• mcfadinj

    Just watched this show on the DVR last night. That and the James Cameron documentary. Both are definitely worth watching, in my opinion.

  • Jason

    If you really think about it, being the first person to smell a perfume since the person wearing it, WHO WAS ON THE FUCKING TITANIC (btw,, it was a real event… idiots), then yeah, I could see getting some emotions, not sure if I'd cry though.

    • Mittens

      That was pee pee. A bottle of pee pee. It smelled nasty. I'd cry.

    • Bason

      was it real??????

      wiki not real asshat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darrell

    So I'm guessing he's not going to be submitting anything to this week's "I Hate My Job" gallery?

    • Dukes

      now that is funny Sir……….

    • Pooh

      HE's CRYING!! Looks to me like he really hates it. so yeah.

  • BryanB

    I was fortunate enough to be able to smell this. It was displayed with that traveling titanic artifacts show in a perforated plexiglass box. It had a very flowery sent nothing like what we use in perfumes today. Easily the coolest part of the exhibit, knowing that what you are smelling was created so long ago and has been laying on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean for almost a hundred years (this was a few years ago).

    • chill

      I was at the Luxor Titanic exhibit yesterday. Quite humbling to be there for the anniversary.

  • j.weezy

    And then all of a sudden, somebody opens up this satchel and out comes a bag of skittles

  • Mike

    "For those few minutes, the ship was alive again…Guhhooo!" lol Must have been an amazing moment.

  • ...

    so what was in the god damn satchel?!

    • Mike

      The perfume.

  • keith

    of course anything halfway decent smelling will smell like heaven after smelling shitty rotten death for a few hours first.

  • lorycowery

    I think we can all agree that his reaction was a little OVERBOARD……

    • vandinz

      I'll get your coat.

    • Darrell


  • skinger

    What a pussy…

  • CarzyB

    Wonderful…thank you for this. The story of the Titanic moves so many of us to tears.

  • Buck

    You know how much pussy he gets with that story?!

  • jj ellis

    why chive why would you support axe the only reason you should have an axe pic if its in the douche bag section

  • Dan

    I cannot fap to this

    • Nad

      Your not trying hard enough

  • Stubbs

    At my job today I had to put a seagull with a shish kebab stuck in its throat out of its misery by hitting it with a truck.

  • zac

    thats some awesome stuff.

  • 6KJR

    I watched this episode. Guy rocks. Dont be mad because your not even half as intelligent as him..!

  • Tyroneous

    I'm taking a "man card" from you.

  • catkins

    I get the raw emotion of it all, but breaking down into heavy sobbing at the end? Over the Titanic?

  • -k9

    Come pick up my sunken treasure, I think I just dropped a titanic…….

  • joe

    Smelled it in Vegas. It is pretty moving. Not to be gay or anything..

  • Scotty

    They should put a 24/7 watch on this guy. He sounds like he's about ready to flip his lid!

  • alf

    This guy needs to read the novel "Perfume"

  • Ozzie

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  • Wow

    Just came across your blog and I’m kind of inclined with the views expressed in some of the comments.

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