A quest! To Find Her! (41 Photos)

  • Peter Claven

    #33 mother of god

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      FOUND! Image search Norma Stitz!!

      – Fan testimonial: "Damn it Paula, I just opened your "sfw" in class…I sit in 3rd row of a 20 row class. Someone definitely saw me checking out boobs.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500079962 William Jones

        Paula I love you, you make my day.

      • Dr. Acula

        Its a TRAP

      • Astro_ng

        Ha ha ha, Paula, that was my comment from over 3 months ago. Thanks for the laughs and quoting me 😛

      • theblenny

        HEY OHHHHH!!!!! Nice, bookmarked. :p

      • Tommy Callahan


    • kolohejr

      She is so Hot that it's just wrong!!!! Wrong wrong wrong.

    • ddd

      I'm sorry, but they're so out of proportion with the rest of her body. If she was really working with nothing naturally, she should have gone with a nice b to c-cup

    • swstephen

      "And the God of silicone said, 'Let there be bewbs," and… there were bewbs.

  • Mouse

    I know #15

    • Skermitt

      Well then… you found her?

    • Bud

      Name/facebook account link or you don't

      • eric cartman

        Bud your a loser…

        #26 Please find …. SO I CAN BURN WITH FIRE… NO SOUL NO SOUL NO SOUL

        #20 Holy Tittyfacking Christ !

    • TheCowTipper
      • tron

        aww….the photoshop version is more exciting. 😦

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I do too… shes my GF. What the fuck is this creepy ass shit?

    • Meh

      Her name is Melissa Huff.

  • Anonymous

    #25 Stop shopping!!

  • Please Find

    #20 #33
    Oh my….

    • brent

      in the words of Joey Lawrence … "whoa!"

    • Gotta be fresh.

      #33 Holy hairy arm batman!

      • dacrawla

        She has arms? All I can see are o.0 Oooohhh, now I see them… I see no problems.

      • Chris

        Probably italian. I see no problem.

    • drew

      arianna leigh #20

      • xavi00


        • drew

          ahhh yeah it is

      • Rafael_RS

        she's not wearing a seatbelt, tsc tsc tsc…

  • quiksaand

    #9 #16 #20 #33 #22 Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes…. Find 'em all!

    • drew

      Number 20 is Ariana Leigh who is a swimsuit model

    • Dan

      #9… now THAT is what a call a sexy smile.

      • JR

        For a vampire perhaps.

    • trooper

      find yourself a life, loser

    • um2010

      #22 went to UMass Amherst and her name is Caitlin…how badly do you want the link?

      • https://www.facebook.com/marcwrz Marc J. Wrzesinski

        My neck of the woods. Nice. haha

      • DeepestBlue

        Why U no give link?

    • Red

      #33 is janessa brazil

  • organix85

    #19 Please find the second from the left also.

    • BrothaMan

      #19 is Sally Ferriera

    • Tim

      You can have the middle two… i'll take the two on the ends

  • MattyDeuce

    #39 I appreciate the mean-mug…and the ink.

    • isNegative

      That's Hattie Watson!
      SO Gorgeous!
      She should pay the Chive for advertising she's posted on here so much…

      • Gotta be fresh.

        True story.

    • oiy

      the one and only Hattie Watson indeed……..from Austin Texas if I'm not wrong

  • TX Chiver

    If you really want to find her … she's in my basement being held against her will.

    I mean that in the best way.

    • Mel_nick

      justene jaro

  • ti-dop

    #5 now that could be interesting.

    • about

      They give "make me a sandwich" a whole new meaning.

      • Biggus Diccus

        Yeah because 2 sandwiches are better than 1!

        • dan

          says the guy who doesn't get it

    • Luke

      Sure was nice of their mom to make two of them.

  • Martin_McFly

    #16 Driving out West to Colorado to Find this one on my own.. anyone want to hitch a ride along the way??

    p.s. that is not an invitation to share the Chivette..

    • HanSolo

      You can stay with me in Denver. It'll be homebase.

      • Martin_McFly

        Excellent! It's an adventure in the making for sure! And with Han Solo and Marty McFly both involved, what could go wrong?

        • clearly

          you guys are gay.

          • Martin_McFly

            Pfft… clearly your mind is just to simple to understand the concept of

            Millennium Falcon plus Flux Capacitor = Kessel Run in 0 parsecs! (also while picking up chicks)

            • JHL1

              Also, 0 parsecs = going nowhere.

              • Martin_McFly

                Drat! I knew someone would point that out. It just seemingly fit the joke so well I let it slide. Figured if Peter Griffin could do it, so could I.

    • WTF


    • Baby Steve

      I'm already in Denver on the hunt. Good luck to you sir.

    • Greengopher

      I'm in Colorado Springs, you guys take north half of state and I will take south?

    • Chunk Pants

      I got western Co covered

      • sergio

        I live in Aurora so ill cover here thornton denver and.all its provinces… best of luck

    • BC<3

      What if I'm a girl and want to find her too;)

      • Martin_McFly

        Mother of God — you're coming with me!

      • Nina

        That makes two of us. I'll start searching Boulder – a girl that hot definitely lives in Boulder 😛

        • ChaseTheWalker

          She would be eating granola if she lived in Boulder.

          • Nina

            How do you think she got that body?

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #25 Find her cuz nerd beewwwbbss.

