If you’ve got $85 Million laying around, this Bahamian island is all yours (30 Photos)

Right in the heart of the Bahamas is Exumas, the yachting capital of Central Bahamas. There you will find an island currently on sale for a cool $85,000,000 USD. You can choose from five separate dwellings on the island depending on your mood. Here is what you can expect for the money:

- five individual houses: Manor House, Beach Cottage, Harbourmaster House and the twin guest cottages
- luxurious manor house with wide verandas offering sweeping views
- separate club-style dining and entertainment building with stylish lounge and top-of-the-line fitness center
- infinity pool
- helipad
- jogging and bike paths
- a charming chapel built of hand cut stone
- working lighthouse, staff village, mechanical support system buildings, and deep draft docks
- extended dockage for smaller vessels and seaplane

The island is made to accommodate 22 people and 29 staff members. I consider myself more of a frat guy so I think it holds closer to 400 people comfortably but that's just me. So is it worth $85 Million, Chive appraisers?

Photography by Damioanos Sotheby’s International Realty

  • Chachi

    #9,,,can't even afford the Styrofoam surf board

  • jenB

    i need to be Thomas Crowne…. i NEED that affair with this island!!

  • freddy boy

    Comments are right on. IF a man had any input on the decorating, he was color blind and really drunk. And for $85 Mil there better be one hell of a nice bar; don't see any.

  • BroNutz

    Wouldn't waste my money. It doesn't even have a pool.

  • harryman80

    Where's the sex room? With that kinda money there's gotta be a pole or a sex swing or something!

  • ryan

    i'll take two

  • troll

    fuck…..yes! could always fire the workers and get some slaves

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=518542204 Jim Weber

    Looks a bit out dated to me

  • Nick

    Ehh I don't like the color

  • EvansDiana

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  • C-Mo

    Chivers! Pool our money! lets buy this island for all to party on!

  • DangerMcWeenus

    These are the birdcage islands… Pretty sure about that

  • greg

    does it come furnished or do i have to spend another few million on jet skis and furniture?

  • Sundevil81

    Damn, I would stil require at least 9 holes and a tennis court…and that French colonial interior design theme has to go…it still might work as is…heh heh

  • DnL

    Holy sh*t we found Aunt Jemimas hideout!!!….

  • LoveCircelli

    i wished i could see more of the island itself..who ever was the interior decorator for that place was a fool though cause it's pretty homely..good thing about it though is once you buy it you would prolly make the money back eventually

  • wogitalia

    You'd think that for $85m they might be able to hire an interior decorator…

  • Millionaire

    sh!t a toy shark on the bed in #10…….i'm sold!

  • Dickle

    I think It's worth 100 Million…..Come on Mega Millions. Be the Right Numbers Today!!!!!!

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