

  • todd009

    #23 Snickers Peanut Butter gets them every time.

  • LoganExplosion

    Well, time to delete thechive from my favorites. They've stooped low enough to put animated banner ads on the mobile site. NO THANKS! We had a good run, really. Maybe you could visit my site. Haha!

  • kylecali

    #23 he's getting a free sample.

  • AkHunter

    interesting thing is #23 can move as fast as#20. could be exciting

  • Katie Davis

    Oooohhhhhh. I love them all 😉

  • jayjay

    i don't want to sound like i'm hating on cat saturday but… I wish they wuld only have pictures of chivettes wit cats like #2 #9 All the rest you can really deal wit out… thumbs up if you agree

  • Nick911

    #2 …I'm in love…

  • bsho7


    This is the scariest thing I have seen in some time!

  • @robnailer

    yes find #2 #9 is zooey deschanel

  • JDB85

    #18 cutest cats ever

  • Friar Tuck

    Fuck off!!!!!!!

  • LaurenGoMeow

    Awww #8 #18 and #26 .. but loved em all

  • therealbuckfoston

    …still cannot believe this slot is not called, "Cat-urday" (sorry if that's a repeat request…)

    • MonkeyMadness

      Yeah, because that would be SOooo original.

  • Judy Chop

    If Chive has any respect for its viewers, it should remove this damned ad banner on the mobile page. Ads should be second to content. Who makes a TV show just so they can have commercials? It's making it pretty hard to Keep Calm.

  • gobis

    I've seen #20 before, and I always root for kitty. F-ck with the Tiger, you get the claws.

  • Tony Cruz

    no love for #16 yet?! gets my vote!

  • TacoChops

    #20 I had that cat once. Good Times.

  • Guestboo

    Who drew #14? The style looks incredibly familiar…

    • f1junkie

      I don't understand this one at all. Is it supposed to be funny in some way?

      • Guestboo

        It's playing on a jay-z and kanye song. I found it semi funny. The pen work looked like a friend's work, but I don't know.

  • cheezy

    #5 unemployed cat on the bread lion…..

  • Cheezy

    #23 Your'e a big one….you'll be hard to digest

  • james

    #8 come at me BRA!

  • nivek2798

    #2 can we get moar without the cat?

  • ros

    Cat Saturday will withstand the test of time.

  • john everyman

    You could at least make the ads closeable. If it is like this end of day Mon. Fuck You Chive.

  • Hobbes

    Wow, Calvin really let himself go.

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