Soooo…. you got wasted (29 Photos)

Are you wasted? Get your shit together and send your photos to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • Paula_


    Eat my smelly dust asshats!

    – the fastest one. BTW Mac! You've posted everything twice asshat!

    • Web2992

      I want to punch you in the face with my fist.

      • Paula_

        Yeah, with what else? Your dick sure can't reach…

        – Fan testimonial: "Damnit paula…. You kow, I actually hate hating you; my energies would be better spent elsewhere."

        • Guy

          Hahaha! Got it? She's implying that he has a small dick

          • Web2992

            It's okay, she's having a bad day…. She just came to the realization that she's too fucking ugly to be a chivette, so she became a troll instead.

        • Zmeeds


          • Web2992

            No, I think her "fan" meant cow.

    • Zmeeds

      your own intense debate meter is calling you a douchebag!

    • BabyFart Magizax

      Hooray, your first on so you got wasted… While anyone with a life was out last night while your on here hitting refresh non stop.

      • Dr. Evil

        At least she isn't mayer!

    • H99

      Paula for president ><

    • fuck paula

      We get it. your annoying. you can go back to your cave now ya dumb troll.

    • Munyshot

      You're as annoying as the floating banner on
      the mobile site.

  • jason

    i hope #1 see this and see's just what he's missed

    • Name

      The new banners have to go. I can't take it.

    • Brian

      That's a fail right there.

      Both this guy, and banner boy.

  • Paula_

    #15 C'mon Mac, we've never seen you wasted…. Do you even drink at all ya wussy?

    – Fan testimonial: "Bob or not, Paula has got to be part of the Chive staff – Maybe you're that HOPA chick? Who knows. Who cares. We like Paula as much as we like Bob and the rest of the Chive. It's all good and I'm not complaining one bit

    • Sploodge

      eat that fail you freak

      • Paula_

        Paula never fails.

        – Fan testimonial: "Sweet, that is my comment… I made it to the fan testimonial… yahtzee!! – etcrrisapedophile"

        • jason


        • chris

          Dude, just shut the fuck up already.

    • Web2992

      I still want to punch you in the face with my fist, you hag.

    • Zeke

      Yeah, nobody cares about your fake controversy… On the plus side of this pic, Go Kings Go!

    • hmmmm

      Paula, please find something a little more significant to give your life meaning, other than being a weird trolling dickhead with pre-pubescent minions. You know, the only reason they praise you is because they identify with your sad, desperate cries for attention. That is if they're actually real.

      • DanforReal

        You guys are even more more moronic than disabled bitches trying to lick their elbow. You always shout out loud that she succeed every damn time to make you open your noise hole.

        Thanks Paula, every time you post you make the retards pop out of the crowd. I give you your natural selection agent card.

        • Fkn Nick, Duh

          "You guys are even more more moronic than disabled bitches trying to lick their elbow. "

          Lamest diss ever.

          • Capz

            Mainly because Millions of people can lick their elbow

            • Westy


    • JHL1

      I have a growing respect for Mac. He's the only one of the bunch that actully puts a little work time in on the weekends.
      It's appreciated Mac (even with all the cats.)

      • Lotus

        Well the fact he posts on the weekends doesn't make up for the fact that his posts are horrible. He always posts very generic hot girls, and has questionable comedic taste.

  • Wang

    #24 thanks… no thank you

    • Your failure

      The difference between "no thank you" and, "no, thank you!"

      -you chose the wrong one.

    • phydor

      so many layers

  • Navin R. Johnson

    #14 How every episode of 48 hrs starts

    • Gregulator

      I think u mean first 48 or maybe keefers 24 idk man ur better than that

      • Derp

        Naw, he's talkin about Eddie Murphy

      • Navin R. Johnson are correct…at least I got the 48 part right. I'm such a lame ass

  • Jesse Dragon Campbell

    #5 Is really sexy!!

  • rynaldo


  • Salvador Carmona

    I'm awake too early.

  • HillbillyNinja

    This is the 2nd reason I stayed sober at parties. The first being so that when the law came to break it up, I got to drive home.

    • gregulator

      Or u were in the corner by urself either one

    • The 3rd reason

      The third reason is…. You love penis in, and around, your mouthal region.

