Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (26 HQ Photos)

  • TheCowTipper

    Not gonna say it . You girls made my day better .

  • DCM

    #15 😉

    • Chicago Sean

      Seen her a few times the last couple weeks. Love her.

      •!/Maggie_mcMay maggiemay13

        I thank you 🙂

        • whyme1973

          You are a sexy woman. Thanks for sharing with us.

        • assman

          all of your cheeks are nice

    • yomama

      Seriously, don't to panties make you want to lay soft gentle kisses all over that cute little happy face

      • truth

        yes they do…

  • Woodrowrules

    #15 Those eyes and that Gap Love it
    #26 Of course I would

  • Bon_nie

    #7 #26 yum.

    • djp

      Something about #7 just does it for me. Oh, I know, it's the open blouse. Does that make me shallow?

  • TWON925

    #17 FUCK YA!

    • Marine

      The Fuck is wrong with you people? Posting the US Flag upside down. You disrespectful piece of shit!

      • KeepinCalm


      • Calm

        Great Job showing them how to be respectful. Wow, what an asshole. I'm sure you get laid all the time.

      • scoot

        There is a flag in the picture?

      • dyed cloth

        When education fails: patriotism.

      • John

        Ligten up, Francis.

    • Joe


    • Cliff

      I have a problem with the fact the flag is upside down and touching the ground, as far as I am concerned this is disrespectful

      • Boobs4theWIN

        Flags not upside down nor touching the ground ya blow job, take a closer look- she's holding it l

        • Boobs4theWIN

          Long way and the wind is blowing it, creating the "upside down" appearance… And it's clearly off the ground

      • its_forge

        Upside down is only a problem when it's *posted* upside down; if someone is *holding it in their hands* there is no "flag etiquette" involved.

    • Gallus

      I agree the falg's being upside down is an optical illusion. But remember, an upside down flag also indicates distress. If that were a distress signal, I sure as hell would go to help her out!

      • @trustnoone73

        I immediately thought: "Why do I never get distress signals in real life like this?" doesn't really make specific mention on hot girls in the woods.

        She's not a flag pole. If she held it the other way around it would look more like a striped bed sheet as the stars would fold back on themselves.

        Maybe if she had an unusually long right arm….

        keep calm and "DON'T FREAK OUT!"

    • aussie aussie aussie

      Get over it people…. Land of the free and all that shit

      • Marine

        And the symbol that represents those freedoms should be respected St the highest level. Those who have sacrificed for those freedoms take it personally.

        • Marine

          *at the highest level

          • John

            I agree. To me it's definitely upside down.. And it's probably touching the plants around her.. Now do I think she's just posing with the flag and probably 100s of pics were taken at the shoot. That's just one. So I'm ignoring the fact that it's upside down in this one for the fact that she's pretty hot and I don't think she meant any disrespect .. And thank you for ur service and all those that serve

  • Jason
  • TWON925

    #23 Bitch we are in the middle of nowhere y do i have to shhh

    • Jimmy_Recard

      Because we are hunting wabbits.

      • its_forge

        Dammit ya beat me to it.

    • Jesse

      Because she has a penis and does not want to let out you're and her's secret

      • JHL1


  • iambigd42

    #15 That would make anyone happy:)

  • RJW

    #15 scares me…

    •!/Maggie_mcMay maggiemay13


      • its_forge

        You're lovely all over but you have a terribly cute little pelvis = )

    • John Cruz

      Its the eyes. Shes got the crazy eyes… But by God she is gorgeous.

  • Dusty

    In a game of K.F.M., #19 is a marry.

    • JHL1

      I'm not sure what k.f.m. stands for, but I'm prepared to fully support any positive statement about #19.

      • Hugh

        Kill / Fuck / Marry

    • Kodos

      yes; but with less clothes…

  • US Ranger

    Why wake up to one beautiful woman when you can wake up to lots of beautiful women!
    Happy Sat. morning chivers!

  • Nathan

    Miss Mordor 2012

    • thebro69

      whats miss mordor?

      • its_forge

        He's saying the landscape behind her looks like the burned-out desolation of the areas of Middle Earth that were controlled by the disembodied spirit of Sauron before his unfortunate demise at the hands of Ernie Keebler and his not-that-there's-anything-wrong-with-that sidekick.

  • Jared S

    #12 oh hey there

    • hungry

      that shape… mmmm yummy… that body does a body good

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #9 you fine.. #15 helllllo !!! #25 I do enjoy

  • CAS

    #15 who are you gorgeous??

    • captain obvious

      uhhh… see the earlier two comments and their responses?

  • Captain 'Merica

    #17 Bitch turn that flag right side up

    • Capz

      Then Burn it. Fuck Yeah, Canada. 😛

      • rynaldo

        and spit on it

    • its_forge

      'Sfunny how people who get all crazy-eyed over someone "mistreating the flag" (this woman isn't, by the way) are the same ones who'll vote for a candidate that wraps themselves in one sometimes literally, and will vote for candidates and legislation that for all intents and purposes destroy the real meaning of the republic the flag represents.

  • DTcrew4

    #2 and #22….. MOAR!!!!!!!!

    • KayakAggie


  • Trav1121

    #22 has really pretty eyes. All around beautiful woman. Good job here, Mac.

    • phydor

      who put this fence in the middle of whereno?

    • guest

      Yeah, she's just begging for a Peter North type money shot.

      • Trav1121

        Just had to ruin it, huh? Such a rude jackass… smh

  • Brooksbro

    #25 So hot, want to touch hiney.

  • jeremy

    #7, #10, #15 Phenomenal 🙂

  • Friar Tuck

    Was it her I saw on that porncam?

  • Diggler

    Chive, what the fuck is this banner ad at the bottom of my screen? It's annoying as all hell. Makes me not want to scroll the DAR

    • Adrian

      hat the hell man?

    • Rickybobby159

      Agreed. Not the best marketing idea. More likely to ignore the ad and this site now.

    • USCG

      It's driving me insane! Not having a good time scrolling with the iPhone. Don't feel like looking at pics with that banner getting in the way

    • its_forge

      Firefox + Adblock Plus = sweet bliss

    • Deep South

      What fucking banner are y'all talking 'bout? Ah don't ah sais ah don't see none.

  • phydor

    #16 "Now fall down!"

    • SilkySapper

      superhero sex with the invisible man

  • voltviking

    Moar #2

  • Taylor

    15 for the win, by far!

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