Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

Let’s get our cats together and see what happens, follow Mac on twitter here.

  • its_forge


  • its_forge

    #23 "I love you, food."

  • Irene

    I ❤ cat saderday L0L

  • STP

    #16 Gotta love how terrifyingly neutral its face is as it leaps to claw at you.

  • LucretiusCarus

    I totally forgot yesterday. Fuck cats.

    Fuck them all.

    • MonkeyMadness

      You sick bastard! You like to fuck cats?

  • Rachael Riley

    Such a quality cat Saturday!

  • McDouche

    James pond was a video game on sega genesis, he was a gold fish

  • @Matt_Sutton

    #9 I wonder what google image search resulted in the picture….

  • ReynoldsEdgar

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  • northerner

    #23, OK, how many of us thought of the caption, "Calvin & Hobbes, The Later Years"?

  • sm0kadab0ngo

    fuckin hate cats..

  • Christie Kroskie

    I ❤ cat saturday!!!!!

  • Jokes

    You guys wanna hear a joke about cats? Just kitten

  • Sissyss

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    #9 Mmm, Zooey.

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