Liu Bolin: The human chameleon (27 Photos)

More of Liu’s works can be seen HERE

  • Grandjammer

    Wicked shots! Also, first?

    • Oltimey

      You know the rule….You first in the comment section, that's a paddlin.

  • MarthaJeane

    Cool concept, but I think the credit should go to the painters and photographer, not the subject.

    • @McBeastie666

      pretty sure the subject is the artist and the main creative force behind the whole concept.

      • MarthaJeane

        He is, which is why I give credit for the concept to him, but the work of the painter, in my eyes, is really superior to the creative concept.

        • Ysoserious

          Without the concept the painter would be jobless, so no. Artist is much more important here

          • DeepestBlue

            Sorry, the concept isn't all that new or original. The execution is what makes these spectacular.

    • Utah Chiver

      They should at least get a shout out, yeah?

  • Rakeem

    Given that he doesn't actually do any of the painting and is literally just a canvas he deserves 0 credit for any of this.

    • Ysoserious

      Thats stupid. The artist is the one with the idea for it, he hires the painters and tells em what to do. All credit goes to the artist

    • Epitomizer

      I wonder why this post got -12 votes and the previous one has +70? They are virtually the same thing.

      • Paws

        Probably because they ARE virtually the same thing. An artist would have a creative thought.

  • Fall

    Plain amazing!

  • DaddyD

    I've been to #1, #2, #9, #12, and #23 … and I didn't see him!

  • clearly

    dumb. too much time on his hands.

    • Some guy

      Clearly, you are a retard who has no artist value in your mind at all, this guy and the painters/photographers are awesome, and you are clearly are not.

  • pickleman77

    Waldo's pissed.

  • PenthouseTommy


  • organix85
    • Oltimey

      'Merica needs to work on their "knock offs"

    • Deep South

      Who is his competition? I can't see with such perfect camouflage.

  • sid

    Awesome pics!

  • thatguy

    Surprise sex!


    #9 I looked at it and forgot that I was supposed to be finding a person. Unbelievable.

    • DaddyD

      The background is one of the dragons in the "Wall of Nine Dragons" in Bei Hai Park in Beijing. One of my favorite sights in Beijing.

  • tralfaz

    Ninja level 1000.

    • barney

      Only in china

  • nice!!

    #20 pull the trigger!

  • darsh

    I could see him abusing this.

    • darsh

      Actually, I guess I wouldn't see him.

  • Dave

    Until I saw #15 #24 and #25 I didn't believe that these weren't shop'd

  • Jame

    #7 is just pretty laughable. Everything else is awesome. But 7 kinda drops the ball.

    • Billy

      Yeah I can see him he's right there…………………………………

    • If you said so...

      Is it too much to ask that you notice that that isn't the only pic that has the photo taken from the incorrect orientation? I assume this one should be from above, similar too #16. The shadows being so obvious from the side, there is no way this was the intended view.

  • CEngChiver

    Can you spot the Ninja?

    • TheWileyMinnesotan

      there are two of them in each picture.

  • Tom

    I see what he did th… Wait, where did he go?!

  • Sauroctonos

    Ninjas: there are 8 in this photo

  • AZLiving

    Anyone can do that……..

  • Doug

    LOL @ #23 he painted it so that the dude's head is in the frame instead of their chairman Mao. Sweet.

    • Chen

      I don't think most people know that lol.

  • drbman

    i want to do that in the ladies locker at the gym!

  • Earnie Banks

    He must be disappointed that his folks didn't name him WALDO : /

  • LucretiusCarus

    #11 #22 I needed it twice for some reason?

    • Deep South

      Yes, he totally ruined the first shot by closing his eyes.

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