      • tjsmith

        omg your a complete faggot !

        • Web2992

          And you use three letter acronyms like a 13 year old girl.

        • Web2992

          Also, In this context, you are looking for "you're"

    • bones

      No, the first reason is that you got your choice of drunk chicks.

    • sm0kadab0ngo

      soo u never had fun or got laid..

      • Hubert

        you mean alkohol equals fun and getting laid?
        i guess somebody is misjudging those pictures above! 😛

  • OoxTruExoO


  • Paula_

    #15 BTW Mac, that in the background, is that the VD clinic you just came out of?

    – Damn you do get a lot of pussy!

    • TBaynes

      stop trying to be funny

    • MGD

      suck a bag of dicks

    • Tired of her $hit

      Isn't there a way for the chive to ban this a$$hole

    • blub_glub

      Paula looks a little like this…. while Mac's a fkn hottie 🙂

      <img src="; />

      • Paula_

        Other than that I'm right-handed this is so frightningly accurate that it scares me shitless.

        – Fan testimonial: "I got to say you are annoying sometimes but it wouldn't be a post with out reading one of your comments."

        • TheAutomaticMan

          I pray every night to God that you will just go away…..

          • guest

            Then you're just as pathetic as it.

            • TheAutomaticMan

              I love how well some of you guys interpret joke. I'm proud of you.

              • TheAutomaticMan


          • Paula_

            Yeah, that ought to do the trick! Keep praying!

            – Fan testimonial: "does this bitch really write down comments people have said about her? LMAO. – George Costanza"

            • WTF

              Paula_'s LG i HERD ASSHAT N ALL THAT?

        • Asshat

          This guy is right-handed dumbass. You control the mouse with your dominant hand. Asshat.

          • Paula_

            You fell for it!!! Asshat! AssHat!! ASSHAT!!11!!

            – Asshat!

  • William Jones

    #28 I want to play.

  • Apocalypse_Now

    #6 NOW KISS!!!

  • dee

    #11 Looks like a Cowboy Mouth show

    • Thomas

      Deichkind concert?

    • Beer shower

      Deichkind !!

  • Turtle

    #6 NOW KISS!!

  • Chicago Sean

    #9 Your mother and I are so proud of you

  • The Drew

    Mac done fucked up

    • Birdhaus32

      Mac was done fucked up when he posted

  • Not a pane of glass

    #9 … Never wanted to be a pane of glass so much in my life.

    • Paula_

      You'll never get that hard…

      – Fan testimonial: "I'll do as you say, but only because I'm a dumbass."

      • Guest

        Glass isn't that hard it breaks easy! fail.

        • Anon

          Plenty of glass doesnt break easily.

  • Mmmm beer.

    #10 one more reason to love beer.

    • behemoth

      what does that even mean? it's a dumb photo with an ugly chick and 2 fags

  • AnyoneForCoffee


    Own up, Chivettes.

    How many of you have done this?

    How many have gone further?

    • somegirl

      Done it..gone further. 😉

      • MickLAD

        Well we want proof in the form of a pic 😉

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        I actually feel a lot better seeing only one response from all the Chivettes on here as it means I'm not missing much…

  • 11B68W

    Nothing like a douchebag friend to make a miserable situation even worse. #16

    • Scumbag Steve

      Don't make fun of my friend.

    • Bob

      Thats not a douchebag friend… Thats a friend in its truest form!

    • Blake

      Yeah I'm sure that guy is why her night was ruined.

  • 11B68W

    No wonder she's your friend's ex. All that working is valuable time that should have been spent in the kitchen.

    • Trisha's "friend"

      Bitch didn't make ma sammich!

  • Dan

    #5 Hope she doesn't think she's on the toilet.

    • northerner

      How many of us would own up to thinking the exact same thing? And looking under her chair to see any evidence dripping?????

  • its_forge

    Doctor I have the strangest feeling of deja vu, I…

    Doctor I have the strangest feeling of deja vu, I…

    Doctor I have the strangest feeling of deja vu, I…

    • Tillman61

      "Ah, come in. Now what seems to be the matter?"

  • dochandy

    #1 missed the boat, you have…

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