    • Martin_McFly

      Im sure you can find her riding her one speed / fixed gear bicycle while drinking a PBR and wearing a fedora. Most likely she'll be smoking cheap cigarettes and quoting something she knows nothing about and pretending its a topic of conversation that's never been discussed before throughout the existence of mankind!!

      –But none of that matters really, because all you'll really notice is BEWBS.

    • Dylan

      Shay Lauren I think

      • Michael

        The man is correct.

    • Fat_Chiver

      Definitely need more of her here.

    • Tim

      Shay Laren.

      • seoul

        justamber on MyFreeCamSite…google "justamber mfc"

    • bobotron


    • Capt. Bo Jengles

      Starting to notice all hotties without KCCO somewhere in the pic are mainly porn stars…. :/

      • Capt. Bo Jengles

        Not complaining just making an observation…

  • Bryan Books

    <img src="http://www.fitnessfoodlist.com/news/dailynews/fun.jpg">But I just couldn't take my eyes off these girls, so sex and so vulnerable, How do I control myself? I can't calm down. <img src="http://www.fitnessfoodlist.com/news/dailynews/funl.jpg"&gt;

    • Martin_McFly

      Hey?! I didn't get the notification in the mail we had a sex offender move into the neighborhood!!!! What the Hell?!?!

  • jnkjnkj

    #31 Jessica Hall

    • zoxymusic

      I wouldn't mind being Sara Jean Underwood's mount…

      • Squigg

        I wouldn't mind mounting Sara Jean Underwood…

        • JHL1

          <insert obligatory 'wood' joke here>

        • Ady

          I wouldn't mind Sarah onmywood

    • Glizz

      Am I the only one that noticed all the camel toe in this pic?

    • hmz.

      candace bailey

      • hmz.


    • BlinkedyBill
  • Wet_tosti

    #41 reveal your identity!

    • ikeepitreal

      She is extraordinary

      • Micks

        Agrre, totally agree

    • Jimmy

      MOAR PLEASE!!! Absolutely gorgeous. Definitely Chivette of the Week. Probably one of the best ones you've posted.

    • tatortot

      I believe that is brittany young from alberta!

    • Jason

      She looks like the chick from Lost. Evangelina Lilly or whatever.

  • techno_viking

    Definitely need some MOAR of #33…

  • nyr

    #20 and #41 wow. Beautiful p.s. so glad you're bored at work

  • negative nancy

    #33 you can find her in the surgeons office.

    • durrrr

      i see what you did there… good one.

    • Robert

      That's fine with me. Which office?

    • God

      I didn't make those.

      • Gotta be fresh.

        Haaa I just sprayed my drink!

      • avgejoe

        Lmfao! Sprayed mine too hahahaha

    • Luckyguess

      She deserves to be the Chivette of the week!

  • Ted N

    Find her???? Have you checked the back of Petino's motorcycle?

    Hot enough to fly 1st class … but instead she rode coach.

    • MattyDeuce

      *Petrino. And not funny, either way.

    • jred

      Bam: "I told you cutting Ryan Dunn's brake lines would be hilarious!"

      • MissRhodehouse

        Not funny. I wouldn't make fun of a friend of yours who died. Great friend, amazing person.

    • Short

      I know who she is and I told her about the pic. Now to see if she responds

      • MissRhodehouse

        I'm responding;))

        • Kevin

          Now you just need to send in more pictures miss rhodehouse

  • Dukes

    #35 Simply stunning………

    • Capt. Bo Jengles

      Agree! Need MOAR!

    • RGH

      Holy Moley!

    • Holy Tits!!!

      Looks like Rosie Jones.

    • BCBC

      Is it pornstar April O'Neill with red hair?

  • tv_paul


    Get me an application for where this girl works

    • http://twitter.com/HomieG75 @HomieG75


    • Clity Bang

      Take some windex with you and clean that mirror

      • tv_paul

        I wonder this is a two-way mirror and that's DNA evidence .

    • ron

      Seriously? Only reason I'd want to find her is to punch her in the face for sending in a pic.

      • nor


      • 650

        Get out of my way then

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.dagostino2 Tony Dagostino

    16,20,and 24 GOOOD GOD.

    • MathNerd

      #16 #20 #24 FTFY

      • Needlegun13

        Well done.

  • Blame_anxiety

    #41 #16 #1 #5 please find

    • Capt. Bo Jengles

      Lol they say Comic Con is gay….. #1 Nuf said… Where's my batman tights?

      • BillDozer86

        Def Find, she is gourgous

      • Meh

    • at work

      #5 Davalos twins

      • Ryan

        You sure its the Davalos Twins?? They look different, and hotter.

  • Slim jim

    Got the love of god please chive find #12, #35

    • bobby

      good fucking god…please show us the rest of #12

      • Robert

        if I could give you more thumbs up for that statement I would

      • Trav1121

        Still one of the greatest humps on the entire internet!

      • Omega

        that is just epic, need the reset and more of it!

  • rockchalk

    #36 are Pi Phis from the University of Kansas

    • Kyle

      I want to know the one second from the left

    • Chiver22

      Ha, that weird moment when you're chiving and you actually know all the girls. They're all pretty awesome by the way. Rock Chalk and KCCO.

  • Seattlechiver

    #6 I hope to see you at the next Sounders game

    • phydor

      don't do it. you know seattle natives are their own special brand of crazy

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