Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=572571966 Craig Millington

    I never agreed before but now, in #25, Emma's looking hot.

  • jax

    #7 Rays games have the sexiest woman… keep giving moar!!!

  • JPlunk

    #7 FIND HER PLEASE and tell her she stole my heart but its ok.

  • SirCtheIII

    Chive, thanks again for getting rid of that awful mobile banner!

  • Paramedic

    #21 and appears to also be in Sinus Tach

  • Dantegeek34

    #39, #43

  • Rainbow09

    #7 you'd be hotter if you were a jays fan!!!!!


    -loyal chivette!

  • Rybo


    This wonderful haven is not for people like you number 32. Go back to your people.

  • JLay

    #13 When I was married, one day I was taking a shower & my then wife burst in saying she really had to go to the bathroom. I thought she just had to pee, but 10 seconds into the visit reality "hit the air" as she proceeded to take a huge deuce in the toilet 2 feet away from me. My penis ran away in horror (luckily it came back later). Unfortunately, this happened 3 times in our 2 year marriage. Now, we divorced for other reasons (she was bat-shit crazy in other areas too), but I thank God above I am a single man now. DON'T DO THIS LADIES! Deal breaker!

  • Hippie Hipster Not

    #30 Teacher FAIL ! (Big surprise) what you should have done is point out that the real Talent in Nirvana was Dave Grohl….duh. it's a real shame that these morons are being paid by us to teach our kids and we have NO choice in the matter. My high school math teacher hanged himself 'cause he had sex with a student….do you think we cared? seriously he was about 100 lbs overweight…..I wonder what that girl is like now 30 yrs later…LOL.

  • tdr

    #51 A maaaaaazing smile, sweets! Room for two???


    #8 I love The Chive, but am not a huge fan of the posts making fun of faith.


    OK I am a lame Ass, how do I add pictures to comments?

  • Pat B

    #20 I may not know you, but I am already in love.

  • Jeff

    #16 Chivette of the week? I think so!! MOAR!

  • PartyMarty

    #4 Rich kids are rich.

  • liljb61

    Rays fans get what they ask for except a World Series Ring

  • Psymon Gallows

    Now, I've never been big on the whole 'marriage' thing, but #20…

  • three20three
  • Jdblazer13


    Barbie can do it, why can't other women pee with the seat up?

  • Oregon_country

    #5 Mmmm all kinds of beautiful

  • jeff

    Chive, you've got to get rid of the scrolling add. its killing my Dar scrolling on the phone.

  • the devil

    #41 I was going to grab my crowbar and go all Gordon Freeman on that kid, then I realized it was a shirt and not a headcrab…

    Chive On!

  • mrselfdizstruct

    Looks like #20 is in need of an electrician. I would be happy to replace that outlet cover for you 🙂

    • Shabooms

      will all money being spent on bacon and socks….outlet cover will have to wait

  • Pants

    #21 Optimism or drain bamage?

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