Engagement photos aren’t for everyone (30 Photos)


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  • Red

    #10 caaaaannonnnn peeeniiiissss

  • etcrr

    #1 #15 #23 Douche engagement

  • BBB


  • LaurenGoMeow

    #13 well somebody loves twilight

  • dai

    #19 like a boss

  • Pugsley Whitemere

    ah jeez…

  • Gallus

    Boy, the folks in #22 got right to the point, didn't they?

  • lackofabetter

    #22 How long do you think it took to find out he was gay?

  • TacoChops

    Stranger than fiction.

  • Brent

    These people are weird as hell

  • Schadeboy

    Not sure I see problems with #8 or #18, to be honest. #26 wasn't terrible, but needs work.

  • Mcchocolate

    Ugh…makes me want to puke, I stand by my philosophy that marriage ( or any sort of commitment for that matter) are for quitters and/or ugly people.

  • mark

    For the love of GOD man please!!!!

  • Choad

    Chive: fuck you and the vitamin ad that follows me everywhere on this site. Clicking on the X only brings me to their site. Fuck you and your always-sold-out shirts. Assholes.

  • Allissa

    #17 is actually pretty hilarious. I would save the date got yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy wedding!

  • Allissa

    *save the date for that wedding.

  • ShieldsLee

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  • MattKL

    #8 Batmanning

  • words

    #13 bitch gimme tha dussy!!

  • jhf60

    Words fail me.

  • Chiver

    please i beg take off the damn banner on mobile, it wont let you see the posts when it glitches out, please i beg

  • Mary

    #23… looked cute in The Notebook…

  • bdg

    #9 She has some nice meters!!!!! #10 She just loves riding his cannon!!!

  • Pooreman1972

    Number 17 is technically a very good picture

  • http://www.misfitcraftbrewery.com Jason

    I am friends with Ryan & Sarah from Miller + Miller (Last two pics in the gallery). They are the most amazing wedding photographers I have ever seen…you should see some of their more serious stuff at http://www.chicagoillinoisweddingphotography.com/

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