• organix85

    If I was this passionate about my work, I'd be going places and probably not watching this video right now.

    • Duber

      I don't care what any one says, that would be a kick ass job. Searching the seas for treasures. Yes, that dude is a little weird. However, perfectly understandable to be a little emotionally vested in your work.

    • MylesofStyles

      I like the part with the crying and shit.

      • Cowthang

        The poor guy hadn't cried that hard since the last time he missed a free lunch

  • haha

    I like your beard…

  • Lowrent75

    That is cool. I cannot imagine pulling that stuff up off the floor of the ocean and not being affected.

    • Ian

      I've always been fascinated by the remains of the Titanic. The eerie remains of shoes, dishes, dolls… The way he described that was so awesome. When you deal with a tragedy like this, it's easy to be so consumed by death that when something as rare and pleasant as this shows up, how can you not get a little bit emotional?

      • Lowrent75

        Totally agree. I know it is not the same but after Katrina the city smelled so bad for so long it was just awful. Every now and then you would get a whiff of something cooking or flowers and it was like the best thing ever. 8 months after, I was digging up a garden and the freaking smell came out of the hole. It immediately brought back the smell of those days.

  • ObiOne

    it was probably roses perfume, that bitch loved perfume

    • MC5

      She loved to show her tits so people can paint them as well.

    • Opy2007

      Jack got that bitch some perfume, bitches love perfume

  • Bryan

    <img src="http://www.fitnessfoodlist.com/news/dailynews/sport.jpg">The large ship, the Titanic with 2,207 people went down on her maiden voyage, it's history.<img src="http://www.fitnessfoodlist.com/news/dailynews/sportl.jpg"&gt;

    • Aran

      thanks for the history lesson bryannn

      • BBoy

        My name is not O'Houigheighi Nor is it Brian

        • Hendo

          Beastie boys ftw!

    • Nicnac

      Wait, you mean James Cameron didn't write the story?

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    I'm glad people still find joy in their work. I'm sure a lot of people wish they could do that right now.

  • Yessirr

    Cool job ya have sir. A little theatrical with the satchel thing, maybe.

    • bb3

      I have a hard time believing any piece of leather could survive intact on the seabed for so long. If it did, it probably wouldn't smell good at all. Guy should've just been honest and said they opened the vials and those smelt (smelled?) sweet.

  • colin

    I just have something in my eye i swear…

  • Morphi32

    Titanic Queef?

    • If you said so...

      Oh cmon pople, that shit's funny

  • sigh

    I wish etcrr was on Titanic.

  • etcrr 128p

    Bitch am older than Titanic.

  • Bored

    this guy has been forever alone for too long.

  • Benjamin

    Thats spine shuddering

  • Justin Faggot

    I find this hard to jack off too.

    • Dick Salad

      That little tear jerker at the end inspired me to finish strong

    • Brian

      Hard, but not impossible.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    1:09 XD

  • st33


  • Wow

    you already read the youtube comment post I see.

  • Greene_Bean

    You sir should turn in your man card immediately

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      Your douchebag card has been issued and is on the way Greene_Bean.

    • thedude325

      Strong men also cry……strong men…also…cry

  • Duber

    Please Help. I watched this at least a half dozen times, and could not find the part with the tits.

    • Soap

      Ha ha ha ha , Every once in a while a moment of true comedy genius comes to light!! Tip your hat Sir, I'll warm the car up.

  • Beef Jerky

    This post needs beer and boobs… so here you go!

    • etcrr

      I want her on my private Island that I just bought for a paltry 85 million

    • skinger

      Thank you, Beef Jerky. You saved me here. I thought I was going to have to poke my eyes out and jam pencils into my ears after listenting to that pussy run his mouth about perfume.

  • average chiver

    Whats wrong with thechive ? Where are the slutty pics ? I come here to fap not to laugh.

    • Bored

      No jokes in this post, you will get thumbs down. The natives are a bit sensitive today. 😥

    • vandinz

      You come to the Chive to wank? Seriously I'm getting fed up with all the posts of women, no I'm not gay or any shit you want to throw at me but I want to come here for something different. There's plenty of porn on the net WAAAAY better than you can get on the Chive, fuck me even Google search has better porn. I like a few posts with women in (FLBP is one) and a good mix of interesting stuff, like this. There, I said it.

      • chivesucksnow

        I think you missed the sarcasm in his post.

    • bbbbBeaver

      Going to The Chive so you can fap is like going to McDonalds to eat your Thanksgiving dinner.

  • knotmee

    crybaby bitch

  • Ray

    If picking up old shit off the ocean floor floats your boat and keeps your sail full of wind….more power to you.

  • etcrr

    People who are this passionate about their profession are not working. It is a labor of love and they don't see it as work

    • http://twitter.com/JohnMcFadin @JohnMcFadin

      Couldn't have said it any better. It's always a great story when someone gets to do the exact thing they are so passionate about and have it as their career.

  • JohnnyHeck

    Actually worked with Bill for a short time. Shocker, he was an expert on the Titanic. I want to say he worked on the film as a consultant. Really nice dude.

    • bob

      I worked with Johnny for a short time. Not a shocker, he was an expert liar. I want to say he lived at his moms house and just watched youtube videos. Really dull guy.

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